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2013-2 Les Mills filming times

Posted on: December 12, 2012

For those of you heading over for the filmings next month here are the times from LMI (special thanks to Ray for the head’s up!). As luck would have it the guess on my last post was correct (man I’m good haha)… Means I’ve probably been doing this way too long! 😉

As usual there’s a small chance these times could be changed by LMI – I’ll try to let you know if that happens. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

  • 7:00am BODYVIVE 27
  • 8:30am BODYBALANCE 61
  • 11:00am BODYPUMP 86
  • 12:30pm BODYATTACK 81
  • 2:00pm SH’BAM 12

Saturday, January 26, 2013

  • 7:45pm CXWORX 11

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

  • 7:00am BODYSTEP 92
  • 8:30am BODYCOMBAT 56
  • 10:30am BODYJAM 65
  • 2:00pm RPM 59

15 Responses to "2013-2 Les Mills filming times"

Awesome. See you next month.

well not wanting to gloat or anything, but I’ve just done BC56 in its entirety with Dan & Rach @ LM Auckland Studio 1 🙂

I don’t get to come to this set…but I will be waiting anxiously for the next time you post this…as I will be heading over filmings come May. Super excited. Will be a LONNNNNNGGGGG flight, but well worth it.

I will see you there..cant wait! 🙂

Hi Glen, I am a Body Pump instructor from the U.S. and will be visiting New Zealand for the first time. I would love to visit a class in Auckland on Jan 5th. Do you happen to know the process of getting into a class? Is there a signup? Also, perhaps some tips on Les Mills related activities/tours I should see or do while down there? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

For anyone who is not a LM member and who need access to the gym, the system has changed: no need to email your credit card number anymore: just purchase your pass online (at least 3 days before you arrive in Auckland)

Jack M.

I will be coming back this year again. See you there!

why do they have to do the combat filming on a work day morning??
one day they will do it in the late evening or the weekend and I will be able to attend!

Hi Glen, can you confirm the dates have remained the same for the 23rd! I am about to book my flights from Australia, would hate it if they have changed! 🙂 thank you!

Hi Glen,

Travelling over from Australia for the filmings, can you advise whether these dates are still correct, specifically the 23rd and the Body Attack filming! Also I have never been to the filmings before – do they take place at the Auckland City club? Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Dan yes dates are correct. Enjoy the filming!

Hi Glen,
do you know the times for the filming at the Quater 3?
I needet to plan my trip to nz.
If you can help me, it was so great :).
Greetings from Germany

Hi Glen, do you know next filming date? or even a rough one will be help a lot. i’m here in China plan to take filming next quarter and it’s time to book my longest flight ever:-) Thanks a lot!

Hi Shane, dates I have here are May 6-11 🙂

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