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BODYCOMBAT 54 filming

Posted on: August 8, 2012

Writing this I feel I’m at risk of being labelled a bit of a BODYCOMBAT fanboy who always writes glowing reviews. I recall reading on a Les Mills forum recently that someone was sick of, quote, “happy clappers” – thing is if I have been writing rave reports on the releases it’s for a reason! Fact is I’ve been pretty harsh on some releases in the past; if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you’ll know that my review of BODYCOMBAT 44 was less than stellarΒ (I called the release “bleh”!), and even more recently I wasn’t all that enthused (to say the least) by BODYCOMBAT 51 either… however this is now the third release in a row that I’m going to write a glowing report as BODYCOMBAT 54 is fantastic!

BC54 was presented by Dan and Rach as well as Sarah from Denmark. They were dressed in the latest Les Mills Clothing – the look was actually very similar in colour and feel to the “Tribal range” from BC53 which is currently available on the LM website. The gear looked really sharp and much more subtle than the orange gear from 51 and 52 (which may be your cup of tea – subtlety has never really been my specialty haha).

Instructors you’ll notice on the DVD that the class seemed quieter this round. It was, a lot quieter (especially when you compare it to BC53 which was absolutely rammed to capacity!). LMI had decided to run the filmings very early on weekdays (possibly to cause less disturbance to the regular Les Mills Auckland members I’m not sure) – but the day started at 7am Monday morning. BC was filmed at 8:30am – so you can imagine there were a lot less people present as compared to say 7pm which is when they usually film. Meant more room for us to kick which suited me just fine!

So what can I tell you about the release itself. Well, disclaimer as per I can’t mention anything specific about the music or choreography, I can only give my opinion… and my opinion was it’s another outstanding release! If you read my report on BODYCOMBAT 53 (which still stands as my all time favourite release in combat history) I mentioned that a perfect BC class for me is the following:Β Uplifting warmup; cranking track 3; loads of kicks in track 4 (or track 6, or both!); hard trance track 5; hardcore techno muay thai and a massively uplifting track 8 to round it all off. Guess what – just like BC53 BODYCOMBAT 54 ticks all those boxes!!!

54 starts hard and heavy with a big warmup track. Sarah kicked the class off and man she did a great job. Outstanding work. Must be so hard for guest instructors to fly in and just teach with D&R – she really held her own; top job! Sarah also took track 3 and again, amazing work.

Track 2 was HUUUUGEE!!! Very different to recent track 2s which have had a very rocky feel – I loved this track it went off like a fire cracker! Massive start to the class. And, fantastic track 3 to round the first block off – just what you’d expect, uplifting and awesome!

Track 4 was a cover of a VERY well-known rock track, as was track 6. You’ll know both these artists really well and definitely know both songs. If you’ve been hurting from all the leg loading we’ve had in last four straight releases (50, 51, 52 and 53 all have esquiva and/or leg conditioning tracks) you’ll be happy to know you get a break in 54. No leg loading in 4 or 6 in this release… But, prepare to kick, kick and kick again though OMG!

Track 5…. BOOM!!!! Another incredible t5!! Seriously awesome track! Just like 53 track 5 is one of the highlights! It’s uplifting trance again and man it’s wickedly good! Track 6 is covered above which brings us to muay thai…

And… again, just like 53 track 7 in BC54 is unbelievably good!! Straight after the class I got a facebook message from a friend in the class (hey Violeta!)Β asking if I knew what the track was as she wanted to download it immediately! Unfortunately I don’t, all I know is the main three words – but if I could find that track I’d be blasting it right now – IT WAS CRANKING!

Track 8 is huge too! A massive track to finish the class and it absolutely went off. D&R really have the format for track 8 nailed it’s consistently amazing from release to release and this is no exception.

Conditioning will definitely make you laugh when you hear it! Similar in feel to 53 and 52 but a little more lighthearted. And the cooldown was great too – lovely finish to the class.

So all in all BODYCOMBAT 54 is fan-freaken-tastic. For me personally it didn’t quite top 53 (which would be pretty much impossible 53 is almost perfect in my mind) but it would be a very close second! Combat is definitely heading in the right direction – I’ve been teaching the programme now for 4 or 5 years (that was my 16th time to a filming!) and my passion for the programme has never been stronger – it just keeps getting better! (oh and thanks for the shout out too Rach!)

So in short my friends be massively excited! My guess is 99% of you haven’t seen 53 yet so man you’re in for a real treat for the next few months! If you’re attending the next filming round see you for BODYCOMBAT 55 on October 23!

33 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 54 filming"

Thank you so much Glen for your post :-)) So,I’m waiting eagerly BC53 and BC54 It means : 6months of happiness?? ;-)) Hugs to you & Stace Patou

6 months of total awesomeness yes!!

Hope you’re wonderful too Patou! x

Yes thank you I’m fine We are on the 52 for the moment and w’ll start some mixs asap!! Waiting for 53 first πŸ˜‰ ❀ ❀ Patou

Yeah we’ve not even launched 53 here yet – instructor workshops start this weekend in NZ.

Enjoy 53 you’ll love it!

You make track 2 sound crazy good! I hope its on the level of United vibe from 35, because that was the last time a track 2 put a smile on my face….though I did like 50’s frozen.

