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BODYCOMBAT 44 review

Posted on: June 18, 2010

Okay, time for me to come clean here. This is probably the hardest review I’ve had to write, and I’ve now written full reviews on BODYCOMBAT releases all the way back to BC37. Truth is, I’ve put off writing this for a couple weeks… and the reason for that quite simply is I’m not really sure some of you are going to like or agree with what I have to say. Which of course is perfectly fine – if you disagree absolutely tell me! I just would prefer to write reviews that are completely glowing and are full of sunshine, flowers and skipping merrily in fresh meadows ๐Ÿ™‚

The thing is, I know a lot of people appreciate the fact I tend to call a spade a spade, and whilst I was tempted to sugar coat this review a little, I’m just going to step out on a limb and call it as I see it. I know I could be in the minority here, and reading feedback on BODYCOMBAT 44 on the Les Mills forums I may well be. But, I’ve had a few messages on facebook from a few of you asking my opinion, and I’m sure no ones going to respect me for being nice just for the sake of it.

I mentioned in my filming post on BC44 that I hoped the release would grow on me. Some releases definitely do take time, I always think of BC39, I didn’t think that much of it at the filming and now I absolutely love it (Come With Me, Hardcore Angel, Cry For You and I Won’t Be Crying are some of my most played tracks ever!) So, I really wanted to give 44 a chance. And I have, I released over three weeks ago, I’ve taught the release in full over a dozen times now at multiple gyms all over the city (in fact of the five Les Mills franchised gyms in town I was invited to release at four of them). So yes, I’ve definitely given this release plenty of time to grow on me.

So, has it grown on me? Well for me the easiest determinant as to whether I love a release is how quickly I mix it out. Here we’re given the guidelines of 2-4 weeks after launch before we start mixing. BODYPUMP 74 for example, three weeks after release and I’ve still not mixed out a single track. In fact, in my last pump class I started by asking the class if they wanted to do it again or for me to pull out some older tracks and the answer was a resounding yes, they wanted to do the new release again. I was thrilled about that as I did too!

Looking back at my last review (43) I wrote “Let me put it this way โ€“ tonight is the first night Iโ€™m going to start mixing and the only cardio tracks I plan to mix out are 5 and 7. Thatโ€™s saying A LOT! To my mind those are the weakest tracks of the release โ€“ the rest are stunning!” – yes I used the word “stunning” to describe a combat release! That was BC43 however, and that is definitely not a word I would use to describe BC44.

So, enough dilly dallying about with a long winded intro; What’s the deal with 44. Okay, truth is I found this release disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, there are a couple of parts of it I love, but, look at what I wrote about BC43 above – after 3 weeks I only planned to mix out two tracks. With BC44 after the two week mandatory period was up 4 tracks went immediately, and pretty soon after that 8 were gone (by request). In fact, for the first ever time in my almost 3 years of teaching combat I actually had a member come up to me in release week and ask how long we “had” to do the release for. To my mind that really just solidifies the fact that BC44 just doesn’t have the “wow factor” of previous releases. And please don’t think my members are feeling that way because I’m not trying to sell the release. I give every class my absolute all, in fact my good friend Raina came down from Auckland two weeks ago and participated in one of my combat classes. Being a close friend (and also being someone who attends the filming classes in Auckland with me) she knows I’m not really sold on the release – yet came up to me afterwards and said there is no possible way anyone could’ve known I’m not a fan – I really do give it my all.

So, here’s my 2 cents on the release on a track by track basis:

Warmup: Brighter Day (Monday 2 Friday Remix) โ€“ Yanou / Use Somebody โ€“ Ultrabeat

Warmups are far more music driven for me than any of the other tracks (possibly with the exception of a cooldown) as the choreography is always very basic, and musically I like it. I admit I had my doubts about using a remix of Use Somebody so soon after we had it as a cooldown in BC40, but the versions are so different it’s not a factor at all. I do have a couple of wee comments, but they are very minor. I do prefer warmups without combinations, for example I’d prefer solid upper cuts followed by solid hooks as opposed to combining the two. The reason for this is it’s much simpler to give set up cues when you’re only doing one movement. What I mean by that is if we are only doing uppers I can just say things like “target is under the chinโ€ โ€œelbows inโ€ โ€œdrop your shoulder…” etc and it’s obvious what move I am talking about as we’re only doing one. But, if we are doing a combination I have to specifically state “on your upper cut your target is under the chin yada” then cue the hook in the same way “on your hook target is the side of the jaw, rotate your hip, lift your heel etc”. Just means I have to specify specifically what move to which I am referring and makes cueing a touch more complicated than it needs to be on the warmup (hey, I did say it was a minor point!). Same goes for the lower body warmup – the back knee front kick combo just makes cueing a little more difficult than when we have these moves individually. Just means we have to say more, and I’ve always been of the opinion ‘less is more’ when you’re teaching – you need to leave time for what you’ve said to land. But, I’m just being really picky. I do like the warmup so let’s just leave it at that!

Track 2: Energy โ€“ Shinedown

Okay, hand in the air I’ll admit I am not a fan of this track at all. Just feels like a mess. I don’t particularly like the “decoy” – even though it’s (apparently) derived from Tae Kwon Do (I have a black belt in TKD and I don’t ever recall this move being a staple in the martial art – but it was a few years ago now). Someone mentioned in a comment on this very blog that when we change the tempo up on the decoys they become too fast to do correctly and they have a point, for a lot of people they kinda turn into switches before the jab. The front kick off the back leg is a nice touch though, and I hope they incorporate that more into future releases, but for me musically and chorey wise this track just doesn’t work. Hopefully many of you disagree.

Track 3: The Time Of Our Lives โ€“ Sy & Unknown featuring Lou Lou

Yep, I do like this one. Definitely not as climatic as some of the past power training tracks (it doesn’t build and go off like Send Me an Angel, Poison or Sweetheart as an example) but it is a good track (perhaps those tracks set my expectations too high?). The track seems longer to me than it actually is – perhaps due to the fact it’s five rounds. But yeah, solid track 3 and one you can have a bit of fun with due to the “you and I could fly…” lyrics.

