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BODYCOMBAT 55 filming

Posted on: October 25, 2012

BODYCOMBAT 55 is officially in the bag!

Usually before a filming I’ll get a chance to head to a trial class and get a preview of what’s coming but been so busy lately that didn’t happen. As such I literally went into this filming class knowing absolutely nothing about this release other than a few peeps on both facebook and twitter warning me about the intensity of track 2 – and for good reason! But more about that in a moment…

Like last quarter the masterclasses were all filmed in the morning this round. This again meant BODYCOMBAT 55 was quite a bit quieter than usual as really the only people there were the super keen who took the day off work to attend (like me!) or the internationals that had flown in especially. Of course this means more room to punch and kick which is A-OK with me!

The filming team for 55 was Dan, Rach and Andres from Hong Kong (last seen on BC50). As always they were in the latest LM gear and man was it sharp! Possibly the best looking combat clothing I’ve seen – colours were black and dark purple (possibly maroon) and it just looked phenomenal. I’ll be first in line to grab that stuff as soon as it’s online for sure. The men’s t-shirts were compression fit – super tight with what appeared to be a skull on one shoulder (mean!) – I’m not a big fan of the standard cotton tee for combat (I tried it once and it was like wearing a wetsuit it was so heavy with sweat by the end of the class!) so this lighter fabric appeals to me a lot more. Rach was wearing a much moreย feminine top, off one shoulder with little crystals all along the top (not sure if those were added especially or whether they will be standard issue on the top but the looked pretty cool!). The shorts were really awesome too, again black and purple. So look out for that range when it hits for sure!

As for the release itself? Well again, disclaimer applies I cannot mention anything super specific about the music or chorey (sorry!) – I can give you a feel for the release and my opinion of it. And once again 55 is a total ripper!

Now I know 99% of you won’t have seen BC54 yet but if you read my BODYCOMBAT 54 filming post you may recall I mentioned how massive track 2 is. I actually tweeted last week that BC54’s track 2 would be the toughest t2 ever; it’s 6.5 minutes long, and is freaken H-A-R-D-C-O-R-E. It has a roundhouse challenge in it that will really challenge you and push you to the limit… and it’s only the second track! Well, I definitely spoke too soon as 55’s track 2 is even harder!

Honestly without giving the game away 55’s track 2 feels more like a leg-conditioning track that we’re used to seeing in tracks 4 or 6… it’s really tough! Are we seeing the evolution of the programme here? I mean, when you think about it making track 2 one of the toughest tracks makes a lot of sense. Consider BODYPUMP as a comparison, we warm the body up then we move right into the heaviest weight of the class while we’re fresh. Making track 2 a BIG track while we still have a lot of energy does seem smart. Plus, being that track 3 is a power training track with no kicks it gives the legs a bit of an opportunity to recover before track 4 (which doesn’t happen when we have leg-conditioning tracks as a track 6 as we move straight into muay thai). So it all makes sense to me. The flip side of that is that is that smashing us in track 2 makes the rest of the class considerably harder – I was absolutely crushed coming into track 3!

So yes, much like BC54 track 2 is a real standout in BODYCOMBAT 55 which is awesome news as for me (and let me know if you feel the same here) track 2 has always been a bit meh. It’s very rare that we have amazing track 2s. Frozen was great, and looking back there’s a been a few awesome ones over the years (United Vibe as an example) but generally the second track has always been a bit vanilla. Well definitely not the case in 54 or 55 – yay!

What else can I tell you about the release. Well let me say this about the warmup; D&R haven’t been afraid to grab one of the more crazy pop hits of the year and use it as a lower body warmup – as soon as it started I just cracked up. If you thought ‘Sexy and I know it’ was a laugh you’ll love this one too! (no it’s not Gangnam Style – though who knows what could happen in BC56 haha!) You’ll have a lot of fun hooking into the lyrics with this track in class.

Track 2 I’ve mentioned (YOUCH!). The music style was kinda difficult to describe, it’s definitely not rock. Maybe you could almost call it a dubstep remix of another track musically? Hard to explain. Track 3 much like BC54 was another standout. OUTSTANDING. Really really good.

