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Me - BC41 release September 2009

Me – BC41 release September 2009

I’ve been asked how I got into BODYCOMBAT quite a few times so here goes;

I’ve always been into the gym for as long as I can remember. Thinking back it all started when I was 10 and saw the movie “The Karate Kid”. I was a skinny kid and related to the lead character. So I bowled on down to my local gym and started Tae Kwon Do. That was where my passion for martial arts began, I would continue on to achieve a black belt in both Tae Kwon Do and Karate.

At the same to time get to my TKD class each day I’d walk through the weights area of the gym. Curiosity got the better of me in my early teens and before long I was lifting weights at the same time. Eventually my passion for weight training won over and in my early 20s I dropped the martial arts all together and became a “bodybuilder”. (Side note: That was ten years ago – the only weight training I do now is BODYPUMP. In fact outside a pump class I’ve not lifted a weight in close to three years! And, I’m delighted to say I’m the leanest, fittest and in the best shape of my life as a result.)

One thing has remained constant throughout my entire life however; I’ve always hated cardio. I’d happily get my butt to the gym but I’d find ANY excuse not to get on a bike or treadmill. One day a few years ago I noticed my local gym was advertising the new releases of their Les Mills programmes – and something called “BODYCOMBAT” caught my eye. I figured it could be interesting, and since it was the new release everyone would be equally in the dark as to what they were doing. So I gave it a go… and immediately fell in love with the programme. The music, the martial arts base, the intensity all hit home with me… I started attending every class I could and that must’ve caught the attention of a local instructor as before long she had me on stage shadowing her and training up to instruct.

My BODYCOMBAT journey has taken me from participant, to instructor, group fitness manager and now I’m an assessor for Les Mills. More recently I have made the move to Dubai and I continue to fly the BODYCOMBAT flag at various gyms throughout the city. If you’re in Dubai look me up!

I started this blog mostly as an outlet for various random BODYCOMBAT related thoughts that pop into my head, and it seems to be proving fairly popular; If you’re on facebook please feel free to add me, and of course if you have any queries or comments just fire away… enjoy! 🙂


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im crazy into bodycombat too, but well, having a full time job only restrict me to bodycombat classes once a week, twice at most if i can spare some time off work.. 😦

anyway, BC38 is coming in early Dec here in KL.. and there you guys are already filming bc39?? omg!

Hey there Glenbo, GOOD luck for certification tomorrow, will of course be rarking the party for you, as you know me I too LOVE combat. I will be there in fighting form buddy, so all the BEST and see you tomorrow, with everybody eles that Melly has invited I CAN’T wait and I will expect the assessor to pass you with flying colours and if she doesn’t I will deal with her heeee. GOOD LUCK my friend, LITTLE MOUSE

Haha thanks Marlene… see you tomorrow!!! xx

Good day! NzGlen

I am crazy about bodycombat. There ‘s a track that i really like with, but i dont know the name or even couldnt remember the script.

It is a girl singer in the song, fast movement,… and in the track, we have to play upper cut, step forward at different angle, 90-180-270-360 clockwise direction or vice versa.

If you figure out the track name please let me know.



Hi Ava, it sounds like angel eyes from BC33 to me, great track! Is this it?

I am from Taipei, Taiwan.

I used to only do weights, and I started to attend body combat classes around September, and now I really love body combat!

I just came across your blog and find it really interesting and informative.

Thanks a lot.

hi there,

I am very new to body combat and im loving it….. but i do have a question. How long do we do each release for? as i see we are up to 38/39.


Is this available in the USA?

Hi guys!

Andre good to meet you! Yes BC is definitely additive!

Nardia – a new release comes out every 3 months. Most instructors will do the new release from start to finish for at least 2 weeks, normally 3 before mixing it up. I’d say you’re currently on 38 as 39 hasn’t been released anywhere yet. Not too long now!

Eco yes BODYCOMBAT is definitely available in the US – visit to find a gym near you 🙂

Oi glen thanks for the info about bc39 sizzler plus the track list. U givin me such a good energy everytime I read your blog. I used to do bc once a week now iam down to 4 class aweek . You do have a point : BC is addictive!


Hi mate,

I just found your blog via Tami and Craig Warman’s blog and I’m so glad because now someone reports about BC classes from Les Mills Auckland.

I used to write about classes and filming too before I left NZ. But from time to time, whenever I got the chance to go back to Auckland, I still managed to visit the gym and do the classes.

