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Posted on: October 24, 2012

Hey guys! The filming for BODYCOMBAT 55 was yesterday – man that was OUT OF CONTROL! I’m just writing the post about it now, but in the meantime the sizzler for BODYCOMBAT 54 has hit the net!

I’ve been lucky enough to have had my hands on BC54 for a wee while now and let me tell you it is one crazy release – track 2 is a freaken killer… but 55’s track 2 is even tougher! I’ll write more about that in my BC55 post which should be up in the next 24 hours, in the interim video and text versions of BC54’s sizzler are below, and you can read more about BODYCOMBAT 54 in my filming post – enjoy!


Hey guys and welcome to BODYCOMBAT 54! This release is going to knock you into a whole new world. We have made some really amazing changes based on your huge amount of feedback, and here is the crazily tough class to prove it!
Start softly with a double combo of Rock-chick hits, tons of combos and a lot of movement to really warm deep into your upper and lower bodies.
Then… you will not believe what is about to hit you!
The tempo of Track 2 is super slow, and the movement… TURBULENT. You will probably be finding it a bit tricky to stand up the morning after this workout!
So how do we follow up such a massive, epic Legs track? With the MOST EUPHORIC Track 3 BODYCOMBAT has ever seen.
The pain and subsequent pleasure continues with some ‘sick’ tunes and unthinkable combos until you come to, honestly, one of our most favorite Track 7 and 8 combos ever. You will not believe these two tracks – the sounds are unusual and the choreography is out of control. Just hold on tight!
Now you would think we would’ve given you enough after that, right? Well have you got a surprise in store… Check out the Hip Escape in Track 9, and remember to never ever block us on Facebook! Enjoy this one and remember people…

… stay with the fight. Rach and Dan.

4 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 54 Sizzler"

Thank you Glen for using our link.
One tribe
Kia Kaha from Greece
Les Mills Hellas

Thank you for providing it! 🙂

It looks/sounds great! Thanks for sharing.

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