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Well better late than never – here’s my review of BODYCOMBAT 42. Have a read and definitely let me know your thoughts!

01. Numb (RainDropz! Mix) – Jan Wayne vs RainDropz! / I Do Not Hook Up – Kelly Clarkson

Well – I really like this warm up. It’s just the right length (especially compared to the warm up from BC41 which had Dragostea Din Tei played through twice – I mean that was just too much numa numa!) and I love the upper body remix of Numb. Kelly Clarkson for the lower body warm up for two releases in a row – yeah, possibly could have made a better choice here, especially as it’s the squat track in BODYPUMP 72 – for those of us that teach or do pump as well (and there’s a lot of us) have pretty much more than got the message that she does not hook up. I’ve started mixing in my classes here and I’ve not yet mixed out the warmup as I like it so much – but in pump the squat track was the first track I mixed out for that reason.

I mentioned in the filming post that curiously the only side kicks in this entire release are in the warm up. There’s not a single side kick in any other track… which is a bit of a let down for me as I love them (I’ve done many many years of Tae Kwon Do and Karate and side kicks are a staple in both). Oddly again, there’s zero back kicks in BC42. Yet there were a tonne in BC41 (even a tonne in the warmup in 41!) but there’s not one in 42. Weird huh?! There’s a couple of mindless facts for ya! 😉

02. I Was Made For Loving You – Scooter

My only comment about this track is that it’s a tad too long. I’m not sure if LM can get away with speeding tracks up in their programmes but to my mind this may be a candidate for doing so… or even better perhaps splicing some of the music out (which I’m sure is a big no no). The chorey is just a little too slow. As I said I’ve started mixing in my classes here and this was one of the two tracks I mixed out first. Other than that I like the final combo, double karate punch – backfist – roundhouse.

03. Poison (Al Storm Remix) – Groove Coverage

Great track. Again it’s a long track (in fact it’s literally the longest track 3 ever!) but the movements are fast enough to get away with it. There’s two points in the music here that I absolutely love (well actually four points – but two points each side if that makes sense). The first is directly after the second set of 8 jab-cross/4 hooks combo – the second point which literally gives me goose bumps every single time I hear it is just as the full combo kicks in… love it love it love it!

04. Use Me – Hiroshi Free

This is a Les Mills cover version (a good one too – very true to the original) so yes we have sound effects back! (brings back memories from the combat early days for some I’m sure!) No they’re not over the top – just a mild swishing noise every time we do the new move in BC42; The Sweep.

Now I’m all for innovation but I kinda feel like this move is innovation for innovation’s sake. It doesn’t challenge the body in the way the last big innovation in combat does (namely the esquiva) and it’s not a hard move to do cardio wise… so personally I’d be quite happy not to see it again. There’s another entirely new move in BC43 as well which originates from mixed martial arts in the same way the sweep does, and to be honest I kinda feel the same way about that too. But, you kinda have to feel for Dan and Rach here because they’re damned if they don’t add innovation – and in some people’s eyes they’re damned if they do.

While on the subject of the sound effect – the swish – on the one hand it’s good as it helps the class with timing but for some strange reason LM included a swish for the instructors to precue the sweep/jab/cross combo to and it’s not in the place I’d normally cue the move. I’d normally cue it a few beats before the sound effect so the move has time to land with the participants before they have to do it themselves – but the music forces me to precue it immediately before the combo. Instructors do you know what I mean here?? Just a little thing but yeah – it does bug me.

So, in terms of the track itself, yep it’s another long one and it’s okay – just not my pick of the release. Again – I’m only mixing two tracks out of BC42 in my classes at the moment and this is the other one.

05. The Anthem – Good Charlotte

Well, tracks 2, 3 and 4 were all amongst the longest respective tracks ever so guess what – to counter it this track is short. Really short! Under 3 minutes even! It’s a split room track which is something we’ve not seen in combat for a few releases and I like it. The music’s uplifting – can’t really comment too much on the chorey as there’s not much of it (hehe) but it works. I’ve written about this before and I’ll say it here again – the only issue with these super short tracks (track 5 in BC42 and BC41 are super short) and conversely the super long tracks (track 3 and track 7 in BC42 are the longest tracks ever) is that we have to be really careful when we start mixing or it’s too easy to go well over (or well under) the prescribed class length. If every track in combat was 6 minutes then we’d not have to think at all – but when some are ten (BC41 track 1) and some are 2 minutes something we have to activate the ol’ brain a little more. All good though!

06. Warrior’s Dance – The Prodigy

One word; ouch. The initial quarter turns in this track are tricky; quarter turn to your left – stepping on your right foot… or for instructors quarter turns to our right stepping on our left! But, once the class has got that nailed the key to making this track work is to make ’em go LOW. I must say the word “lower” about ten times when teaching this… and the looks I get back (pure pain!) are priceless. Don’t worry – I’m hurting too!