Track 4: Paint It Black 2009 โ€“ Masif DJโ€™s / GIA (Skitz Clubb Mixx) โ€“ Despina Vandi

Definitely this is one of the tracks that has grown on me. My only minor gripe is that there’s so much going on in the track that when there’s new people in the class there’s a lot of stuff to cue, and it seems that just as they get the movement right and it changes; moves like the shoot, ginga, jump kick, do take a few goes to get the hang of, would be nice if we did them a little longer before swapping to another. The shoot after the knees feels far more natural than the other way around (as we did in BC43), and the ‘double shoot’ is a bit of a killer on the ol legs. Quick question though, have many of you experienced any lower back discomfort from this track? I’ve had a couple of members mention that to me, and I’ve checked their technique and it’s all good – just wondering if it’s a common occurrence. The shoot is a very crafty way to incorporate lunges into combat, and it feels far more ‘combatty’ doing them this way than the way we did them in say “Don’t Ya Wanna Feel”. Solid track.

Track 5: Ignorance โ€“ ToneTonic

LM cover of the Paramore track. Nope, not a fan here either. This track is just all over the show. Chorey feels uneven, and I’m just not a big fan of loads of running in combat (ironically I love the running in BODYATTACK, I just feel attack has a much more natural fit). But we better get used to it as there’s loads of running in the track 5 in BODYCOMBAT 45 as well. Track fives in recent releases are always the weak point of the class for me and again this is no exception (and again that’s the case in BC45 too sadly). Perhaps if I was a Twilight fan I’d feel differently? This track again just feels like a bit of a mess to me. Notice the sound effects are back though??

Track 6: รฌNessun Dormaรฎ โ€“ Lacrima

Interesting one this one. I don’t dislike it, and I don’t love it. I think perhaps D&R are starting to maybe try to be a little too clever here. Track 6 in BC43 was a great track, almost every one just LOVED it immediately and raved and raved about it; maybe they felt they had to outdo themselves with something equally as clever? Hmmm… Opera in combat, still not sure about it personally. However, the classes aren’t about me and the peeps seem to love it! Though, in my last combat class I gave them the option of doing it again or doing another one and “pirate track” was the resounding response. It’s definitely a recovery track, you’ll find your heartrate drops considerably. Also, is it just me or is there a lot of lateral shuffling in this release? (warmup, track 2, and track 6).

Track 7: Metal Kombat For The Mortal Man โ€“ ColorBox

I feel like a bit of a broken record here but again this track hasn’t blown me away. Again, I don’t hate it, but I definitely don’t love it and I do feel that something REALLY special could’ve been done with a Mortal Kombat theme and this missed the boat a little bit. I think the problem is that the track doesn’t really “peak” like my favourite muay thai tracks (Hardcore Angel, So What!, Raver’s Paradise, Let the Beat Control Your Body.. I could go on and on). Just falls a little flat for me. It’s just missing a part that you can really sink your teeth into a just “go off” to. Again like track 5 did you notice the added sound effects? We might be slowly going back to the days of Natha and Gabby (ding ding anyone! ;))

Track 8: Your Shining (Hixxy Remix) โ€“ Styles & Breeze

Now we’re talking! Peak of the class, absolutely 100%. I loved this track at the filming, and I still love it now. It’s loooong (longest track 8 ever in fact) but that’s all good as it rocks! Builds and builds and is a climatic end to the cardio part of the class. Not to mention the first few times you launch it – the looks on peoples faces when they realise the track isn’t over… priceless! Love the track and love the chorey. Love it so much in fact that I’m willing to let the grammatical error in the track title slip by ๐Ÿ˜‰ Seriously awesome, and really in my mind the one track that absolutely saves this release from being very average.

Track 9: Put Your Hands On Me โ€“ Crookers feat Kardinal Offishall & Carla-Marie

I have a personal theory about the inclusion of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in combat that stemmed from a little thing Dan said along the lines of “we wanted to put it somewhere and this felt like the best place” – it kinda seems to me that they are doing BJJ classes, and need to justify that by including it (somewhere) in combat. As it’s a ground fighting style it really can’t go anywhere but here. Does it work? No. To be blunt it’s a fricken nightmare. My combat classes are pretty much packed and there’s just no room in the GF room for the “walking komodo dragon with an alligator pushup” – never mind the fact that there’s also not much room to do it on the stage! Here’s the other thing, if you watch the DVD the intro for this track is 3 minutes long. The track itself is 3 minutes long – so we’re spending as much time introducing a move as we are doing it? (well, actually considerably more in reality considering the komodo dragon/alligator pushup is only done for 2 sets of 4!). It’s overly complicated, requires too much space, requires too much of an introduction, and to be honest isn’t even that much of a workout. I’m sorry to be overly harsh here but I really think this track crashed and burnt. When I started mixing for the first time, and announced “no komodo dragon today” the class actually cheered! (I’m not kidding!) Unfortunately, we might have to get used to that move as I can’t see it going anywhere anytime soon…

Track 10: Doesnโ€™t Mean Anything โ€“ Alicia Keys

Not too much to say about a cooldown, but like the music, nice song to bring your heartrate down, not too much kata, good cooldown… still using it now in fact.

So, I’d really like your feedback here. I’ve spoken to other instructors locally and they feel pretty much the same about this release… but what do you think? Am I being a bit hard on it? I know there’s always going to be absolute combat lovers who love anything and everything that’s put out – and yes, perhaps I am getting a bit cynical in my old age. In short I just feel this release whilst is okay, really only had one track that blew me away (t8). Reading my review of BC43 I used words to describe different tracks like “stunning!, EPIC!, Love it!, FANTASTIC!, and Awesome!” – in my review of BC42 I used words like “Great track, Love this one! etc.”, BC41 “Officially my new favourite track 2!, Awesome finish…” but in BC44 my adjectives are far more toned back because the release for me just doesn’t “rock” like any of the more recent ones. In fact looking back I can’t think of any releases I prefer less until we get back to the early 30s. But, I’m only one person and this is only one opinion.