Track 4 was side kicks, side kicks and more side kicks! A little bit of leg loading (much like 54 there are no esquivas in BC55) but there is a move in this track to challenge the legs. But definitely a lot of side kicks in this one! Musically another highlight for me.

Track 5 was a little crazy! Definitely a cardio peak, again you’ll have a lot of fun with this track. Initially I thought the track was Mr Saxobeat (it’s not) but that kinda gives you an idea of the actual style of the music. It was a fun one.

Track 6 is a track that was in BODYPUMP 84 and it’s also in a few other programmes this quarter. Tae Kwon Do and Karate based – Andres presented this and he did a great job! Loads of back and front kicks and not much else!

Muay Thai, killer track. Again not sure how to describe thisย musicallyย  It’s not rock – but its not trance – it’s kinda a rocky techno track? Bit like the muay thai in 54 – very difficult to pin an actual genre on the music. You’ll understand when you hear it. My absolute favourite move is back in the muay thai in BC55 so I’m a very very happy man. Loved it.

Track 8 was phenomenal too (nothing unusual there). If you remember the surprise at the end of Your Shining (gah, really hate writing the grammatically incorrect “your” but that is the actual name of the track), well this track has something similar. Just when you think you’re done… well… it’s not!

Solid track 9 and lovely cooldown to round the class off.

Sooo… in closing. BODYCOMBAT 55 is another total winner for me. 53 is still my favourite release ever but 54 and 55 are very close behind. It’s fantastic. Loads of kicks, fantastic music and not one single track that I didn’t enjoy. We have a lot to look forward to in the coming months be very excited!

The filming for BODYCOMBAT 56 is scheduled for either Jan 23 or Jan 29 2013 (those are the two filming dates which programmes on which day not confirmed yet but will post as soon as I know), if you’re going I’ll see you there! In the meantime enjoy BC54 guys, when you see it definitely let me know your thoughts!

25 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 55 filming"

Thanx for your input on the new body combat release. Though we must have a very different style of music and choreo. I am currently at bc 53 and track 2 just makes me yawn. It is so relaxed that every time I present it I want to take a chair, have a seat and have a coke. To put it in Terry Crews way: It is the warmup after the pre-warmup (look up eurotraining on youtube for some extra core training … =).

So my guess on your opinion on track 2 is based on the very relaxed track 2 of BC 53. How does the new track 2 compares to BC 44 track 2 – Energy?

BC 53, track 7 rocks.

My 2 cents


Hi Mihael, yes 54 and 55’s track 2s are much bigger than 53’s, and much bigger than Energy too… They’re both awesome!

Warmup after the warmup, yep I’d agree with that in 53 ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for your comment ๐Ÿ™‚

\o/ Thanks Glen

I am not really convinced about have track 2 as a leg conditioning track. I’d rather increase difficulty gradually and then smash my full body at the end. Hahaha. But I’ll try it.

Gangnam Style will appear soon, I bet ๐Ÿ˜›

It’s not an esquiva track, just a lot of low leg work. I know what you’re saying but it did work!

Awesome to see your write-ups as always Glen ๐Ÿ™‚

Now that I’ve seen the date for the next set of filmings…I believe there’s a public holiday on our side of the ditch that week. Might have to do a sneaky sneaky and get over there…

Yeehaa! Just be aware that it could be on the 23rd. LMI haven’t confirmed what programmes are on what day, but the dates are Jan 23 and 29. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear more

Thanks again for the awsome post Glen, can’t wait to see this. Fingers crossed I will be a qualified instructor by then. As you know I will be in NZ for January filmings (super excited!) so good to know the date for BC. Do you know yet which day the BP filming is? Would love to do both…in any case, I will defo see you there… I will be the one waving the Scottish flag ๐Ÿ˜‰ ..Kat

Go you!

I don’t know what program is on what day yet but the 2 filmings dates are Jan 23 and Jan 29. If history is anything to go by pump will be on the 23rd and combat on the 29th but I don’t know for sure yet.

Will let you know and see you then!

Gday Glen,
Was great to finally catch you, I must say the look on your face in the lower body warmup was gold ๐Ÿ™‚ I was thinking a good connecting song before they smacked us in that tr2 haha.
I have been sort of out of the combat side of things for a while but am getting really excited about whats coming up over the next couple of rounds ๐Ÿ™‚
Catch you soon Mate


Haha I know right?! I’ve had that track stuck in my head now for 3 days!