The track also has the lunge-front kick combo last seen in No Good from BC38, and a tonne of esquivas (Portuguese for pain! – haha just kidding). The track works – I like it a lot. This is a cardio recovery so the heart rate will drop – but that’s a good thing as you’ll need the recovery for what’s coming….

Me showing the jump knee option at our release

07. Excalibur 2000 (2000 Radio Mix) – F.C.B.

Well, 8 minutes of muay thai (okay – that’s what we’re told but to be picky it’s actually 7 minutes 42 :P) This is a solid muay thai – for me personally it’s not quite as climatic as some of the others (yes I’m talking about Hardcore Angel again – I’m sorry but I just love that track so so much!) But this would definitely make my top 10 muay thai tracks and could almost scrape into top 5 (maybe not quite but very close). Features the plyo push-push kick combo seen in Enter Sandman from BC41. I’ve noticed a few people (instructors too) having trouble picking up the push kick and for me the easiest way to explain it is to “cycle” the foot away from the chest. The track also has streetbrawler punches, ascending/descending elbows and a tonne of knees… a tonne of knees. And yes – we can show the jump knee as an option here at the end of the track (the jump knee is my all time favourite move) – however – remember it’s just an option!

08. Miracle (SAD Remix) – Cascada

Short and sweet! Shorter than most power 3s but a great song and great chorey (and trust me if you’ve not done this release you’ll be happy it’s shorter after that darn muay thai!). Love the build up into the double uppers and double hooks… and you can just blast the roof off the gym in the final right-left jab combo. Great track.

09. Fire Burning – Sean Kingston

Should be called abs burning due to the triple crunch move that features in it. Sit ups, c-crunches, the hover and of course press ups at the end. Not the hardest conditioning track ever but not the easiest either.

10. Second Chance – Shinedown

Love this cooldown. I love the song and it’s a perfect end to a fantastic release. Bit of kata (I’m not a huge fan of kata in combat as you may know if you’ve read any of my other posts) but not too much to dominate the track which is great. Possibly my favourite combat cooldown ever simply due to the song.

And that’s about it! BC42 is a great release – overall it has some great tracks and not a single track I don’t like (obviously there are a tracks I prefer over others but seriously not a single bad track). Now, let the countdown begin to BODYCOMBAT 43 which trust me has some absolutely EPIC tracks!!

Two releases down one to go! Had the second BC42 local release this week (was at a different gym). Much like the first one it absolutely went off!

T’is the season for out there themes; my first BC42 release was themed as a ‘Hawaiian Luau’ – this one ‘Christmas’ so costumes were just a little on the crazy side! If you’ve added me on facebook you may have seen these already (if you haven’t please do as I do tend to get the updates there a little quicker).

Anyway a picture tells a 1000 words so I won’t write much else – I’m still working on my BODYCOMBAT 42 review and my BODYPUMP 72 review – I apologise for the delay on those… I better hurry or we’ll be launching BC43 before I’m done! Check back soon – in the meantime here’s some pics 😀

Mel and I before the madness - the hat didn't stay on long - check out the tinsel!

Mid jump knee at the end of the muay thai

Track 5 - split room; over so quick!

After you’ve done BC42 a few times one thing will become very apparent – there are some long tracks in there! Tracks 2, 3 and 4 all are over 6 minutes, and the muay thai – well, that’s a fricken marathon! Which got me thinking, are BC tracks getting longer?

Well, yes, they are. Take a look at the list below of the longest respective tracks in the last 42 releases. BODYCOMBAT’s been around over 10 years now, yet 8 of the top ten track lengths come from releases from the last 2 years! Two of the tracks from BC42 make it into the list (3 and 7), and track 2 didn’t come in too far behind United Vibe from BC35 either (nor did BC42’s track 4 come in far behind Enter Sandman/Boom from BC41 for that matter). Take a look:

01: Dragostea Din Tei / My Life Would Suck Without You (BC41) 9:48
02: The United Vibe (BC35) 7:11
03: Poison (BC42) 7:31
04: Enter Sandman / Boom (BC41) 7:09
05: How Far We’ve Come (BC37) 6:33
06: Stamp (BC37) 6:47
07: Excalibur (BC42) 7:42
08: Cry For You (BC39) 6:47
09: Somebody To Love (BC21) 6:03
10: Now We Are Free (BC20) 7:04

Total: 1:12:45

I wrote a post a few months ago about The importance of planning your playlist, and now with 42 in the mix that’s even more important. You could take a class almost 20 minutes over the prescribed class length if you’re not careful!

Of course, in order to counter these long tracks we’ve seen some super short tracks come into combat as well. Track 5 in both 41 and 42 were ridiculously short (heck in BC42 track 5’s under 3 minutes long!)