As always would love to hear your thoughts (if you disagree seriously put me in my place here…) ๐Ÿ˜€

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We haven’t released it yet, but I’m underwhelmed as well. I do like track 6 because of the super balance moves. I’m a classical musician, so opera doesn’t bother me one bit. I also have my TKD second Don and we didn’t do the quick decoy move, either. There isn’t really anything I absolutely love in this one – at least, not yet. Thanks for the review!

D&R if you do happen to read this – it’s not too late to drop komodo dragon/alligator move from BC46? *hint hint* ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks for your feedback Kristin. Glad I’m not the only TKD practitioner left wondering about the decoy – I realise there’s different federations and different schools to the martial art but yeah, the move left me wondering a bit.

Good luck for your launch!

I have been doing this release for a few weeks now, and it has slowly grown on me…

I have done it with a few different instructors, and i have found that i only get a workout with two of them as they have the energy to sell this release…

I love track 3 and track 8, i am so sick of track 5, as it is also in the current rpm as well..

Since im a FF member, our instructor only has one track 9 to use until they get the best of cd’s… Which sucks as the move is hard for those who aint strong in the upper body…

However I have noticed that Combat is getting harder, Luckily i started 2 yrs ago when the combo’s weren’t too hard or else i would have given up had i tried it on the current release…

Hi Glen,

I did 44 twice and I haven’t been back to Combat since. I will only go back to classes when we commence mixing in the last few weeks leading to the cessation of PPCA music.

When mixing, please think of us; the poor Australian Combatters who have been the hardest hit with this PPCA debacle. Out of Combat releases 1-43, PPCA has left instructors with only 23 tracks to mix with. 23!!! No more “Hardcore Angel”, “United Vibe”, “Speed”, “Excalibur”, “Stamp”, “Burn It To The Ground”, “Lights Out”, “Warriors Dance”, “Black Pearl”…etc etc.

As a Combat devotee, it has been really hard for me to accept that I may never hear some of these tracks again in class. At least isntructors have the music and can still do them in their lounge room.

As participants, we will be getting a whole lot of 44 for the rest of the year and a whole lot of repetition with these 23 tracks.

If those “Best of Combat” CD’s don’t come out soon, my attendance in Combat will be dropping off considerably this year because as I am one of those participants who gets terribly bored with repetitive mixes.

Looks like this Combat addict will be jumping ship to alternative classes on the timetable this year.


OMG delphene I didn’t even think of the PPCA situation and being stuck with this release. Oh no!!

Hopefully those best of CDs are close – I’m sure LMI are onto it as they’ve known about the PPCA situation for quite a while now. And I’m sure the tracks you’ve mentioned will be included in the best of mixes – they’d have to be?!

Perhaps give BC44 another go – I know it’s not the best release in the world but I do like it more than when I first tried it – in fact, I left the filming class going WTF was that?!

I haven’t launched yet (next week) and don’t know it nearly as well as you, but I seem to like it a lot more than you. 43 for me, and for my club (instructors + members) was boring. Nothing much wrong with it, obviously T6 was epic, but overall, we were just bored. 44 for me is much more interesting, and my immediate response was that I love it. None of the music is blowing me away – T4 and 9 songs are my favorites – it’s mostly bland like 43. I love that in the release in general it’s not as on-the-spot as, what was it, 42 where we hardly moved?
T1 – I was so happy to have a side-kick set up – I love when we have setups to RHs and SKs, I think it helps coach them. But then that damn RH comes out of nowhere, so never mind. The music for T1A is boring, and T1B is too soon for me – great song but we just bloody had it.
T2 – Love the decoys.
T3 is never-ending, and not in a good way.
T4 – I hate the traveling jump kicks in 4 and dread cuing/teaching that track. Love love love the song and the knee/shoot combo. Love the ginga. Dreading having to teach this track – a lot of novel moves (shoot, moving ginga, jump kick to side). The track comes across as a hot mess.
T5, I’m a huge Twilight fan and am not a fan of the song. I initially liked the chorey but that’s rapidly declining.
T6 I can’t deal with the opera – I mean, that would be a bit much for Flow, never mind Combat. It’s also an easy and boring track. I don’t see anything ‘extraordinary’ about it at all and I feel like a tool when I do it. I do like the held side kick, and that’s it. I can’t wait to ditch it.
T7 I love the dropping elbow but the track as a whole is meh. Don’t love it, don’t hate it. There’s no huge peak.
T8 I love. I especially love the double jabs, double crosses. Repeated jab cross is done so much that it’s nice to have a small change.
T9 – I actually love this track (we discussed this on the forum). I love the new moves, I love the song, I love the chorey, even though as a track, it’s pretty freaking easy. I am NOT looking forward to cuing it, and while we haven’t launched yet, there is seriously not enough room in our studio to do this track. I think it’s a bad idea introducing 2 novel moves in the same track – too much pre-track teaching.
T10 is dreadful.
I know I said a lot of not-wonderful things but for some reason as a whole, I really like this release. I love all the movement of this release and I love the new and interesting combos. Overall, the music is not standout but the chorey is.

Katherine t9 is a nightmare to teach to a packed class. I think D&R have got to remember when rehearsing that almost every other gym in the world doesn’t have an entire floor of a building as their GF room like they do in Auckland. Our GF room holds 25 comfortably, 30 it’s packed. Last week I had one class of 38 and one of 35 – t9 was a disaster to teach in those situations. Just a mess.

And I agree it takes far too long to teach the moves before it – BC44 is over 53 minutes – we’re never going to fit it into a 55 minute slot even without a single break if we have to spend 3 minutes teaching the move4s beforehand.

Appreciate your feedback – and good luck for your launch!

