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BODYCOMBAT 54 tracklist

Posted on: November 1, 2012

Hey guys the BC54 tracklist is officially out! Yay now I can start telling you all about this release.

As always where an LM cover has been used I’ve tried my best to link to the original (no luck with the muay thai but trust me it’s freaken awesome – if you do find this track or track 5 online let me know). Cheers Benny for the correct link for 1b!

For more info on BODYCOMBAT 54 see my filming post. Take a look at the tracks below and let me know your thoughts.Enjoy!

BODYCOMBAT 54 tracklist

1a: What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger) ( B&W Remix Edit) – Dirty Scandal
1b: Blow (Web Remix Edit) – Diva Chain
2: Turbulence – Laidback Luke & Steve Aoki Feat. Lil Jon
3: Gona Love Me – Hixxy & R.S.R
4: Paradise City – Rising Edge
5: Invincible (Barracuda Album Mix 2012) – Sharnee
6: DOA – Telstarr
7: The Switch – DJ Recoil
8: Dark Skies – Hixxy, Dougal & Gammer
9: Internet Friends – Captain Karate Intention
10: Payphone – Audiogrove

50 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 54 tracklist"


OMG Internet Friends too! *dies*

I know I’m replying to myself… has Paradise City been used in Combat before?

Thank you so much Glen A lot of kisses to You and Stace Happy Halloween ….a bit late!! Hugs Patou Love BC54 😉

cool…. instructor (Will P) has been playing some of these tracks in the last 2 classes – quite like T2 &3

Yeah they’re both awesome

paradise city was an old ab track from memory… but they used the original GnR track – this one is a bit more ‘friendly’

Yeah you’re right. Odd how they covered it – they’ve obviously already bought the right once before

Glen are you dying on the inside because they’ve spelt it ‘Gona Love Me’ rather than ‘Gonna’?

It’s ‘Your Shining’ all over again.

Little bit… Think they did it on purpose!

Cheers – Can’t wait to hear what the PPCA Free covers of the covers will sound like… 😉

AWESOME no doubt 😛

These tracks rip!!!

Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2012 23:14:11 +0000 To:

Interesting change of genre in T2 after so many rock tracks, looking forward to it 😀

I’m a little sad to see 53 go though, my favorite release in a looong while!!

Track 2’s awesome!

omg! Turbulence is one of my favourite tracks to get pumped up for the gym- now (well in a month or so) I get to teach it all the time! I’m so super excited! I hope the ppca free isn’t shit 😀 Thanks for sharing Glen

Strange… I only know the very first song, and I don’t know any of the Attack tracks this quarter either!!!

there are some odd ones in there this round!

But OMG I just saw BP84… SO EXCITED!!!

I was really hoping that they would’ve used Diva Chain’s remix of Call Me Maybe at some point, I choreographed a killer abs and conditioning track to it.

*cough* BC55 *cough* 😉

Oh dear, DOA 😦 One of the PPCA-free Pump tracks that makes me want to slit my wrists… Let’s hope the chorey makes the track outstanding At least with Combat, if it’s a song that doesn’t hit the high notes (thinking the boring as bat-poo Swagger Jagger), the chorey really picks it up! I find that Combat is more than just the music.

And Chad, I have no idea what any of the music is in Attack – it’s all just a “Chipmunk” movie to me! I rely on my children to tell me what is a “kick-ass” song and what is not. Lol, very tragic!

HA! We used to get a lot more classic songs and some 80s, but these days it’s much more a mix of top 40 and club music. I usually don’t know the top 40 hits until they are in these classes, because I don’t listen to the radio. The unfortunate side effect is I finally really like a song when it’s yesterday’s news… lol.

Thank you for posting! Turbulence!! I’m so excited to see that – it was also in Body Jam 58 and is great! I think there could be a lot more crossover between Combat and Jam – Jam uses so much great music, so much of it would be great in Combat.

Hi Glen,

Thanx for updating us, I was waiting for your post checking my email every day! 🙂 So looking forward to the new release… two weeks to go to quarterleys in Holland!

Do you also post other tracklists?

Thanks Nathalie, I’ll post them soon but they are actually on lesmills.comright now 🙂

Super excited about this release! Hope it’s as amazing as the tracklist! Cheers for posting, Glen 🙂

Payphoneeeeeeee 😍😍😍😍😍

ive previewed tracks 2 and 3 for 54 as some presenters have to practice in their classes. OMG….i just cannot wait to start teaching this release! love the roundhouse kicks – HIGHER HIGHER HIGHER HIGHER!!! WE HIT TURBULENCE!

Yeah, 2 and 3 are probably best tracks of release I’d say

Did this release at the quarterly workshop over the weekend and just have to say I love love love track 7! Infact I like the whole release. How old school does the muay thai feel? Hard, fast and lots of knees. Plyo push, push kick combo makes me feel so strong. Love it and can’t wait to show the participants! 🙂

The last 3 classes I’ve done at LM Auckland city have been BC54 in full. I really like this release… musically I didn’t like the awful T4 cover of Guns and Roses and I personally found the ab track very hard to do (couldn’t keep my balance), but love T7, T8 T2 and T3!

Yeah the foo fighters cover ain’t all that flash either to be fair

Not to mention the old school bells 🙂

Musically, I’m not really feeling this release.

Tracks 1 & 2 sound great (LOVE Turbulence!), but the rest are kinda ‘meh’. Track 3 sounds rather annoying, and I’m not liking tracks 4 or 6 very much. Track 8 is OK, but it doesn’t sound as epic as a track 8 should be.

Hopefully, my mind will change after actually doing the release.

Which is the one that has the really weird sounds and stuff, do you have a link to that mix ?

Never mind I found it and I also found a links to track 5 and 7

How many knees are there in total in track 7/BC 54?

Very quick count looks like 193

We launched 54 in little of Tasmania on Friday 21 dec.. It’s not one of those releases that I instantly love.. After teaching for 12 years your going to know pretty much straight away if your going to like it or its gonna go.. I find the warm up very weird the leg checks and the shoots aren’t in the release which is usually the case and it feels a bit all of the place.. LURRRVVEEEE track 2 they should all b that hard! Track 3 has a track 8 feel… Track 4 I like the moves but don’t like the music and same for track 5… Track 6 is ok but I think it’s the music one again that let’s it down.. Love the pylo push kick in track 7 makes u feel really powerful and track 8 just sucks lol and track 9 is just ridiculously hard! 🙂

Yeah love 2 and 3 too. Agree with you though don’t find 9 hard at all! Must be all the cx I’m doing 🙂

Anyone have the total number of punches/kicks/etc list for BC54?


Muay Thai

my new favourite T7!!!

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