For balance’s sake here’s the shortest list too:

01: Summermelody / Does the Fish Have Chips? (BC34)   6:11
02: Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (BC34)   3:16
03: Revolution (BC2)  4:19
04: Tribal Dance 2.4 (BC27)   4:26
05: The Anthem (BC42)   2:58
06: Leave Me Alone (BC32)   3:20
07: Run To The Hills (BC33)   3:01
08: Footloose (BC1)   3:46
09: Gonna Fly Now (BC36)   2:52
10: Hero (BC31)   3:38

Total class length there under 38 minutes!!

So, instructors – just bear that in mind when planning your playlist, especially given the longest tracks are almost all from recent releases – can you imagine the the reaction you’d get if your class was over in 30 something minutes? Or the reaction from the next instructor if you went 15 minutes over time! Especially if the next instructor is a balance or yoga teacher – they can be pretty mean! Yikes!! 🙂

Hey team, launched the latest batch of releases at my primary gym (FitCo in Tauranga) this weekend just gone – just one week after workshop! Was a fantastic day – since we’re coming in summer here in NZ we themed the whole day as a Hawaiian Luau (I know it’s a far cry from the suggested muay thai theme!) which went brilliantly – everyone got dressed up into cheesy Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts and had a ball! If you’ve added me on facebook take a look there too as there’s a heap more pics and videos as well.

If you haven’t launched or done BODYCOMBAT 42 yet prepare for a big day – I actually taught the release in its entirety on my own for the first time last night and it’s a tough release alright! I was literally drenched in sweat and gasping for air after that bloody 8 minute muay thai! I know it well enough to give it a full review now so will write that in the coming days (as well as one on BODYPUMP 72). Until then here’s a few pics from the day – check out the grass skirts!

Roberto and I looking staunch before the class - check out the dolphin!

Roberto and I looking staunch before the class - check out the dolphin!

The sweep!

BODYPUMP 72 release immediately after

Lunge track (my favourite of the release!)

I highly recommend a Luau theme - everyone got dressed up!

Update 24 hours after posting the below: Hmmm….I actually started writing this post on Saturday night, and completed it on Sunday. At the time I started it I was exhausted; I’d literally done about 6 hours of exercise that day, had driven for 2.5 hours, and had eaten the grand total of 2 muesli bars the entire day (I’m not exaggerating – literally that’s all I had time to eat). So yes, in hindsight I was very grumpy. I almost didn’t post this as a result, and actually, reading back over it perhaps I should’ve just trusted my instincts and held off. If you do read the below perhaps bear in mind my level of exhaustion when writing. Looking back over the day – the generic was fun, albeit exhausting and perhaps a tad OTT (over the top). I’ve had a couple messages from people who agree, and others who think I’ve painted the day a tad harshly. I think the latter is fair… and I apologise to anyone at Les Mills who I may have offended. (I love you guys honest!) Anyway, again, perhaps my tone is a bit on the rough side and if you could read the below taking into account I was a tired, starving, low blood sugared over-trained freak when I wrote it I’d appreciate it! 🙂 By the way, if you’ve yet to do your workshop DEFINITELY go! But just be prepared to work hard – and take some food! (something I should’ve done!) Okay – read on with caution….

This weekend just gone was the quarterly instructor workshop in Auckland, always a fantastic day, a chance to experience all the new releases, network with other instructors, and see the master trainers in action and pick up a few tips. It was always going to be a big day for me – I had to take my BODYCOMBAT class here locally which finished at 9:30am – then leap in my car and come screaming up in time to make the BODYATTACK class in Auckland at 12:10pm (for those that don’t know I live about 2.5 hours drive south of Auckland which didn’t leave me much margin for error!). Following BODYATTACK was BODYBALANCE, BODYCOMBAT and finishing up with BODYPUMP at 5:10pm. So 5 classes all up – and in the middle of all that (and the reason for this blog post), was the Instructor Generic Workshop.

Now, “normally” the instructor generic is a 60 minute session covering all manner of specific subjects relevant to all instructors no matter what your programme (or programmes). Past generics have covered learning to use your voice properly in class, understanding and reading the music better, and my personal favourite – creating a club within a club (aka Make More FREAKS!!) – and, “normally” it is really helpful and one of the highlights of the day. Normally. Hmmm has the way I’ve intro’d this given you the impression that perhaps this session was different? Yep – darn right it was. Waaay different…

Now, I’m not a negative kinda guy. I like to think of myself as a glass is half full kinda person… I can’t recall the last time I even wrote something negative in this blog. Even if there’s a track I don’t like, or heaven forbid an entire release I don’t like I always try to look at it from all angles and write about the positives. Choreography, Music, it’s all subjective – just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean many won’t love it… etc etc. I always try to put a positive spin on everything as I’m but a minor cog in a much larger wheel. However no matter which way I look at it I can’t do it this time; frankly, the generic this weekend PISSED ME OFF.