We launched at the end of May and have been doing it consistently 3 times a week since. Only a few of the tracks stand out for me…..tracks 3, 6, 7 and 8 (although 3 is on it’s way out……) I agree with you that most of the tracks aren’t as climactic as other releases. Most of the participants dont like T9 – but we’re forced to keep it, because we don’t have any other non-ppca T9’s to mix with until next release :S Thanks for the review as always! ๐Ÿ™‚

my thoughts of the release…

t8 is awesome. especially when you see the look on peoples faces when they find out its not over *evil grin*. i love this track

t9…is the one that people want to get rid of the most. but as others have mentioned, the ppca situation wont allow that. how kind of them ๐Ÿ™‚ (time to steal some attack ab tracks. ke$ha anyone? XD)

t4 is quite awesome. this is what the introduction to the shoot shouldve been! the shoot needs to be coached properly though…

t6 is challenging which is something i like. i dont have a consensus from members to know what they think though…(theyre too busy complaining about other things)

the release itself has grown on me a bit since filex, but its still not up there in the realm of awesome for me. t3 was missing that little *power up* element like in sweetheart or send me an angel, t7 is missing that peak cardio element, t5 feels a bit messy.

i like the release…but i dont love it. which is a real shame to be honest ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Hey dude!
Track 8 is brilliant, even up to the point where I mixed it out (this week) The class was still getting ready to finish at the false-end *hehe*, & love it when we keep going on.

I really like being able to inject mega amounts of enthusiasm and energy into the warmups, and this warmup is definitely one where you can really get a buzz going right from the outset! Esp when you capitalise on the peaks & ebs in the music.
The switch to the rear-knee front kick combo in the lower body warmup is still a little clunky for me. I reckon I do it good, but still not happy about the transition, but do like the energy and urgency you can communicate with it.

Track 2 for me is frustrating. Great for getting the heartrate up, completing the warmup & pushing the boundaries… would’ve been great for the switch-jab-kick combo to go for a little longer before switching back out to the shuffle-roundhouse on rounds 3/4.

The only thing I don’t like about track 3 is not being able to join in with the vocals (being a boy ‘n all) & have it sound ok… I reckon the classes are probably very happy about that one!

Track 4 – going to have to stop using the “double shot… hang on, that comes after class” cue!… oops. Not only new people, but a lot of the class miss that first step-kick! & that does get kinda frustrating for them… I’ve been trying to figure out if there’s a special cue that you can use for it…haven’t found it yet.

Track 5 – hard to get them to go off with this one… there’s a very strong temptation for everyone to run backwards when you want to hold them forward when comming out of the lunge-jab/jump elbow combo. When the class runs back, it leaves them with nowhere to go when you need to run back again! *smile*

Track 6 – welcome break… but the opera dissapears on the PPCA free version of the track, doh! Good for shapping the ol’ fav-body part!

Gave the BJJ a descent go, and still get the confused looks and the occasional “you what us to what?” *hehe*… cues turn a lot to working muscle groups and technique… not here quite long enough for the allegator pushup to have loads of impact.
I reckon the triangle choke goes down well for core conditioning, but is damned hard to do on an unwilling sparring partner *grin*.

Mind you, had to tap-out when Wen was demoing cause she kept talking & explaining & didn’t realise she was applying preassure! The world started to close in… mind you, coulda been funny to pass out on that one though! *hehe*.

Having said that, the class was eager for a mix-up & wen’t off with some of the older trax this week! (I’ve only two more weeks until my last gym goes PPCA free music too).

I definitely disagree Iother than track 2 (which sucks the big one) I ABSOLUTELY LUV every other track …oh yeah hang on track 9 so not cool!!!!

Hi Glen – great review, even though I agree and disagree with you on some points.
Warmup – was ok, but I don’t like doing a shuffle / scissors as soon as the music starts. I prefer to warm up with a pulse and some jabs, uppers…etc… before moving the feet. I actually like the cover of ‘Use Somebody’ for the lower body warm up

T2- like you I am not a fan of the decoy, but overall the track is ok

T3 – did not really like the music for this track, but it is a good shoulder workout

T4 – LOVE this track… I find the shoot here easier to do than the one in BC43 for some reason, and the cheesy Indian? ginga music in the middle is pretty cool…

T5 – quite like this one, especially the jab, side elbow combo

T6 – Really like this one.. even our seasoned instructors have difficulty with their balance on this track, but most participants (& instructors) seem to struggle with the timing after the opera part finishes and jab upper jab music starts

T7 – this is the ‘let down’ of this release for me – the music doesn’t seem to have any structure and is hard to follow, but its a real shame as the chorry is great

T8 – have to agree with you Glen, this is a great track, and keeps on going long after you think the track has finished!

T9 – not a fan of the ‘Walking Aligator’ press-up – just too hard to do for me, but I like the ‘choke’, that really works well

T10 – cool down was pretty good

The release has grown on me, but it certainly hasn’t ‘wowed’ me like BC43 did

It was quite an experience doing your class in your gym; knowing the way you felt about the release and then seeing you deliver it – I was literally scratching my head thinking, “I thought he said he didn’t like this track?” You really sold it, so it’s interesting hearing that your members were asking ‘how long do we *have* to do it for?’ and *cheering* when you said no komodo dragon(?!).

I’ve done it a few times, and a few tracks have grown on me, but the release as a whole hasn’t grabbed me like other releases have.

It was great to do your class though Glen, you really are an asset to the brand and we are very lucky to have you doing your BODYCOMBAT thing ๐Ÿ™‚

Wow thanks for all your feedback guys. It’s interesting, this release is possibly the most divisive release I’ve encountered since I started teaching – people seem to love it – or could happily walk away and never see it again.

No matter what everyone’s opinion it seems there ain’t too many people that love t9! (it’s a shame that in OZ you guys have to keep it for so long! Bring on the ‘best of’ CDs – and quick!)

Ray you made Wendy tap out?!! OMG! (hehe might try that on Stace ;))

Nick I knew we’d have differing opinions on this release – you’re much more of a rock fan than I. ๐Ÿ™‚

Rains – thanks for your kind words… it was awesome to have you come down. Now I’ve just got to make it up for one of your RPMs!

Thanks again guys – appreciate your feedback! x

Now Iโ€™ve just got to make it up for one of your RPMs!

When you do, I’ll design a Combat-style RPM mix just for you! ๐Ÿ˜€ (although I apologise in advance, there might be a track from BC44 in that mix, ahahaha!)

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Great review and thanks for your honesty. I totally see where you are coming from.

Track 1 to me is a little daunting – as straight away it’s into shuffles and scissors.. to me that isn’t really giving this ‘more mature woman’ a time to warm up. I also see what you mean by the combos – yes it would be harder for instructors to explain and luckily most of us in the class are experienced, so all our instructor has to say is ‘uppercut/hook’ and we know what to do.. if there’s someone new, I hear her explain it all and yeah, it does become difficult to both pre-cue and explain the moves.