Would be so cool to do a class with you.

Keep up the good work and thanks for doing this. May I link ur blog? Cheers matey.


Hi Glen,
I admire the fact that you can do that amount of exercise! The most I manage is my weekly yoga class and the odd kick boxing session. It’s amazing! Glad to see you’re still out there doing your thing.

Joan De La Haye


We’ve been doing Esquiva in the past couple of weeks to an instrumental track (very tribal sounding), I have no idea what it’s called or which release it was from as the instructor has been doing a great mix and match from lots of previous releases. I really like this track – do you know which one I mean and what it’s called?

Hi Rachel

It’ll be Stamp from BC37 (Jeremy Healy & Amos) – this was the first ever esquiva track. There’s been two since, No Good from BC38 and Tubthumping from BC40. However if it’s tribal sounding then it’s definitely Stamp. Great track! 🙂

Hope this helps!

Hello everybody….

From Portugal… We love BCombat too… In my gym, will starter the classes nest month and i will be there of course..

I am completly crasy about Body Attack………….

see you people…

Hi dear,
I’m from saudi arabia, & here we loved lesmills group exercises.
I wanna know when the next filming date?

best in health..

Hi Ayman

The next filming date is end of this month, take a look for a post July 2009 filming on the front page for the days in which each programme is filmed.

Hope to see you there!

OK thanks NZGLEN,,
umm, I can’t come on this filming “Quarter3” cause it too close so, I’ll be prepare for the next one that on October for sure to come & I’m so excited about this site too.


Hi could you let me know how you got to go to the filming of combat 40 release please??? im dieing to go to one i absolutely love combat and Im going off to do the course in a couple of months to start teaching it.



Hi Emma,

Well it’s pretty easy, you just come along! The filmings are just like regular classes at Les Mills Auckland, you can just pay a casual workout rate at the gym and join in the class!

Hope to see you there one day!


hi glenn i am a jammer from holland and i love it!!!
mabye you have the traclist from BJ 50?? tanks for now! greetz chatje

Its so good to find people as combat obsessed as me!!! It makes me feel…well almost normal!!!

Hi Glen, I’ve been trying to get the song layla (Caribean mix) but the link you gave has been disabled and i can’t seem to find it on itunes. I’m going on holiday for 3 weeks soon and want to put the songs on my ipod so i can do some combat while i’m away any ideas gladly recieved .Thanks Sue.

Hi Sue. It’s on Skitz Mix 30 – so if you can find that on iTunes maybe that would work – failing that I’ve got no idea! I’ll try to find another link but of course that won’t help you put it on your iPod.

Good luck!

Thank you for that I’ll have a look for it now .All this fitness stuff when i’m on holiday i think i must be hooked lol.

Thanks again Sue

I’m heading over to Melbourne for a holiday and would like to know where I can go to get my combat fix while I’m there. If you or anyone else is able to let me know that would be appreciated. Even better perhaps met up with some fellow Melbourne combater’s and do some classes together.


I start tomorrow my first Body Combat class. I am very excited.
That’s great to find instructors who share their passion.
Very inspiring

Hi Glen, Please could you remove my post from today off the Sensing Murder blog page …. I’ll just be making matters worse with my comments. Thanks alot Glen.

[…] BC Hero I’ve always been a fan of Glen Stollery, mainly coz of his very detailed BC updates. He’s the reason I don’t go into new […]

Always a pleasure to see someone using their body to its full potential. God Bless You!

Come on and visit us! =)

I absolutely LOVE your blog. I am a HUGE fan of Body Combat – I would do it everyday if there was a 6.30am class in the Auckland City Gym!!! I love the music, the move and the overall feel of this class. This is one workout I really look forward to.

I am adding you to my blogroll if thats ok 🙂 so I can follow you regularly now!

thanks Tanya! great to meet you!

Hi there, love to read your Blog. BC is booming in Shanghai too! Do you have any influence with Les Mills over the music.. Body Combat NEEDS this track:
BK – Playing with knives. on youtube it’s the one uploaded by ‘MusikBangin’ …

It’s one of the most energetic & uplifting hard house tracks i know!!

Hi there! I stumbled on your blog as I was trying to look for the tracklist for BP and BB. I am also a BC fanatic and though I might not instruct, I still enjoy the class very much. At the moment, here in Malaysia, we’re enjoying the second week of the new release – BC47. I’m not too big a fan of this release but any excuse for me to do Combat, I’m happy!