Warning rant follows:

We all grouped in the main studio as always and were proceeded to be yelled and screamed at for 60 minutes by an army bootcamp instructor. After running around the studio countless times and dozens of drills (burpees, pressups, star jumps, more burpees, more pressups, more pressups…) we were spilt into 8 groups – each one meant to represent a different LM programme. We then moved around each group doing a series of drills (apparently) related to that specific programme. I say “apparently” as it was really just an opportunity for the different group leaders to smash us one after the other. In the “attack” group we did dozens of shuttle runs, burpees, pressups, more shuttle runs, drills of dropping completely to the floor then sprinting to the other end of the gym, dropping again and running back; combat was more pressups, more burpees, more pressups; over and over again. The vive session was spent walking back and forth from side to side the entire time with the bands around our legs. Jam was running from one side of the room spinning around and around and crawling on the floor. You get the idea. And this is my point – I mean – I’ve never done a burpee in combat – what was the relevance of all this?

Finally at the end when I was asking myself that very question again (WHY??!) Mid came out (don’t get me wrong – I adore Mid) and told us that it was a chance to experience each programme and learn something new from it. I LOVE YOU Mid but pullllease. I learnt how to be yelled and how to do 7000 pressups. No one I spoke to learnt a thing – everyone was left standing at the end questioning why, when we all have numerous classes to attend, and why, when we’re meant to be experiencing and learning each release did we spend an hour being smashed in bootcamp style. I already had 5 hours of classes to do – five hours of exercise already to do – I left that session absolutely exhausted and if anything wasn’t able to fully appreciate each of  remaining releases that day.

It’s no secret that many instructors don’t turn up to workshops. Many can’t be bothered. In the last 18 months I’ve not missed one. But I really have to question how worthwhile this workshop was. I watched instructors drop like flies later that day. Balance (which was straight after the generic) started packed and by half way was a third empty. Combat which came after that was the same. I was towards the back of the class in both and could move up to half way no problem mid way through. Les Mills, guys, I’ve always got your back but you missed the mark here. Smashing your instructors on a day they are meant to be taking the releases in, and learning from them, on a day when most of us have many classes to do with no time in between to refuel or rest… not cool.

Okay, rant over. I’m sorry you had to read all that but I just had to vent. Be interested in how some others felt if you were there. I’ll go right back into unber-Glen positive happy mode now… much love! 😀

Okay – I originally wrote this post almost 4 months ago (Ironically I’ve been able to publish a post on BODYCOMBAT 43 before I was able to post this one!) but was asked not to post it until after the first NZ workshop (which was last weekend so here it is!) As such the tracks below were just from memory – obviously now we have the actual tracklist (and some of the tracks are covers or different mixes to the links – so use the actual tracklist post for track info). I’ve now got the DVD and have actually started learning the release so I’ll be able to post a proper review shortly – however, here are my comments based on my original thoughts almost 4 months ago. Enjoy!

Well I’m back from from a crazy couple days in Auckland attending the filmings for BODYCOMBAT 42, BODYPUMP 72 and BODYATTACK 67. I’ve already had a tonne of messages on facebook asking me for the goss (absolutely feel free to add me if you haven’t already), but before I begin I just wanna make a couple points.

Previously LM have asked me not to disclose any info from the trials prior to the filmings, and of course I’m more than happy to oblige. As I’ve mentioned in the past before I could make the filmings I used to eagerly search the net for news on upcoming releases and loved every piece of info I could get. I spend a lot of time writing this stuff because I love Les Mills programmes and love the idea that this info could possibly inspire, motivate or excite others as to what to expect… and from the feedback I’ve been getting this seems to be the case! But, of course if anyone from LMI does read this and wants me to make some changes please let me know.

The other this I wanna say is just to remind you that this is all from memory so I make no guarantees as to its accuracy (although I am fairly confident I’m on the mark).

BC42 filming. Pic courtesy of PJ's blog. Thanks PJ!

BC42 filming. Pic courtesy of PJ's blog. Thanks PJ!

BODYCOMBAT 42 is Muay Thai themed, and the presenters were Dan and Rach (funny that!), Angel Santiago from USA and Pernilla from Sweden. The team were dressed in traditional muay thai shorts and looked absolutely fantastic. Much like the last filming at the GFX Les Mills were really strict on camera usage, so again I’ve taken no pics (don’t wanna upset the big guys!) But, PJ (bless him) took some so check out his blog for images of the outfits. Although the actual theme for the class was Muay Thai kickboxing, Dan challenged us to try to work out the base martial art for each track. So some of them are boxing based, some Tae Kwon Do or Karate etc. Read on for more on that.

Now, I’ve really impressed myself with my recall of the tracks this release. Unlike BODYCOMBAT 41 a lot of these tracks are top 40 hits (and a lot of them are rock based oddly) – and as I’m a bit of a rock fan (and as I attended a few BC42 trials beforehand) I recognised almost all of them. Some of the tracks are either remixes, or have been sped up but clicking on the links will give you some idea of what to expect.

The upper body warm up was a remix of Numb by Linkin Park. Not too much to report here obviously. The lower body warm up was I Do Not Hook Up by Kelly Clarkson. Yes, we’ve got Kelly Clarkson as the lower body warm up in both BC41 and BC42! Who woulda thunk it!

