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One month until BODYCOMBAT 55!

Posted on: September 17, 2012

Hey guys! Whoa can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks since my last post, apologies it’s been a crazy time! In the last couple months I completed the CXWORX module, released CX for the first time ever at my gym, completed my certification DVD, learned and launched all the other new releases… it’s been cray cray!

Anyway, all that madness has passed now so let’s talk about 53, 54 and 55!

So, most of you have seen BODYCOMBAT 53 by now yes? Tell me, did it live up to the hype?! (admittedly it was really only me hyping it in my BC53 filming post but now hopefully you can see why!) Is this the best release ever or what?! For me 53 is as close to a perfect release as we’ve come. Just takes off right from track 1 and doesn’t relent right though until the end! And how’s that muay thai? I’d love to hear your thoughts below now most of the world has seen it… do you agree!?

If you did love 53 then I’ve got great news for you… you’re gonna love BODYCOMBAT 54! If you’ve not read my BODYCOMBAT 54 post check it out – another epic release! Again another cranking muay thai track, AMAZING track 5, huge track 8, it’s awesome. Plus if you’re anything like me and had to do Swagger Jagger 5 or 6 times a week during the release period you’re going to really appreciate no leg conditioning tracks in 54… YUS! (don’t get me wrong I really like esquiva tracks but was it just me or were you in the worst state of DOMS of your life after teaching 53 a few times… I’ve been in perpetual agony for 3 weeks!)

Which brings me to BODYCOMBAT 55… unbelievably the filmings start exactly one month away today! I know both Dan and Rach are out of the country at the moment so I’ve not heard any news about how it’s looking yet – but no doubt they’ll start trialing upon their return. What I have heard (bear in mind this is a rumour!) is that Les Mills have signed a special licensing deal with Nick Skitz and Scooter so we can expect more of their tracks in Combat (including exclusive works!). If that rumour is true then I could not be more excited as those are my absolute favourite artists in Combat! Imagine more muay thai tracks like Hardcore Angel and Raver’s Paradise plus more massive cardio tracks from Scooter like Fire and Nessaja! BODYCOMBAT is only going to get better!

So that’s it for now! We’ll start seeing sizzlers for the new releases hit the web any day soon plus I’ll keep my ear to the ground for any news about BC55. In the meantime would love to hear how 53 is being received all around the world so let me know your thoughts!

30 Responses to "One month until BODYCOMBAT 55!"

Did Bodycombat 53 last weekend at the uk sqw…. Loved it all right away! Learning it now ready to launch in a few weeks n I gotta say it’s one of the best releases! I’ll just miss the bc55 filming but I’ll be there for bc56 in jan 🙂

It really is right!?! Only track I could take or leave is track 2, I don’t dislike it, but it’s so short it barely matters. I don’t even mind Swagger Jagger as the chorey fits the music so well (Get on the floooor!!!)

Yay see you for 56 should be awesome!!!

Glen,as I told you,I did BC53 today in Paris for the 1st time with DAN!!!!! So,it’s a bit difficult for me to give my opinion…….Dan smashed us!!! I do love warm-up,T4 is ouch!! with those kicks but I do love the Karate blocks and the Kata Yes T7 killed me but Dan told me that he was killed himself too :-)))) T9 is terrible I’ve never gave up Sorry : I forget : T5 makes me think to a 8 Track?? Love 53 anyway ❤ patou

Track 5 does feel like a track 8 doesn’t it!

Glad you liked it Patou – enjoy the release period you’ll have a blast!

PS: Hope you looked after Dan we need him back in one piece!

Yea I agree about track 2 but i like that there are jump kicks so early on 😉 land in Auckland 26th nov…. So excited now! 🙂

see ya then!!!! 😀

Hi Glen
Did the super saturday in Stockholm 1 sep. Had education session with Dan. He told us that they had signed Nick Skitz and Scooter. So the rumour is true. Nice, love Nick Skitz also. Take care /Johan

Great news Johan!! Cheers for that!



One more agnosing week until BC53 gets released at my gym. And I’ll have to try to sneak home early because they moved the launch day from Saturday to Monday D:

Sounds like it’s going to be one big party though (launching back-to-back with BA78), can’t wait :>

Back to back with BA78? Whoa you’re gonna be smashed! Enjoy they are both amazing releases!

Well, Launch Day done and dusted! I think I would have preferred if they launched BA78 an BC53 separately because the awesomeness of BA78 kind of eclipsed the awesomeness of BC53 for me a little bit. Lots of evil (but good!) tracks and lots of new things introduced in BA78. Also BA78 was launched by 6 awesome instructors vs 3 for BC53, so there was more fanfare in the first launch.

Having said that, I like how nice and concise the warmup track was. It was interesting how T2 seemed to have been swapped with T4 (jump kicks so early, yipes). Love, love love all the power training tracks – It’s amazing how much energy you can muster when a good power training track is on. Alas, my favourite muay thai track is still Braveheart, but BC53 T7 was still good – I think I’m just a little bit over running-man knees :p

78 is amazing too! In fact all the releases this quarter are great!

Braveheart is a goodie – might pull that out tomorrow actually!

Thanks for your comment 🙂

Couldn’t agree with you more Glen. Your reviews are pretty spot on and most definitely with 53. I’ve been hyping it up at the clubs I teach at and a few sceptics have said ‘well isn’t that the case with all new releases’? My response was TRUST ME you won’t want to miss it. The general consensus among instructors is that it’s brilliant. I can’t wait to launch 53 this Friday and start teaching it and I’m hanging for 54 – I wanna HIT THE SWITCH!!! :-p. So jealous that I can’t be there for filming, maybe I’ll fly over again some time in the next 6 months.