Track 2 – I can’t do the decoy due to bad knees and I’m still trying to figure out a substitute. Even our instructor finds it too quick to do the double speed decoys and it ends up being scissors and then the punch. Nice song though.

Track 3 – love the moves- the music doesn’t really get me going though.. nowhere near as inspirational as ‘Send me an angel’.

Track 4 – Love it! I prefer the shoot done this way by far…There is still a lot of confusion with the kicks though..Still just under the level of the pirate track though (it’s also known as that here) but enjoyable enough.. big fan of the Ginga ๐Ÿ™‚

Track 5 – love the punch, block moves (I don’t jump) and yeah, there’s too much jogging. Love the track though (better than the original by Paramore in my opinion)

Track 6 – LOVE IT!! although it’s a heck of a challenge (and mighty painful for this lady with sciatica on both sides) to do the balancing. I see the participants trying hard to complete the task and can see them beam with pride once they succeed. Plenty of giggles are had and the opera bit is lovely (they love me to belt it out along with the music hahah so much fun). The dance music afterwards is gorgeous.

Track 7 – sorta fun – a bit all over the place – move on. Preferred 43’s ‘Kickstart my heart’.. had so much fun pretending to jab someone in the face hahah

Track 8 – LOVE it… this one really gets the shoulders…more so I reckon than 43 .. oh I know the part where everyone thinks it’s over and nooo on it goes… it caught me out yesterday haha..bathtards!!

Track 9 – are you kidding me? The Komodo dragon with alligator pushups? After track 8 the shoulder killer???? I too watch our instructor take up so much time explaining the moves, just for two rounds of it.. so yeah, see your point. I can’t for the life of me do it, neither can my friend, so due to the room factor (or lack thereof) , we move aside and just do pushups. Then do the triangle abs thingy.. they’re pretty effective. Song sucks though and somehow doesn’t suit the moves.

Track 10 – nice cooldown except for the up and down … sheesh just let us stay down – we’re exhausted lol.

You know, I can tell if people are enamoured by a release by how loud or quiet the class is.. this release has kinda met with silence. The class is too quiet. in 43 during track 6 – we’re all smiling and yelling out on the back kick – not so in this release …It isn’t the instructor – it’s the lack of… I don’t know… it just doesn’t have the soul of 43. I can’t really put it into words.

Agreed – yes there is TOO much shuffling in this release! Yes I agree about perhaps Dan and Rach being a bit clever. I did mention somewhere that my friend said ‘I think it’s getting too elite”, meaning that combat seems to be now choreographed under the assumption that we are all fit and totally athletic (wrong!!) most of us combatters in class are mums over the age of 30 with wobbly bits and not so fit. I have injuries – sciatica, bad calf muscles (due to sciatica) which cause all my problems. My 39 yr old friend has bad ankles and a shoulder injury… and there are more of us. There’s only one person who’s perhaps 50% of Dan and Rach’s fitness – one. So maybe BC is getting a bit ‘clever’ or ‘elite’. D and R please remember that your combatters cover a wide array of fitness levels ๐Ÿ™‚

oops correction – the pirate comment is meant to be in track 6 ๐Ÿ˜›

Wow, great review!

I shared my views on BC44 on another earlier post you did, Glen and I am gonna repeat what i like…

Honestly, I like this release much better than BC41 overall although BC41 has 2 of my favorite tracks! yeah, BC42 and BC43 were way better!

The stand-out tracks for me are track 3, track 4, track 6 and track 8. Love the Muay Thai Music very much, love the drop down elbow but i felt there was something missing just like you said (the peak) can only felt the intensity at the end (double punch, double knee)…track 8 was amazing/awesome (double Aces!), it’s my new favorite track..similar to BC37 track 8 chorrey at certain parts.

Somehow i started to like track 2 and track 5 although the music was pretty noisy previously..the chorrey were good although not great…love the front kick from the back after the’s like a counter strike…don’t like the round house kick part…love the jumping elbow part in track 5…

The only let down track to me is the track 9 and track 10…although Alicia Key’s music is nice..i feel it’s not fitting to such a great music in track 8….love the balancing track 6..the music is pure uplifting….:)

Wow, I must say good release overall and agreed with you that the muay thai track could have been the music though!! See my facebook and you see my launch t-shirt with a mortal kombat logo….

Enjoy the release though..:)

Our instructor is launching 44 on monday. I’m looking forward to it. He seems to love it and has assured us we will all love it too. Tbh I got bored of 43 pretty quickly and was asking for it to be mixed up as soon as we could. I’m hoping I don’t get bored of 44 so quickly.

Thanks for the preview, Glen & everyone. We probably won’t even launch here for in Washington DC-area for another month, so I will make sure to pick a launch gym with the biggest room available (per track 9). Sorry to hear about the music mess down in Australia again.

It’s good that you can give it your all when you don’t like the release.. acctually that is awesome! not every instructor can pull that off..
and when you’r telling us your appinion on the releases, it’s honesty we want so if you don’t like the release don’t be afraid to be blunt.. we can take it ๐Ÿ˜‰ after all, it’s up to us to try it and then make up our own mind.. as it is I love bc44!
thanks for a good review, it’s always fun to read what others think.

I, too am not a fan of BC 44 and I thought 43 was HORRIBLE! I truly beleive they are dumbing down Combat to make it more universal. I was a Combat fanatic and thought that 43 was just a speed bumb in a normally glorious road…not true! 44 disappoints as well. I actually burn more calories in Pump than I do in Combat now. I’m not an instructor, just a participant, so I don’t know why these two releases disappoint, I just know they do.

