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So on Sunday I made the trek up to Auckland for the Les Mills Quarterly instructor workshop, and the latest releases of all the LM programmes – specifically for me BODYCOMBAT 37 and BODYPUMP 67. Both were awesome! Both classes were packed to capacity – imagine 300-400 likeminded people just going off! The only thing I can really compare it to is a rave from my clubbing days.

I was really impressed with Bodycombat 37; It has two tracks that have stuck in my mind (and caused me to hobble for the last two days) – track 4, which features an unbelievable 276 kicks in the one track! (I think I remembered that number correctly!) The theme for the release is “The Underworld” (think vampires) and this track (We Will Survive) has a real “Blade” feel to it. To top it off the challenge put to us was to go right through till the end of track 5 with no break – that meant no water and no wiping off the excessive amounts of sweat I was producing! (my word isn’t that a sexy thought haha). So after track 5 we finally got a chance to grab a drink (think ten seconds) before flying into track 6; “Stamp”

Track 6 has a brand new move to bodycombat – the Esquiva – derived from Capoeira and means “to escape”. This is a killer because pretty much the entire track is spent either squatting or lunging, and by the end of it my quads were burning all to hell…. but of course, being combat it turns out that wasn’t the end, only half way and we had to do it all again! OUCH!!!!!

Another highlight for me was the cool down (T10). This track rocks. Funnily enough it’s by Within Temptation and I also loved the other recent cooldown put to another of their tracks (BC33 was it?). I liked it not only because of the music, which was kinda eerie and has real depth to it, but also because the chorey doesn’t have a lot of wishy washy kata. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done over ten years of martial arts and know the importance of kata to practitioners, but I do get a lot of comments from members when we do tracks that have A LOT of “floaty” kata in them. I honestly think that’s why you sometimes see people leave during of before the cooldown… possibly they don’t “get it”. This track does have some kata, but it’s strong movements, feels relevant and ‘fits’. Some releases in the past haven’t (Excalibur anyone??).

All and all I love this release. We’re releasing it at my gym in exactly 2 weeks and I can’t wait! I better get learning! The only thing that scares me a little is that I am doing my instructor module in October, which means I will be assessed on this release… so my legs better get much stronger, and super quickly!! Which brings me to Pump.

Body Pump 67 has by far the best music of any release I’ve done, it has one of my absolute favourite songs, “Now you’re gone” by BassHunter – I love this song almost as much as I love “What hurts the most” by Cascada – which was in Pump 66. Both awesome tracks! Here’s the thing about my Pump 67 experience, at Les Mills Auckland, unlike any of the gyms here in Tauranga, the bars weigh like 7.5kg. Now I knew the bars were heavy but I didn’t know how much so I just added my usual weights to them thinking it would be fine. It was only after I learnt the weight difference – 7.6 kg extra may not sound like a lot, but when you’ve normally got say 15kg on the bar for biceps, and you jump to 22.5kg – it makes a difference!! The additional weight on the squat track, combined with track 4 and 6 in combat made for very sore legs!


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