Something else interesting was that (as far as I can recall) the only side kicks in the entire release were in the warm up. Now this could be because you don’t often see a side kick in muay thai kickboxing (side kicks feature strongly in Tae Kwon Do and Karate) – but this was kinda frustrating for me as side kicks are my favourite move! (10+ years of TKD and Karate will do that to you!) The other thing (and I could be wrong) I’m almost certain there was not a single back kick in this release. Not one! So BC42 features a grand total of 8 side kicks and zero back kicks. Weird huh?!

Combat 1 was a Scooter cover of I Was Made For Loving You Baby by Kiss (thanks Andreas for this info!). This was a fun track that was rooted in TKD and Karate (hmmm no wonder I liked it!) It had a karate inner forearm block/cross combo and a backfist/roundhouse combo before building into a full combo that combined the lot.

Power Training 1 was a boxing themed track to Poison by Groove Coverage (remix of Alice Cooper’s original – note version used was much faster than that linked). The chorey built into a really long combo of 8 uppers/4 hooks/8 jab cross/4 hooks – and you repeated this on both sides. This meant the track was a marathon! (but no where near as much of a marathon as the muay thai that’s for sure!) if you thought the combo in Come With Me in BC39 was long then look out!

Unlike the last four combat 2’s (from BC38-41) this track is not two tracks combined, but rather the whole thing is to Use Me by Hinder. This track featured a new move called “The Sweep”. It’s exactly as it sounds, you literally sweep your opponent off their feet using your foot/shin. It actually reminded me a lot of a soccer kick with your inside foot – a move that is in BA67. The combo builds into sweep/jab-cross/4 knees/jump kick.

Power training 2 was a split room track to The Anthem by Good Charlotte and I remember being surprised when it was over so quick. It seemed really really short – like barely 3 minutes long! No surprises – jabs, uppers and jump jabs. I also remember being suprised as it felt uneven – I think you do a hook sequence at the end on one side only.

Combat 3 (track 6) was a capeira based leg conditioning track that had a tonne of jingas – in a sequence where you move from around to all four sides of the room. It had the ol’ lunge front kick combo (think No Good from BC38) and also had the esquiva. The emphasis was on staying low and I don’t know if it was just because I’d done pump and attack beforehand or what but boy did this track hurt. My heartrate did drop a tonne but possibly that was the intention due to what was about to come. I wasn’t sure what the track was for this but I’ve since been told it was Warrior’s Dance by The Prodigy. A tough track!

Dan said the Muay Thai was over 8 minutes and man did it feel it – it was an absolute marathon. As far as I could tell was a remix of Excalibur (from BODYCOMBAT 11). This track also had the plyo push and the push kick (both introduced in BC41). It also had ascending elbows, descending elbows, some muay thai based kata, a tonne of knees and the street brawler downward punch. Let me put it this way – the fricken track is over 8 minutes long it had pretty much everything!

Track 8 was a remix of Miracle by Cascada. In terms of chorey a fairly stock standard power 3 – loads of double hooks and double uppers, and of course the final right-left jab sequence to finish the track. At the filming itself due to mic issues this track had to be done a good 3 or 4 times… don’t try that at home! 🙂

Conditioning featured a tonne of crunches to the tune of Fire Burning by Sean Kingston. There was also pressups and the plank (or hover depending on what you prefer to call it). Cooldown was an awesome track, Second Chance by Shinedown. Loads of muay thai based kata. If you’ve read my earlier reviews of releases you’d know I’m not a huge fan of a lot of kata in combat, but this track is cool enough to get away with it.

So there you have it… BODYCOMBAT 42! So, the big question – is it any good? Well I’d done it a few times at various trial classes by the time the filming came around so I have given it a fairly decent blast (hence the track recall). But the truth is I’d like to do it a few more times before I can really give it a decent review. I will say this; the day after the filming of BC42 I did Hernan’s class and we ran through almost all of BC41. And I loved it. That’s the only thing about doing the filmings; you don’t get to do the class again until a good 3-4 months later. So maybe I’ll reserve judgement until then. However, I am really excited about the BC41 release in about ten days.

In the meantime hopefully this has wet your appetite for BC42… it’s an exciting release with some new moves, a solid rocky track list and some killer long tracks! Look out for it coming to a gym near you!! 😀

I’m smashed. Last night was a monster. BODYATTACK 68 followed immediately by BODYCOMBAT 43 – don’t get me wrong, it was an incredible night, but, man… I’m smashed!!!

Before I kick off – you may or may not know that I’m a bit restricted in what I can write about so soon after the filming. I can’t reveal any of the choreography or music at this stage… sorry! I know you all wanna know – and I’d love to let the cat outta the bag but, lovely as my friends at Les Mills are – doing so would force them to remove a part of my anatomy and feed it back to me (and I am fairly fond of my bits!)