Gday Glenn,

how’s this list;
1 ColorBox Listen To Your Heart 28 2 2006
2 Radical Rhythm Music Is Pumping 41 3 2009
3 Random Attack Slow & Steady Rush 41 3 2009
3 Party Playaz The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand) 34 4 2007
3 ColorBox Angel Eyes 33 3 2007
3 Pistolet 2 Dream 31 1 2007
3 ColorBox Shooting Star 30 4 2006
3 Maximum Fly Away 29 3 2006
4 Hiroshi Free Use Me 42 4 2009
4 Zen Dog Rock Me Amadeus 30 4 2006
4 Bionic Ear Holding Out For A Hero 22 4 2004
5 The Undertow Johnny B. Goode 39 1 2009
5 Mike Hardy & The Koolade Singers Tutti Frutti 40 2 2009
5 Mindwarp Without A Fight 43 1 2010
5 KopyKatz Elevator 34 4 2007
6 Badlands Inc Bad 36 2 2008
6 Bodytronixx Let Me Entertain You 41 3 2009
6 Maximum Iโ€™m So Excited 26 4 2005
7 Krakaw Kreativ Kollektiv Desolation Row 41 3 2009
7 KopyKatz Fight 28 2 2006
7 KopyKatz Fighter 26 4 2005
8 Tokyo Haze Heaven 35 1 2008
8 Random Attack Slow & Steady Rush 41 3 2009
8 Maximum Reach Out 28 2 2006

oh and the current release,
I heard a wicked rumor that the best of’s were going to be compilations of these, hoping i’m wrong but they will be out the middle of next month.
a little sad since we had 5 years to prepare for this, the sadder thing is The PPC’s of the world have said that if Australia gets the increase then they will do it as well.

and if you think that list is bad we have a whole 12 songs to mix with in pump, and no clean and press or Abs to mix with ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and here’s me with nearly 50 releases, thank god 74 is bloody fantastic….mmmmm any jobs going over there

but back to BC44………………… mixed bag of nuts with fruit,
track 4 without the kicks would have been awesome,
especially in the cover version where there is an extra pause between the jump kick and ginga, (pull’s out what is left of hair),

solid workout without thinking which song will be recalled for years to come unlike the “pirates song” (better use that one again before i’m not allowed, bugga forgot about that :-(….)

totally agree and i have only done the SQW!

warm up and track 3 and 8 are my favorites – like the uplifting happy hardcore feel.

track 2 – good to see return of old moves decoy and “front kick from the back leg” or whatever its called?! (thought i heard it cued as front kick at SQW which i found a bit confusing!)

track 4 is ok but

these knock off rock track 5’s that they are choosing at moment are bad – everyone enjoys the previous cheesy glam rock stuff or something that every body recognizes and sings along to.

track 6 is novel idea and will prove to be a challenge to everyone but think the novelty will soon wear off.

track 7 is just a pain to listen to!

agree with your comments on the BJJ moves!

think there is nothing wrong with bit of opera as long as people recognize the song and can hum along ๐Ÿ™‚

been teaching Feniculi Fenicula cool down given the sword thing has been proving so popular…

i think BC41 was best release for a while imo

For someone like me who likes to go as hard as I can in a class this release is fantastic. I was there at filming and I love this release as much as I did then.

I love the direction Dan and Rach are going in, they just continuously come up with amazing moves and music. When I see pre Dan and Rach classes I get so bored.

Bringing in the komodo dragon/alligator made track 9 so much more interesting than a normal track 9!! Don’t you all want to work hard? I love the choke, can really feel my abs working in this track. Track 4 of BC44 is my favourite track 4 ever (my back hasn’t hurt at all doing it, you’ve probably just got some participants with weak core muscles) and I really enjoy track 7. Track 3 and 8 are fantastic like usual. Absolutely love the warm up. Bringing in balancing in track 6 was an awesome idea.

All in all a great release!! Really looking forward to seeing some BC46, I know this will be great too!

I don’t have much to base my opinions on I’ve been a long time Body Pump attendee so Combat is only knew to me; i.e. I’ve only actually started doing it in the past month; this week I did my first full new release the others I would assume were all mixes.

I was not a fan of this from a new comer perspective I picked up most of it easily but it just lacked I don’t know; energy I guess, the last few mix classes I have done just felt so rewarding afterward but I felt a bit all over the shop here maybe the release had energy but the overly complicated moves in some of the tracks just made it difficult.

The stupid (yes stupid) komodo dragon / alligator move was so dumb; one of the most ridiculous moves I have done in any fitness class to date. The instructor in my class was even laughing at watching some of us attempt this move. I reverted to regular pushups which give a better workout anyway.

And this release lacked in the abs department.

First thank you very much for the review, I couldn’t read all the comments but I’ll do that later. ๐Ÿ™‚

I haven’t been doing BC for long but doesn’t matter…
I’m in Paris and we’ve been practicing the BC44 few times now. I must say (as you say), it has grown on me. First time, my girlfriend and I, didn’t like it. But we got used to the music and the chorey and some of them sounds now great or at least cool.
My girlfriend started BC with the release of BC43 so her first comment was “Fortunately I didn’t come to BC with this release or I might have quit” (as far as she’s not fan of this kind of lessons – but don’t worry she loves BC now).

Here are my comments about BC44:

warm up: I like it very much (as a student), I understand your (picky) point of view :p but we cannot disagree that as a sport warmup, it’s a good one. Music is great too I think.

track 2: I also felt bizarre about it (I’ve done a lot of martial arts too). Btw, I’m not a long time BC student so I’m not asking myself too much questions.

track 3: All I can say is that I don’t remember about it… That stands for itself. Not good, not bad.

track 4: I feel good with this one and I think the music fits with it well. You asked about lower back discomfort, I felt that one or two times. I asked but I’m not doing it wrong. It’s strange, I don’t understand so I’m now doing it without you know… dropping down.

track 5: Again, I felt bizarre here, no special comments. I join you in saying there’s too much things to teach in this release.

track 6: Not a fan of the music but these moves are very good for me (improving my weak points). That won’t be a subjective opinion. ^^
(yeah too much shuffling, in the big room it’s great but in the small one, you can do only the moves on one side or worth… only the shuffling)

track 7: I got used to the music so I feel comfortable with it now but I think it is a bit short.

track 8: I totally agree, I love this one.

track 9: Don’t like it… Often go to the back of the room and do only push-ups instead of the komodo thing. (which is a very good exercise I practiced a lot in other sports but that’s not for this type of group lessons – and btw I sweat too much and without a towel or a mat,it’s just not possible)

track 10: Feeling good with the music. A good rest after giving all my best in track 8.

