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2012-4 Les Mills posters

Posted on: October 10, 2012

Posters are out!! Kinda similar in theme to the last batch – just a lot brighter! Looks like LMI have dropped the QR codes, no release numbers on these either, and the descriptions are somewhat, erm, “interesting” (calling Vive ‘medium intensity’?? Hmm… not sure that’s really the best selling point, but what do I know).

I’ll be heading to the filmings of BODYPUMP 85 and BODYCOMBAT 55 next week so will keep you posted on those, in the meantime take a look below and let me know your thoughts!

27 Responses to "2012-4 Les Mills posters"

Think they’re going to have to grow on me……….I feel like I need 3D glasses or something.

For me personally, I like the look of the older posters a lot better. With different colors, classes stood out from eathother. With current and this release it’s all more or less one giant rainbow. I like most of the new taglines though.

Agree David. Most gyms stick the posters up next to each other and they all tend to just morph in together when they look this similar.

quisas tenga razón rachel son 3d pero son realmente llamativos

Meh… Didn’t like the last lot, and not taken by this current batch – agree with a previous comment, earlier versions which clearly “colour” identified each program stood out from the crowd for me – Les Mills people are you reading this? Many members from a number of gyms I instruct at have been less than impressed with the current release posters – “uninspiring” was a frequent remark. My tuppence worth…

Agree and yes LM do read this. *waves*

They look like normal pics that have faded on the dash of the car…

I do like these posters, but would like the ‘old’ info back. It realy helps if I can point out how many calories each class burns.
The pics on these are nice and bright, with the right lights in our gym, it will make a great atmosphere !!

Very cool these new posters. The Les Mills always surprising, always innovating. Here in Brazil we like and practice the Les Mills programs. Glen, your blog / site incrívil is always news. Hugs from Brazil and congratulations!

Very cool these new posters. The Les Mills always surprising, always innovating. Here in Brazil we like and practice the Les Mills programs. Glen, your blog / site with news is always amazing. Hugs from Brazil and congratulations!

I agree with the rainbow 3D comments and the lack of program description. It always puzzles me why they have a “new release” annotation, I don’t expect them to promote old releases. 8)

I can’t help but shoutout to the many Americans that are featured here 🙂 I rarely recognize faces in the posters, but I recognize plenty this round. Otherwise, yeah… I agree with you all.

It is good to have fresh faces on the posters 🙂

They are very similar to the last ones making it hard to figure out if they are for new releases. I prefer the color coded ones.

I like them a lot !

New posters very watered down again. Combat poster is not in keeping with the whole ‘unleash your inner warrior’ motto.

AND…just to add insult to injury, this current BC release poster – after all, I’m only interested in BC – has the SAME 2x ‘Combatters’ featured in the EXACT same pose as from the previous poster – the ‘pink’ & ‘green’ silhouettes, being the same as the ‘blue’ (foreground) and faded 4th silhouette – I mean come on. OK, relax, it’s only a poster after all…

I think they are certainly more “punchy” than the last ones but still not great!
The BODYSTEP one looks good though with the changes step has went through the posters should hopefully attract more guys to the programme.


Can I have a list of all the Tracks for RPM 57 ???? Please :-))))))


Not out yet Chrissie sorry

I’m looking forward to see your next post about BP 85! 😛

If I was a group fitness newbie to the the gym, looking at those posters, I would say that CX and Vive look like the same program, and so do Jam and Sh’bam. Bring back the program “colours”, otherwise they all merge into one big mess next to each other in the gym. I tend to walk past “messy” posters without a second glance.

Please! can you post those posters with more resolution? thank you! 🙂

I’ll see what I can find but usually the higher res ones don’t come out for a few weeks

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