Wicked brother, catch ya at workshop!

Nice write up Glen – looking forward to the new Releases as always, they are getting way more intense. BC54 workshops for us in Oz coming up in November. What’s you fave Muay Thai move in BC??

Please don’t mention that Korean fad song – and PLEASE LM Program & Music Directors, PLEASE DO NOT include that song EVER in any BODYCOMBAT release, seriously, please…

As to that T8 song title, I feel you’re pain mate – sadly though, days of yore are past and your stuck with it – compensate with “Your Shining” (sic) ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s already snuck into at least one other program Philippe it could happen!

*cough* jump knees *cough*

Hi Glen!

I enjoy reading your reviews. We’re on the same page with regard to song styles – I’m not a fan of heavy rock music, neither are my students. But I don’t have much choice when we’re on the mix & match period because of a certain rule we have here whereby we are not allowed to teach releases older than one’s training release. Unfortunately, I only have 7 releases to my name as of the moment. I’m so glad there’s finally a track 7 that had the feel of the older track 7s in BC53! ๎•

The first song that came to mind when you mentioned “one of the crazy pop hits of the year” was Gangnam Style. I had a laugh when you mentioned in the next line that that’s not the one! LOL….It was like you were reading my mind. ๎…

Hope to fly in one of these days to join the filming and meet you in person! Have a great day!

Love from the Philippines,
Joyce ๎–

Thanks for your kinds words Joyce!

Yeah I think you’ll like the muay thai in both 54 and 55 then – they’re both great! (not as great as 53’s but great all the same!)

Hope to meet you some day too!

It’s always interesting reading your thoughts, I love how much effort you put into your blog posts, Glen ๐Ÿ˜€

As you know I attended this filming too – I felt like I half liked it and half hated it. By far my favourite track was T4, and I nearly blew my brains out when I heard T5. (I almost slapped you when you said ‘Mr Saxobeat’. NO!!!)

T2-4 & T8 were my favs, extreme dislike for T1a/1b, and T5 & 6 based on song selection. Not my preference, but maybe it’ll be different once it gets out to the members ๐Ÿ™‚

Awesome post as always! ๐Ÿ˜€

I love that track used for track 6! The version used was no where near as uplifting as the version in BP84 (that actually gave me goosebumps!) but awesome all the same. I think it’s in BA80 too!

Yeah track 5 wasn’t a massive peak but so much better than the track 5’s pre BC48. Honestly if you had to teach 5 combats per week you’d be thankful for another half decent track 5 trust me! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for your comment! x

I’ll give you that, I’d rather do the T5 from this release than Tutti Frutti!

We’ve started BC 54 at my gym, and it is amazing. I am the odd one out as 53 is one of my least favs. I actually stopped going to BC for a few weeks because I just wasn’t feeling it at all, but 54 is the complete opposite. I started doing BC during the 46 release and BC 47, 50 and 54 have been my favs. I hope the track list for 54 leaks soon, and I’m looking forward to 55. I hope 56 has some esquivas though, as I love them. Thanks for the write up!

Hey the track for warm up is Call me maybe” ????????

I didn’t say anything!

where can i get a video i want to learn the routine and do it at home ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Updates on bodycombat 54: it would have been great if I never experience 53. Unfortunately 53 was the best and most EPIC combat release ever, making 54 feels like a bit of a downfall. Especially on track 7 where it can’t be compared with Blade from 53, which I have to say my fav track 7 along with Excalibur (42) and The Last Fight (48). Track 2 though is a breath of fresh air, certainly challenging and very uplifting! I just hope 54 grows in me while waiting for 55. What is certain though, 53 still feels EPIC!

Merry Christmas Glen, hope you have a happy holiday. Keep up with the goodies! Stay fit, stay with the fight. God bless!!


Going to be training on 55 and can’t wait! Strong track 2 is great news for me – Turbulence is such a powerful track and I’m glad they’re keeping that energy. Sounds like the music will be exciting, too.

hey glen, BC 55 is a very great release i think, anyway, do you know the original song of track 8? for a lifetime (breeze remix)

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