It kicked off with BODYATTACK 68. Now to be fair, I’m probably not the best person in the world to write about BODYATTACK. I’ve done 66 several times (okay more than several as I moduled on it) – I’ve done 67 a couple times, and now I’ve done 68 once. So that gives me a grand total of 3 releases as a reference! But, man, 68 is a blast! It was presented by Lisa and a team of four guys; Grant, Bevan, Nathan and newcomer Brent from the USA – and of course we had June on the options (though did Lisa introduce her as Judy??) Look out for the Agility Track which draws its inspiration from American Football – it’s a beast!!!


BC43 presentation team - pic courtesy of PJ (used with permission)

With BA in the bag the next came BODYCOMBAT 43. Presented by a team of six (yes SIX!); Dan, Rach, Hernan, Judy King, Oscar Peiro Fernandez and Marcus Müller. They were dressed in red and white Venum shorts and a LM top – and all looked fantastic! The theme for this release? Ying and yang. The guys actually had the ying/yang symbol shaved into the tops of their heads and coloured red! Combat is becoming more and more MMA (mixed martial arts) inspired if you ask me with both 42 and 43 having each a different new move that could easily have been pulled straight out of the UFC’s octagon.

Highlights of the release for me? Easy. Track 3 is great, track 8 is freaking fantastic, but track 6, well, in the words of Raina; it’s E-P-I-C!  Honestly I can’t say I’ve ever said a track 6 is my favourite track of a release before – but, definitely it’s the stand out track of BC43. It would be closely followed by track 8 however, this is a beast of a track with a 20 move combo that will smash you into a state of euphoria. We were situated towards the back of the class and all I could do at the end of this track was look to my mate Reymond and just smile – we had completely blown the roof off LM in that last cardio. Smashed is the only word to describe it.

Well without giving the game away there’s really not too much else I can say! Oh, the muay thai track has been used in combat before (there – that’ll get ya guessing!) – I’m really excited about 43 – honestly track 6 and track 8 alone are enough to get excited about! I’ve borrowed a pic from PJ (he’s been kind enough to give me permission before) but definitely head along to his blog to see more… and as always as soon as I get the all clear from LM I’ve give you more info (I warn you though that could be some time!) until then I hope this little teaser was enough to wet your appetite 😉

Hi guys, here’s the latest filming dates for the Q1 2010 releases (2009 Q4 were filmed in July/August). I’m going to try to make both filmings days (last few times pump and combat have been on the same day and they’re split this time – plus I have to go to attack too of course!) Bear in mind these could change (though most likely won’t). If you are planning on coming let me know and I’ll see ya there!!

Thursday 29th October 2009

  • 3:15pm BODYSTEP 79
  • 4:40pm BODYPUMP 73
  • 6:30pm BODYJAM 52
  • 8:00pm BODYBALANCE 48

Monday 2nd November 2009

  • 2:30pm RPM 46
  • 5:20pm BODYVIVE 14
  • 6:40pm BODYATTACK 68
  • 8:00pm BODYCOMBAT 43

Again if you’re really organised the next batch after this look to be on Thursday 28th January 2010 and Monday 1st February 2010 – so you’ve got a bit of time to plan that international travel! 🙂

Here ya go guys 🙂 Some of the tracks below are Les Mills covers so I’ve linked to the original (except for Beat It where the version used was closer to the Fallout Boy version) Enjoy! 😀

Warmup: If (Freemasons 2009 Re-Dub) – Freemasons Feat. Hazel Fernandes
Squats: I Do Not Hook Up – Kelly Clarkson
Chest: Always Be Here – Dane Rumble
Back: Perfect Day – Cascada
Triceps: Sugar – Flo Rida Feat. Wayne
Biceps: Know Your Enemy – Ricochet TV
Lunges: Gone – Lasgo
Shoulders: Beat It – Xeroxx
Abs: Love Sex Magic – Ciara Feat. Justin Timberlake
Cooldown: Careless Whisper – Badlands


The Muay Thai inspired BODYCOMBAT® 42 transports the class to Bangkok! This release will take you on a Martial Arts journey, from Karate and Tae kwon do to the boxing ring. Fight your way through and hope you’ve got enough left in the tank for the epic Muay Thai onslaught that is Track 7! Sing along to Kelly Clarkson’s I Do Not Hook Up while warming up with Side, Front and Roundhouse Kicks.

Then get ready for Karate and Tae kwon do in a battle of Martial Arts in Track 2! Find out how fit you really are in Track 3. Boxing is the name of the game in six rounds of interval training. You are in the ring and you don’t stop!

Watch out for the new move in Track 4 – the Sweep will knock your opponent out of the way and work your inner thighs at the same time. The class splits into two groups for some social interaction, fighting style, before you’re whisked away to Brazil. You will be practicing the art of defense and attack in authentic Capoeira to The Prodigy’s Warrior’s Dance. Now, what we’ve all been waiting for – eight minutes of Muay Thai! This track will transport you to a dark fight club in Thailand and push your heart rate to unknown heights. It would be a Miracle if you could do the last Power Training Track with the same energy you started with. Your speed and endurance are certainly tested in this track.