I would love to teach Body Combat classes, but sadly, in Canada we must be associated with a particular franchise club to do so. I live in the middle of nowhere, so there are none close to me. I still teach cardio kickboxing to about 150 students though. I’m hoping that one day, we’ll be able to teach independently from the franchise and buy Les Mills teaching material directly from them.

Hi Glen!

I chance upon your blog while searching for the title of my favorite track and lo and behold you have the ENTIRE BC tracklist! So happy dude!!! Im not an Instructor but I am totally a Body Combat Fanatic! I’m from the Philippines and has been doing BC since 2002. the clubs here are currently launching BC 52. 🙂 Whenever I join a class i cant seem to help but be in the warrior zone! haha.. I have a question though, are members allowed to go up on stage during a class or an event like launchings? Thanks!

Hi Jen! Thanks for your kind words!

Umm I’m not aware of any ‘official’ Les Mills policy on participants on stage – I know some gyms allow it and some don’t. I think it’s up to the instructor or group fitness manager.

Sorry I can’t be of more help!

Hey Glen! I CANNOT thank you enough for all the udates that you make about the new releases of Combat and Pump because I’m a Combat nut as well! I’m VEEEERY loud in class and the instructors seem to like it when I “light it up”. Also your story seems to reflect mine….. I first started to go to the gym and one day I saw all these people go to this “weird” class and me being a little quirky, the next day I decided to join the class with my wife…… LOVED IT and I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF IT!!!! Then one of the instructors told me about Pump and I said ” well I give it at shot” and I LOVE IT AS WELL ( not as much as Combat, BUT I REALLY LIKE IT!!! ). Now after a year and half of attending classes and instructors AND “tribe” members telling me that I should get certified, I’m SERIOUSLY thinking about doing it, the only problem is my job…….. it requires A LOT of hours and hence I got make it work somehow if I want to be an instructor. I CAN tell you this though…… IF I become one, I’ll make SURE everyone in MY class gives 200% of the effort just like I do EVERYTIME I step in class! CIAO and keep up the good work…… from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania U.S.A.!!!!

Do it Pino you won’t regret it! Thanks for your kind words!

Hello and greetings from the UK (Cornwall, Southwest), thanks for the info. on your site. I am a bodypump fanatic, it helped me reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro recently I am convinced of that ! regards Del

Hi Del, well done that’s amazing!!! Thanks for making contact!

Hi Glen! Great blog you got here! You have truly inspired me to get into BodyCombat. I can proudly say that it has become routine for me as part of my exercise program (mainly that is!). Take care

Dana Salih

Aww thank you Dana! It was an honour to have you in my class I hope one day I can attend one of yours! 🙂

Hi Glen,
Dont know whether you can help, but I,ve attempted to “suggest a song” on When a paste the youtube link into the box a get an error warning staing that the video link looks invalid. I,ve emailed lesmills but they have not answered. I wonder if you have come across this or is there another way? Of course it might be me!

Thanks, Tom

Yeah I think the suggest a song has been broken for some time unfortunately

Thanks Glen. And thanks for such a good site. Its great having the combat bug!

Cheers Tom appreciated! 🙂

Yay a fellow Les Mills lover. My current forte is Body Step though- I’d have to say that trumps Body Combat 😉

Moving to Dubai! So glad to hear there are combat classes out there too! Can you send me more info?

Sarah there’s loads and loads! Add me on Facebook if you can

Hey Glen,

I was wondering if you at all know how to obtain old releases of notes- I need BS 57 the first four tracks. I’ve got the music but not the notes, I really want to teach it to my class as they’ve requested them but no luck.


Hi Glen! Im from Argentina and i really wish to travel to NZ. Probably this summer i will go. I need something of you. Can you tell me if the filmings of les mills were in February? Please help me so I could prepare my trip in that part or the year. Thank you!

hello!!! im Tasos from Athens, Greece.
I started fresh from BC60 and now we do BC62.
I used to go to the gym only for running and weight lifting
now its the opposite, i go only for BC, Body attack and an other group class called Body sculpt. I ve seen dramatic changes in my body structure and i will go on until i reach my goal.
thank you for your blog. i ve read the filming BC63 review and i am really excited to follow it!!!!!

keep the good work!!! FIGHT!!!

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