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Most of you have probably seen these on but will post them here for completion’s sake. Enjoy!

BODYATTACK 79 tracklist

BODYBALANCE 59 tracklist

BODYCOMBAT 54 tracklist

BODYJAM 63 tracklist

BODYPUMP 84 tracklist

BODYSTEP 90 tracklist

BODYVIVE 25 tracklist

CXWORX 9 tracklist

RPM 57 tracklist

SH’BAM 10 tracklist

Here’s the rest of the sizzlers to get you excited. BODYCOMBAT 55 post coming soon đŸ™‚

Posters are out!! Kinda similar in theme to the last batch – just a lot brighter! Looks like LMI have dropped the QR codes, no release numbers on these either, and the descriptions are somewhat, erm, “interesting” (calling Vive ‘medium intensity’?? Hmm… not sure that’s really the best selling point, but what do I know).

I’ll be heading to the filmings of BODYPUMP 85 and BODYCOMBAT 55 next week so will keep you posted on those, in the meantime take a look below and let me know your thoughts!

Well we’ve only just had the last filmings but for those of you travelling the more notice the better… so here they are! (good grief Sh’bam will be 10 already!) As usual these are subject to change by LMI – I’ll notify you if that happens. If you’re coming see you there!

Wednesday, 25th July

  • SH’BAM 10

Saturday, 28th July

  • CXWORX 9

Monday, 30th July

  • RPM 57
  • BODYJAM 63

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