BODYPUMP 72 Sizzler

BODYPUMP® 72 is all about making your class stronger,faster. How? By focusing on Bottom Halves and Partial Range movements, the rest phase is eliminated and the muscles are kept under tension for longer. Look forward to a challenging workout and an overall strength blast where active recovery is your only break! Brace your abs and prepare for more Bottom Halves than you bargained for in the Squats Track. Kelly Clarkson will motivate you to keep going with her huge hit I Do Not Hook Up. New Zealand’s own Dane Rumble sings Track 3 – Always Be There. Bottom Halves and Slow Bottom Halves will put your chest muscles under tension for a little bit longer than usual. Ouch! The good news is this will give you results faster. The Triceps Track is sweet like Sugar! Again, Bottom Halves are the name of the game.

Challenge yourself and go a bit heavier than normal in the rocky and upbeat Biceps Track. The Bicep Row returns, attacking your guns from a different direction. It’s back to the legs in the intense Track 7. The Lunges stick with the theme of the release – you guessed it – lots of Bottom Halves that will push up your heart and burn calories. The
Shoulders Track is a tribute to the legend that is Michael Jackson – make sure you watch the DVD for this one! The range of motion in the Singles has been shortened to ¾ Range. Grit your teeth and hang on! Ciara and Justin Timberlake will take you through the Abdominals Track with Love Sex Magic. The mix of deep, lower abdominals work and the Walking Hover will chisel your six-pack and at the same time strengthen your core.

BODYSTEP 78 Sizzler

Get ready to lift the energy to new heights with the athletic BODYSTEP® 78! You will also get the chance to strike some fabulous poses, get funky with the dance flava and, of course, work on your endurance. Stay low and check your posture to Sneaky Sound System’s Pictures in Track 2. You’ll stick with the photo-shoot theme in Track 3, striking poses to Girls On Film while starting to build up the intensity with strong Over The Tops. Turn it up in Track 4! Your heart rate will climb high with the Power Knee Lifts. Look out for new move the Quarter-Turn Curl Combo.

Add some attitude to the lower-body workout in Track 5. MadLab sums it up well with Wiggle It. Let it rip Across The Top in Track 6! You’ll reach your second cardio peak in this athletic track while singing along to She Is Beautiful.

Use Track 7 as a cardio recovery while sculpting your lower body. You’ll feel like you are walking a tightrope with the Lunges and Knee Lifts to Britney Spears’ Circus. Bring on the Party Step Track! It’s your turn to shine and ‘dance with the stars’. Feel the rhythm and get into it with Mambo Cha-Chas and powerful Propulsive Hamstring Curls.
Every little thing about Track 9 is magic! This is the Speed Step Track so lift your knees up and run like an athlete on the sprint track. If it’s possible, reach even higher in Track 10! Rock out with Knee Repeaters and new move the 3 Knee Rocker before working on your leg strength in Track 11 with 1-Legged Squats and the Tree Pose.


BODYATTACK® 67 is about having fun and finishing the class together as a team! Chart-topper Closer by Chris Crew will get the show on the road leading into the huge hit for track number 2, Release Me . Amp it up in Track 3! Turn up the energy and make the moves bigger in four blocks of work. There is a new combo consisting of three Knee Crossovers and two Single Knees. When you’re ready, add a turn! You’ll finish off this track with 30 seconds of Jumping Jacks to Gimme More. Surrender to the music and Rock It to your peak in the insanely intense Track 4.

Single Lunges, High Knees and Jumping Jacks will push your heart rate through the roof! Come down to the floor to get some Boom Boom Pow in your shoulders, chest and triceps with Pushups, before getting ready for the second cardio block. First, be Number 1 on the studio floor and then it’s off to soccer practice. The class splits into two squads for some agility training and football-inspired moves. Get ready – you are now entering the high-energy phase of BODYATTACK®! Take Me To The Clouds Above will inspire you to reach the clouds and take the intensity higher than you have ever been before! Stay in the zone to push your body through Tuck Jumps, High Knees and Jumping Jacks, while singing along to the cover of The Cranberries’ monster hit Zombie.


Don’t let the soft and flowing nature of BODYBALANCE® 47 fool you – this is one of the most challenging releases ever created.

Warm up with a series of simple, traditional Tai Chi exercises. The exercises are laid out in an evolving progression, making it easy for your class participants to master the moves. You will be challenged in the Sun Salutations Track.