You and I are on EXACTLY the same page my friend!

You’ll like this one πŸ˜€

Haven’t even had 53 yet here.. OMG can’t wait for it and 54. Guess it will be 6 months of heaven in gym for me!! Thanks for the initial report, Sir!

You’re very welcome! πŸ™‚

Sounds awsome!! See you in October, I’ll be there! Can’t wait. πŸ™‚

Yay see you then Laura! πŸ™‚

Very excited about 53 and now 54 (and I always look forward to your summaries). Question: Are you saying it’s another marathon t8? I personally think that track is best when it’s around 6 minutes or so – I can more freely “empty the tank” in that range. Also, I know you don’t prefer rock in BC (or maybe it just seems that way?)–you liked these rock tracks? (I love me all kinds of rock).

53 t8 is around 7:42 is its long, 54 felt long too. I don’t mind rock, it’s the real aggressive rock I tend to not enjoy as much (born to kill etc) but I realise everyone is different

Oh, I see. Well as I’ve mentioned in the comments before, that song is a bore anyway πŸ™‚ In any case, you have me excited about these next two releases! Thanks for the info!

Hi Glen,

I think it’s fair to ‘fanboi’ over this release, it deserves it! This is the first release where I liked all the tracks (& music) the first time through, usually there is one or two I don’t care for that much. But, I haven’t done all of 53 yet to see how epic it is for myself!

It took me well into the first set set of combos in track 4 to recognize what the song was (duh!). The remix is a fair bit different from the original. Track 6 was the only other track I knew by name too.. clearly I’m out of touch with pop music.

Track 7 was awesome, my fav track of the release! Not too much running man this time around πŸ˜› I’m with your friend who wants to d/l the music for that one! Totally uplifting and a great track to be fired up on. And conditioning was hard.. CX influence by way of Dan?! I guess boring old crunches are gone for good out of BC now.

It was great to meet you at the filming! πŸ™‚

Great comments Sarah! I’ve not spoken to a single person that doesn’t like 54 (hmm double negative much?!) it’s universally loved!

Great to meet you too! πŸ˜€

hi again glen… i’m just excited waiting for workshop to hear and practice mix 53 πŸ˜€ can’t wait! probrably already people asked you this, but, you made a post of longest/shortest combat mix… and, how about a post of your dream mix of all times? one or more classes (i’m sure your beloved songs passes easily just one class) of the best songs of combat till mix 53…and then updated with each new mix released. what you think? πŸ˜€

Hi Glen, the way you describe this release makes me even more anxious about it… damn you πŸ™‚ just kidding! Great review i just hope it matches your description! Greetings from Portugal!

It’s a goodie! Have you seen 53? Also spectacular πŸ™‚

Not yet, just read your review, i think this past releases were amazing so can’t wait to taste some of BC 53 πŸ˜€

Hey Glen, hope you’re doing well. I’ve just had my first encounter with BC53 last nite. It was EPIC! no other words to describe it. I especially love T7 and T8. nonstop action! man, the instructors weren’t joking when thay said this release would emphasize on core muscles. woke up with sore abs and oblique muscles the next morning.. but it was the good kinda soreness. really showed the effect of BC53. all in all, a very good and exciting release, great music, great choreography. As I said before, EPIC! hope you’re enjoying teaching it Glen, coz I’m sure hell knows I enjoy participating in it!

Cheers from Indonesia,

What does it take to be there for a filming??

Glenn would like to know where that city are the launches of bc
from chile

HI Glen, been reading your review for a long and this is my first comment on your blog. 53 is for me one of the best releases ever. I’ve loved all the tracks, except the 2nd. I really don’t like rocky sounds on a combat class, and i feel that my clients have the same opinion as i. Man i just love heavy beats. 53 tracks 3 and 5 are massive, and track 7 hits the sky. Really awesome! So, after reading your 54rd review, i can’t barely wait for our portuguese super quartely in mid November, where, normally 1000 people try it. Best regards.

Thanks Hugo! You’ll love track 2 from 54!

Hi Glen. I recently started Body combat and i absolutely love it!!! When will the tracklist for 54 be released? Cant wait for the next release

Probably not for a couple weeks Andy, I’ll post it as soon as I’m allowed

Hi NZ glen,
Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write your blog on the different releases. It gets us all very excited, especially when the releases sounds so good!! So big Merci. Carole cxxx

Sorry sound so good cx

Aww thanks Carole that means a lot!

Thanks for your detailed description. Looking very forward to the release!!!

By the way, what is a LEG CHECK?

Just lifting your knee on a 45 degree angle, as if blocking a kick

I see. Also, how do you do a “Blitz”?

i tried BC 54 yesterday for the first time, in my opinion it’s a good one but doesn’t top BC 53 – because that release is freakin’ AWESOME !
T2 it’s fantastic – for me possibly the highlight of this release – the balance test is indeed harsh πŸ™‚
T5, those hooks are a really shoulder blaster, and T9 it’s also a killer one!
The other tracks don’t enthusiasm so much but they don’t disappoint me either.
Overall i think this BC 54 is at the same level of previous releases like BC 51 or BC 52, the problem is BC 53 is really really THAT good πŸ˜€

Greeting from Portugal.

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