Aww thanks Vi! Yeah I am so excited for that muay thai! Ohh but we have already said too much! 😉

Yay look forward to seeing you next time you’re here – plus, we’ll be over your way soon anyway so touch base then! 🙂

Hi Glen,

You know my opinion as I wrote you right after quarterly 😉 but most of my fellow instructors do like this release. Next weekend I’ll be releasing at my gym so I’m very curious to find out what participants will think of this release.

Something else.. did Dan and Rach got separated? I guess you as die-hard fan do know this 🙂 We noticed Rachel changed her last name back to Newsham in choreonotes. If so, I really admire them for working together so well after a break-up. Even if everything during break-up went ‘well’, it is always difficult.

Keep on posting, I really enjoy it!


Oh let us know what your peeps think!

I agree hats off to them working together, that’s pretty awesome and incredibly professional.

Hi Glen!

I love BC 53! It really deserves the hype! I did not really like BC 52 so much so I’m a really happy fighter now! The muay thai is the best! Our members at the gym also love this release – a lot more people in the classes already. (we had the premiere on 53 last week).
I also heard Dan confirm the Nick Skitz and Scooter signing on super saturday in Stockholm – which I also think is super!

Love your blog – don’t stop posting!

I just took BC training this week and guess which track I had to present? 6!!!! If I hear swagger jagger one more time! My legs ache and quiver whenever they hear the intro now!!!
I LOVE it though, The boxing tracks are perfect, karate is awesome and track 2 for me just doesn’t flow as well as the rest, too quick with the transitions. Muay Thai was my 2nd track of the weekend and I LOVED it the minute I heard it, without even seeing the choreo! You just want to MOVE!


OMG your legs must be smashed!!!

Great work completing your training well done! 🙂

Hey Glen
Wedid the premier of B.C. 53 last week i Limassol Cyprus and all of us in the gym we comlitly forget any other releases BC 53 is UNBELIVEBLE. Only track 2 and 6 the music is not 100% bat the rest are OMG. I still haven`t deside which is me favorite track 3 or 8 (i think i will keep both ). An epic release.

Can`t wait for your next post.

Hi Glen,

Release 53 might be the first one where I don’t have strong feelings against one of the tracks. I really liked 52 but was not into track 7 and the massive amounts of running man for what seemed like half the track (and the terrible Metallica cover..) but that was all that soured that release for me.

The gyms I go to did their launches this past weekend so I’ve done 53 a few times now, and I think 53 is great! I am fortunate to attend a class taught by one of the presenters so I got to do a lot of this release before it was taught at workshops too 🙂

The warmup it short and sweet and covers enough of everything and no extras without having tons of one kick at the end of the track. I’m kind of indifference about track 2, I don’t love it but it’s short and over pretty quick. Track 3 is awesome. The combo choreo is a little similar to 49 T5 and sort of has a T5 feel to it, maybe this is why I like it! Totally uplifting and full on! Track 4 is awesome. To me this is a Manson cover rather than Eurythimics song, and I like how T4 seems to be the hard rock track in the last few releases (Yeah! 90s nu-metal!). The music for T5 is my favourite Pump back track from release 70 a few years ago, so I immediately liked this track. After doing it a few times its only as hard as you make it, as opposed to some of the other tracks (ie. T6) that are just hard full stop. I don’t love the music to T6 but it all goes together so well that I forget about that. Coming out of lunges and esquivas into the millions of knees in T7 is really tough. (Kinda like in release 50!) Track 7 is awesome and I think breathless is the best way to describe it! I took to me listening to a youtube link to realize why there is a countdown from 10 to 1 and then still 6 more knees in the choreo?! (duh.) I like that track 8 has been changed so its not just jab cross for the last couple minutes of the track. Throw some upper cuts in there! Is it just me or are there are a lot more upper cuts in this release overall? The first part of track 9 I think is difficult because of the timing. Anyone who I’ve seen demonstrate the move does it at a much slower speed than what the music actually plays at.. I find that doing the move accurately, is challenging without doing the ‘level 2’ option.

To recap:
Tracks 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Totally awesome. No need to mix them out, ever.
Tracks 1, 2, 8, 9 Like these ones too, but might be over it after 3 strait weeks of this release! 🙂

Reading though other people’s posts on LM signing Nick Skritz and Scooter is pretty cool. While at the gym, I am a Scooter fan, so this is excellent news!


Thanks for your feedback Sarah and I agree with you!


Hi Glenn – great reading your posts as always!

Ive taught 53 3 times now and I think it’s one of the best releases for some time ( only been teaching since 44). Track two for me is okish, track four is a hard sell to some members but my gosh the muay Thai track 7 is awesome – the chorey and music is one of my fav tracks ever now! Can’t wait for 54 … Take care dude !

Have to say… big combat fan but in need of some high intensity tracks… it all getting a bit lame.. Need to feel the burn again like in the old days… give us some challenge…

Hmm define high intensity I think the last releases are tough!

I have to say I think each release gets a little tougher, and not only with combat but the other programs too. The GFM at one of the clubs I teach at is stopping instructors from teaching LM doubles because she feels that the same intensity can’t be brought to the second class because the programs are getting that tough. I don’t agree with banning teaching doubles as each instructors fitness levels are different, but I can see where she’s coming from. 😊

Still loving 53 and have just done jump knees and floor touches two nights in the trot for track 6. Its awsome and is a great challenge to step it up now my classes know whats coming! Only one more month for the new release for me, and am really looking forward to whats coming.

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