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2013-1 Les Mills posters

Posted on: January 24, 2013

Latest posters are out! As occasionally happens LMI have gone back and jazzed up some of the older poster images; these are actually my favourite pics out of all the poster shoots (including the ones I’ve been in haha!) GRIT included too which is a nice change. What are your thoughts?












22 Responses to "2013-1 Les Mills posters"

Love the new wording!! They all look great, except the CxWorx poster. The dude in the orange only has one arm? His other arm just disappears – looks strange.

One arm hovers are serious core training! 🙂

The calorie count meters are a cool touch too!

Thank you! I always check your blog 🙂
Cheers from Chile 😉

I also like the soft back ground color of every program 🙂

I like them! Although I giggled at the Jam one, the girl looks like Medusa 😀

As an aside though… they’ve removed the QR codes? And while I’m not normally a fan of the calorie count being displayed, I like the way they’ve done it this time – kinda looks like EQ bars!

I quite like these 🙂

I like them. Grit Series looks gray, dark and interesting. 😀

I like them, they don’t look as “busy” as previous posters. Sometimes less is more.

I’m sorry for posting my comments here, but I have a question about filiming assessment video for Body Combat. I am hoping knowledgeable people are following this blog, and would greatly appreciate any tips.

I’m preparing for my first video filiming for Body Combat certification, and have two questions. I’m in the Asia/Pacific region, and wanted to be sure I’m doing it right.

1. Camera angle should be dead center, facing yourself?

2. Is there an optimal camera height? Shoulder level? chest level? or lower/higher?

No problems Bill I can definitely help you there as I’m an assessor for Les Mills NZ. Camera angle yes ideally front on. Try to get some participants in view as well. Camera height not so vital – but if you can it on a tripod so the camera height is about participant height.

None of these are vital – a lot of assessments come in with the camera at a slight angle and that’s okay, it just makes viewing the kicks a bit harder.

Just focus on nailing your choreo 100%, and getting your coaching basics in (movement, strike surface, target zone) and technique should take care of itself.

Good luck!

Thank you, nzglen!!

Wow – very helpful. Thanks so much!

My friend just filmed Body Combat 55 assessment video for Asia Pacific. At 45 degree angle. Is that good?

Does the camera angle change with programmes? I’m in Oz and I’ve been told to film on a 45° angle for BS and BP.

Hi nzglen

I just received a PASS for Body Combat video assessment. Thanks so much for your advice. Really helped! 🙂

Hi Nzglen,

I have questions about ‘execution’. In the initial module training, everyone had so many comments on correct form. It was difficult to follow all of them and evey try. For the video assessment, are you looking at really correct form?

Also, what exactly are the ‘compulsory’ moves? Are they only the ones listed on the back of the training assessment? Or are there more?


Hi Gill, for your assessment LM are only looking at the first 3 key elements. Choreography, technique and coaching. So yes your ‘form’ will be assessed. The compulsory moves are the ones listed in bold at the back of your assessment form. These used to change every release but now do not.

So basically, ensure you know your chorey 110% without thinking – that’s number one and that’s what causes most pass withhelds in assessments IMO. Once you have that nailed your coaching (mostly focus on coaching movement, strike surface and target zone), safety cues like setting the heel in kicks, not locking joint in punches and bracing core etc, then follow with up with cues to assist your class move better and get better results from their workout.

Hopefully your technique is great already!

Good luck!

loving the posters as they quite clearly show the essence of the programmes and the colours of each programme are clear. I found the last lot very much blended into each other.

I guess Id like to see ATTACK with tuck jumps or more power training moves and but that may put prospective participants off if they thought it was all like that HAHA

Hi!! I’m from Argentina =) Could you spend the tracklist BODYATTACK 80? THANK YOU!!!!

Finally, a clear nice looking range of posters that capture the essence of the programs.

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