The new innovation is the 3-Legged Dog, shifting to Plank Pose and then sinking into Crocodile Pose. Find grace and make the movements feel beautiful in Track 4. There’s a gorgeous strength and balance sequence in this track, set to one of the most unusual pieces of music ever used in BODYBALANCE® – Soul Saviour’s For The Windows In Paradise, For The Fatherless In Ypsilanti. The Core – Abdominals Track features very slow, controlled Pilates moves which will put your endurance and abdominal strength to the test. The uplifting song Show Me What I’m Looking For brings back the Bow Pose and Pilates Swimmer Kicks, building back strength in Track 7. There’s also a new pose called the Scorpion, evolving from the 3-Legged Dog. Increase your mobility with the beautiful twisting poses to Beyoncé’s Halo, before coming into the Hamstring work to Annie Lennox’s stunning rendition of Whiter Shade Of Pale. You’ll love the Forward Folds and the Standing Split. Then relax into your own Quiet Place.

BODYJAM 51 Sizzler

BODYJAM® 51 is here to drop a funk bomb on the floor in your club! We’ve got hits from T-Pain and The Ting Tings, the best Gloria Estefan track ever and the hottest House anthems of the year! Track 1, Scared Of Me from Fedde le Grand, is so funky it should be illegal. The first combo comes back strong in the second half of the class, so feel the correct flava from beat one. T-Pain’s track, Freeze, will take you through the Isolation block. This is about feeling your hips from the beginning. Sing along while you get your class to “dance like me”. Get your Swag Swag on to The Ting Tings’ Shut Up And Let Me Go – one of the hottest tracks from 2008. So what is Swag? Swag is your flava.

The style is purely you, and you know you are all over it! Make it oversized and Swagalicious, baby! The new Tribal Salsa routine is a cosmic concoction of Latin styles.

It’s going to fire up your floor and push your heart rate through the roof. Are you ready for the hottest, nastiest Recovery Track ever? Missy Elliott’s anthem One Minute Man is Hip Hop 101. Get yo’ Bounce Bounce on with the Kick Back Step. Surrender yourself to the rhythm and Leave The World Behind! This standout anthem of 2009 is so phenomenal that we’ve included two versions for a full 11½ minutes! Want more jammers on the floor? Use the two complexity levels to grow your BODYJAM® class.

Teach the low-complexity version for at least three weeks before adding in the advanced options. Get your class comfortable with the release as a whole, then start throwing in the advanced options over the next couple of weeks. Save some of the trickier options for later to keep your advanced class participants on their toes.

RPM 45 Sizzler

RPM™ 45 is all about creating awareness of how to use resistance. Show your class how much resistance to use, how to find it, what it feels like and what the benefits are. Also coach your class to ride fast – find the working load and ride the beat! Set off on the open road to the uplifting classic Life Is A Highway. Your heart rate will pick up in Track 2 with three fast sprints and one small climb.

Use this track to find the right working load. Listen to the lyrics in Track 4! Take a leap of faith and close your eyes when you hit the fast sprints to All On Our Own by New Zealand band Midnight Youth. Power equals force times speed. The more resistance you use, the further distance you are going to travel and the more calories you’re going to burn. So switch on to power up! Track 5 is all about razor-sharp attacks. Don’t be fooled by the fun nature of The Prodigy’s Piranha – this is intense and you will be challenged! Quadruple resistance turns and Standing Attacks will push your heart rate through the roof. Speed is the focus for Track 6. Gradually increase your leg speed to this iconic RPM™ track – Bruised Water by Chicane featuring Natasha Bedingfield. Switch from speed to strength in Track 7. Look out for the heavy Power Climbs!
Recover to The Man Who Can’t Be Moved from Irish band The Script. Let the heartbeat drop before stretching and lengthening your muscles to Adele’s beautiful Chasing Pavements.

BODYVIVE 13 Sizzler

BODYVIVE™ 13 has a sporty feel with simple choreography that will make your class get the most out of their workout. Have fun with the new Boxing moves in Track 5 and look out for the new back exercise for GREAT POSTURE in Track 8. Play That Funky Music and build strong legs with the Squat & Hamstring Curl Combo in Track 2. Track 3 is a real classic – Earth, Wind & Fire’s September. Have fun with the Disco moves that will lift the intensity to new heights.

Get ready to stride across the room in the empowering Track 4! The anthem No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) will push you through the Squat with VIVE™ ball throw. Extend and lengthen your body and enjoy the poses, before getting down with the Balance & Leg Strength exercises to Five’s If Ya Gettin’ Down in Track 7.

The combination of one-legged balance work and upper body resistance will really challenge your class to push their limits. Track 9 is all about getting sexy hips! Push through the resistance of the VIVE™ tube to Justin Timberlake’s SexyBack. Lisa Stansfield’s classic This Is The Right Time will take you through the Ab Strength Track. Single and Double Leg Extensions are in the house! The options are there if you need them. Track 11 features Pushups – for the first time ever in a BODYVIVE™ release! Using the VIVE™ ball, you’ll work at your own intensity level. The Bow & Arrow using the VIVE™ tube will work your upper back and build a strong posture. Then Release & Restore to the beautiful words of Because You Loved Me.

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