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2013-1 Les Mills filming dates

Posted on: August 9, 2012

Whoa next round of filmings is for 2013! Man where has this year gone!? As usual dates below are subject to change by LMI. I wonder what Lisa has planned for the 20 year anniversary and the big BODYATTACK 80! If you’re going see you there!

Wednesday, 17th October 2012

  • SH’BAM 11

Tuesday, 23rd October 2012

  • CXWORX 10
  • RPM 58
  • BODYJAM 64

15 Responses to "2013-1 Les Mills filming dates"

Psst, Glen, check the Blog heading and the dates…. 😉

It’s confusing but it’s actually correct! These are the releases that come out 1st quarter 2013. If that’s what you meant?

Hopefully it wont be all 80s music in BA80 like it was for BS80!

Also it’s Balance/Flow’s 15th birthday this time around – it’s now old enough to get its Learners Licence or a part time job at the supermarket :0)

I know – BA70 was retro enough for me with Like a Prayer, Take On Me, Battlefield and Proud Mary! Please let’s not do that again!!

One more year and Balance get legally get up to all sorts of other mischief too haha 😉

One more year and Balance get legally get up to all sorts of other mischief too haha

Really?! Did you HAVE to go there?? *facepalm*

Didn’t “have” to – but oh yes I d’id!! 😛

Man, I wanted to visit this October, but due to work circumstances, I will have to go in year 2013! I will go to the first filming there is 😀

where are you Glen? Ww miss you! 😛

Wednesday, 17 October – 7am BA, 8.30am BB, 11am BV, 12.30pm BP, 2pm ShBam.

Tuesday, 23 October – 7am BS, 8.30am BC, 10.30am BJ, 12pm CX, 2.30pm RPM.

You’re welcome :0)

Hey Glen! How are you doing? I want to come down to Auckland in Jan 2013 . Do you already know the filming dates? Could be amazing to see you guys again!!! Say Stacy hello from me!!!!:-) Hugs from the old could Germany! Symi

Symone the dates are Jan 23 and 29 but not sure what programmes on what day yet. Be great to see you!

when are you posting the 2013 dates for filming? Mo

Ken LMI haven’t finalised them yet but they are Jan 23 and 29 just don’t know what programmes on what day yet

See you in May 2013 🙂

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