Overall feeling is ok now after few times, it is sure not as great as BC43.

DauPhu. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ps: Sorry for my english, I change the time I use very often but I am a bit lazy now to read and correct it all over again.

Actually… one thing I just realised, in NZ it’s common to have carpeted floors – this isn’t the case across the world where the fitness studios have wooden floors. How are people finding the komodo dragon/alligator pushups on the wooden floors?

I tend to agree with you here Glen – BC44 for me is a bit of a fizzer. Decoy’s in TKD? Yes, this was something I was trained for many years ago and I’d been using it prior to black belt, but it was done much quicker often performed moving forward on your opponent. In BC it doesn’t quite feel right if I don’t end it with the round kick. As for back pain (track 5) – definitely! I feel sorry for the Australians now with the whole PPCA stuff up.

Hey – I like your review! ๐Ÿ™‚ …..

44 is for sure a different ball-game all-together. I’ve seen the release and done it – also have my initial training on it next month. Whilst some of the track songs and moves may be quite complicated, I kind of appreciate D&R’s call to a challenge. Whilst this release doesn’t have me over-excited with joy like BC 39 (by far my overall general release is BC39 and warm up ‘summermelody’ from another release ๐Ÿ™‚ ).. the track has grown on me and love track 7! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚ …. Opera in combat? Strange combo yes, but somehow it works with the remix – and it’s almost a back to basics with slow conditioning kicks.

I guess you just got to carpe diem and seize this release for what it’s teaching us …… thanks Glen for your review! ๐Ÿ™‚

The “decoy” — it’s just a fighting stance switch! That’s it! You’ve done it in TKD a million times, especially while sparring, but there just wasn’t a name for it just like there isn’t a special name for just about any other foot movement like that. I like the “decoy” plenty — switching stances quickly like that in an attempt to make your moves harder to anticipate, or to fake the opponent out, is part of sparring practice and sometimes you can just do drills where it’s nothing but skips forward, skips back, and switches.

So yes, the “decoy” is definitely to be found in TKD, but not under a name. I bet it was named just for BC so it has some more pizzazz or something.

(source: I’ve done TKD for a while, 3rd dan black belt, among other martial arts)

How about this comparison in terms of combination of music, chorrey and energy? (love to do this from time to time to see the works of dan and rach, obviously we got to give them credit for doing something simple and different all the time)!
From BC41 to BC44:
Track 1: 1st) BC42 2nd) BC43 3rd) BC44 4th) BC41
Track 2: 1st) BC41 2nd) BC43 3rd) BC44 4th) BC42
Track 3: 1st) BC43 2nd) BC42 3rd) BC44 4th) BC41
Track 4: 1st) BC43 2nd) BC44 3rd) BC42 4th) BC41
Track 5: 1st) BC43 2nd) BC44 3rd) BC42 4th) BC41
Track 6: 1st) BC43 2nd) BC42 3rd) BC44 4th) BC41
Track 7: 1st) BC42 2nd) BC44 3rd) BC43 4th) BC41
Track 8: 1st) BC44 2nd) BC43 3rd) BC41 4th) BC42
Track 9: 1st) BC42 2nd) BC43 3rd) BC41 4th) BC44
Track 10: 1st) BC42 2nd) BC43 3rd) BC41 4th) BC44

Here you go…:)..this is just my opinion only..BC44 is good overall, better than BC41 with a few great tracks!

Cheers and have fun!

dont really like it but dont hate it either.. no doubt the shoot is easier to execute, but i dont like the combi here.. its like they are trying to cram so many things into a single track..

this is crucial release for me as i might be doing my clearance on it.. so might as well love it.. mortal combat is okay, but track 5 is totally off.. especially the unnaturalness of excuting the jab and elbow.

track 8 is going to kill my memory cells.. other than that, im pretty no comment.. ๐Ÿ˜› cheers.

I tried it…. AND I LOVED IT!!! BC44 even cured my migraine last thursday… ;o) I will miss BC43, but I can live with this, easily. And I must tell you that our instructor fell in love recently, and IT REALLY SHOWS!!!!

Hey! About the lower back pain…
Yep. I can feel that too. But I think I have located it to the gazillions of knees…
Still thinks weak core is to blame. Thinking of combine BC with Bodyflow/balance.. could do the trick.

Yeah did most of it again this week…
Really like T4, 5, 6, 8
Probably one of my new fav T4’s and another T8 to put in my top 5 fav T8’s…. Over all the release is good, but 43 & 40 are my favourites, followed closely by 35, 39…

will look forward to BC45 in about 2 months time ๐Ÿ™‚

First time I’ve ever replied to a post, so here goes…

First off, EmilyG, are you sure youf real name is not Dan?

Now, over to BC44.

Warm-up: Whilst the upper body was quite upbeat, I agree that it lacks the K.I.S.S factor (never underestimate amazing music put together with the K.I.S.S factor for hooking people in). Lower body, okay, not ‘stand out’.

Track:2: Decoy switch way too fast in the combo. Music just sounds like “white noise”. Music and moves seem too ‘manic’ straight out of the warm-up.

Track:3: Quite liked it.

Track:4: Finally, “The Shoot” presented in a far kinder form. Lots of time to really coach the levels here and participants have really gotten into this track. Not so with the step-kick in the middle. People still missing the first rep, despite the pre-cueing. They go well in the jump-kick section as there is more time. Participants finish well in the final round of “The Shoot”

Track:5: Messy song, messy chorey. Comments from participants were along the lines of…”too much like Attack”.

Track:6: I really LOVE this track. The incredible balance aspect of it did enable my participants to side-kick with more control, but only in that track. From an instructors POV however, the music was a shocker to ‘nail’ moves to. And, hello, PPCA-free music actually removes the singer – OMG!!!

Track:7: Such a mess from beginning to end. For me, it’s a Muay Thai on “Speed”. Only 4 reps for the treble elbow – great for those who have spent a while doing Combat, newbies lost with technique and feeling stupid. Then it’s a whole other world of “down-up-down-up” with SBP and knees.

Track:8: I know most love this. I do not. Quite frankly, it’s boring and overly long. You can ‘trick’ participants for two weeks, then it’s all over, and they go back to “pacing” themselves. So what that it’s over 8 mins? Does it flog participants? Only for the first couple of times, then they start to get BORED. I taught “Crescendos of Ecstasy” (BC25) on friday night, and participants commented on how hard that track is, because it used two upper body moves and flogged them with a combination of speed vs power. Once again, K.I.S.S principle. “Neckbreaker” from BC27 is also right up there.

Track:9: I do like those two new moves. I DON’T like them in the same track! Only introduce one new move (that has to be pre-coached) per track please. No problems with the Alligator push-ups on a carpeted floor – major problems on a wooden floor! Surprise, surprise, there are participants who really struggle with push-ups on their knees on a wooden floor – who woulda thunk it?! Well, let’s get them on their toes! Oh dear, no upper-body strength (esp after track:8). Oh well, they’ll just have to adapt. What has happened to “Body Combat is for everyone”? I’m with you Glen, I feel BJJ was only brought into releases because Dan is right into it at present. Is it a case of “this is my fad, so you’re all going to suffer it”? Time will tell.

Cooldown: Blah, blah. It’s okay, doesn’t rate like “What Have You Done” (BC34), “Our Solemn Hour” (BC37), “Halo” (BC41), or even BC25.

I’m a bit like Glen, participants never know that I dislike any part of a release (participants are quite amazed at how much I detested most of BC31 because they never knew). When I first launched BC44, participants said at the end “Wow, is it really over, it went so fast?!” It took a couple of weeks for participants to find the “holes” in the release – what they liked, what they disliked.

I post these comments, not as a “hater” of the way BC is going, but as someone who is totally passionate about the program. Criticism is not a bad thing, it is also a ‘cry’ for change at that which may not be working in the “real world”.

GREAT review Placebo!! That is all I have to say ๐Ÿ˜›

Dude… nah, Wendy made me tap out.
She wasn’t paying attention to what she was doing while explaining the move to the class… then the little starts started comming out.
Better watch it tho’ Glen… whne you’re frisky next, Stace’ might be tempted to put you out so she can watch the tele un-interupted! :-).
On frustrating note, had a few new peeps in the class on sat am, and the ol’ battery carked it right in the middle of T9! doh!

Well, we did the new release last night. I really enjoyed it. The music was much better than 43. Obviously after just once through I can’t really comment in each individual track. I actually liked the alligator push ups, although we do it in a studio with wooden floor. Not great in the middloe of summer, in a hot studio. Was practically swimming through my own sweat.

Re: track 8 – It’s not a misspelling from Les Mills’ side cause it is actually called Your Shining, whether it’s meant to be a double interpretation or just a poor decision by Styles & Breeze I don’t know…

But I do know that “I’m waiting, you’re fighting!”. 8)

Btw previous comment was comment #44! I’m so good!

anyone else get injured on the ‘shoot’ track? during the change from knees to upercut i got my little finger caught in my short pocket and have dislocated it whilst doing an uppercut. my fault i suppose… i was wearing weighted sparing gloves. bloody hurts and is very swolen and purple.

add me on

A rousing GROAN went through the class when Track 9 was introduced. For me Combat 44 has been a bit of fizzer. First release for ages I’ve been uninspired. But different strokes for different folks.

Hi Mr Glendal.

Its ben, i have been reading your blog for ages now and finaly registered on this site to keep up with the goss! you got so great things to say on here. keep up the awesome work

hope to see you and stacey before you go on your holiday.
Ciao for now.

I do agree that there is way loads of lateral shuffling in this release. I absolutely love the komodo dragon/alligator pushup, but yes it can be a bit impractical to move that much especially in a small area with lots of people. I do like track 6, despite the music hehe.

I think we should all embrace the choreography that dan and rachael set out. i love all the tracks and im a great believer in you as an instructor YOU sell the moves and the music. If you dont like it your class will be able to see this and not like it too! As for track 9 yeah its a killer but just dont move stay on the spot and do singles KD with no press up, till your class feel comfortable to move, simple!!

Cant gel with this release!!! just doesnt seem flow well.

I cant put in words how it feels, Have superb instructor, but music & choreography just doesnt do it for me! Will keep with it only because i know a new release will be out eventually.
Sorry my personal opinion

Hi feeling upbeat on BC44. We launched it just over a week ago (England) & have done six classes to date. Relief to hear that I am not the only one feeling lower back discomfort re: track 4, hopefully it will improve with time, although never had that problem with the shoot on BC43. Love the free style ginga though. Track 2 yes agree with you on the “decoy” those switches seem way too fast; feels like its all over the place. The walking komodo dragon is quite hilarious in a small space but its getting better. Yep am enjoying BC44 added to which after months of BC43 (with no mixes) its not a surprise, was ready! Hey love your site Glen, and the frank reports. Great to read.

First proper release I have done granted, before now it was just the odd class but I think it’s a great release.

The crocodile push-ups are hard but that’s the point isn’t it? Far more interesting than normal boring press-ups.

Absolutely love track 5, love the song love the elbow jab jumping move. Seems more aerobic based than the other tracks.

i am from malaysia…bc 44 was miserable…the whole time i was in there it was like something was missing…and by the end of the day i feel is as though i just started working out…i wanted it to stop the moment it started…43,i must agree with u…i just love the whole thing…and 42 wasnt so bad as well…i mean, at the end of the day we are there to work out..but 44 just doesnt seem to push me to the limit…

[…] words; Alligator pressup. Yep, I think we all know my opinion on this move. To be fair the adaptation of it in 45 is much better than the way we did it in 44 – but, […]

Good review but TOOOOTALLY disagree on BC 44. I think it was an incredibly strong release, I had to MAKE myself stop teaching it/start switching out tracks, and the members have loved it. Like every week after the launch, I got comments on the Metal Kombat Muay Thai track. People freakin’ LOVED it. They have loved track 6 too and really – just the whole release makes for an awesome class. I’m glad I didn’t read this review until I had solidified my opinion of 44. Sometimes I think reading negative reviews of a release taints my view of it before i’ve even had time to give it a chance.

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