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BODYPUMP 84 filming

Posted on: July 25, 2012

Think about these words:

if you always do what you've always done... You'll always get what you've always got

if you always do what you’ve always done you’ll always get what you’ve always got

THAT basically sums up BODYPUMP 84. It’s a game changer. A revolution.

I always attend BODYPUMP filmings but I rarely write about them simply because, well, this is a BODYCOMBAT blog… but the last time I felt like this about a release was BODYPUMP 80. That release just blew my mind. BODYPUMP 80 set the scene for a new direction in BODYPUMP; the introduction of HIIT training into the program with the Propulsion Lunge. And it’s never looked back since.

Well that was exactly a year ago and clearly Glen figured a year was a great time to change it up as in BP84 he’s done it again. And the theme for the release was the words above. If we don’t challenge the body in new and innovative ways our results will level off – so challenge the body he has!

I was really interested in seeing how 84 evolved as I attended a trial class about a month ago and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Glen actually joked at one stage during that class when he was trialing a new move “Let’s see me try to get this past Bryce!” (for those of you that don’t know Bryce Hastings is the Technical Consultant for Pump – he’s part of the team that determine’s if a move is safe and effective or not). But I recall walking out of that trial class and thinking – ‘What the hell just happened was I hit by a bus?!’ – that class had so many innovations I figured there was no way they would make it into the final version!

Well they did and that bus came right round a month later and slammed me again! 84 SMASHED ME. I walked out of studio one a sweaty disheveled smashed mess! And it was bliss!

I can’t mention anything specific about the release itself (sorry!) but let me tell you this – there’s innovations everywhere. In the bicep track, the tricep track, the lunge track, heck even the warmup! …and not just new move innovations – the entire program has been turned on its head. It’s EPIC.

And the music; OMFG. Obviously music is completely subjective but I loved every single track. Every one! Normally in a release there’s one or two tracks you love, and a couple that you could take or leave. For me I could easily live without Summer of 69 again in 83, or Bad Case of Loving You in 82, or Higher Ground in 81… you get the idea. But in 84 I was smiling the whole way through as each and every track was amazing. The lunge track gave me goosebumps!

Special note has to be made about the presenters too. Obviously Glen always does an incredible job but I have to say the star on the day for me was Dave Kyle from the UK. That lunge track delivery was out of this world. Just amazing work! If you’ve not read the Les Mills Kia Kaha blog lately go take a look here. Start from Day One about half way down the page. Dave offers a fascinating insight into just how much work and dedication goes into filming week. It’s really interesting.

I have to also say I was beaming with pride in the bonus track – that was a real treat for me to watch personally.

So guys in short be very excited! I know 83 hasn’t even hit the globe yet (and don’t get me wrong 83 is an amazing release too!) but 84 is really something special. Bring on BODYCOMBAT 54 on Monday! Until then!

32 Responses to "BODYPUMP 84 filming"

Great post Glen, thanks for the taking the time to write something about Pump too. The new direction for BP sounds really exciting, members have responded really well to the new propulsive moves in lunge tracks so I hope they enjoy the ride we’re apparently about to embark upon.

Thanks Eve. They will trust me!!!! 🙂

Thank you very much Glen for sharing all this info.
Aprreciate your loyalty to all of BP’s fans.

Always love reading your posts Glen, So glad that DK Smashed it for the UK! hope he had his kilt on 😉 haha!

He didn’t wear it!! But peeps on the floor were! Thanks for your kinds words too 🙂


Again, what an amazing blog post! Your posts allow us to have sneak peeks into the Les Mills future; brilliantly inspiring!

Your posts are true highlights.

BP84 seems a million miles away though…


PS: any words on BA78/79? Dis you attend the BAfilming as well?

Thanks Kristian! Appreciated!

I didn’t make attack thus round but I loved 78! Did 77 and 78 the same weekend and 78 is much better! Should get my dvd soon 🙂

It’s okay Glen, I give you my permission to write about any new release, not just Combat 🙂

Phew! Thanks mate! 😉

Thanks, Glen. Always interesting to hear what you think of the release

Very intriguing, I can’t wait. It will also be good to see Dave rock his stuff on the DVD, I was fortunate enough to do my pump course with him. Thanks for the write up 🙂

Glen-love this report! Even without the juicy details it’s still enough to keep us excited and looking forward. We just launched BP 82 (later than normal) and waiting for member feedback, but hearing there will be more significant changes to come in BP is intriguing.

I also loved the link you provided to Dave’s blog. I’ve always wondered exactly what happens for the presenters before and at a filming. I had no idea that they go into it with NO idea what they will be doing, let alone time to practice before they arrive! It makes the final product even more amazing knowing how much they must do, learn, practice and succeed at before it comes to us. It’s also comforting to know about glitches, no matter what level of instructor or trainer or presenter you are. Stuff happens to all of us, and it’s how we respond to it, roll with it and move on from it that matters most! Way to go to Dave, and any of us in that same position. That’s a true professional.

I wonder not if, but WHEN you will be asked to join in on this experience yourself. You have a world of followers, and it would please us very much to not just see you in the back of the room when they scan the crowd, but up on that stage!


Thanks for the wonderful words Niki!

Wasn’t Dave’s blog interesting! I know I always just assume the presenters are ‘super-human’ and that the entire process comes so easily to them (they certainly make it look that way!) so very intriguing to learn they struggle a bit like the rest of us!

As for your last query – well humbled and flattered as I am there are hundreds if not thousands of instructors who have been doing this much longer than I and have ‘paid their dues’ and are far more deserving. I’d be lying if I said that’s not an end goal for me but I also know you have to do your time in this industry and in the broad scheme of things I am still a newbie! But I sincerely appreciate the support and you’ve made my day!

Thanks again and good luck with 82, and 83 when it hits! x

I wonder not if, but WHEN you will be asked to join in on this experience yourself.

I agree, Niki! I think it’s a matter of time…
‘Welcome to BODYPUMP [XX], I’m Glen, and this is Glen’.
‘How you doing Glen?’
‘I’m good Glen, how are you?’
Are you thinking what I’m thinking Glen?
‘I think I am Glen…’

Bahahaha, the stuff of my dreams! 😀

Yes that is why I wasn’t at work! Made the trip up especially (in the pouring rain OMG)

That milk link was malformed but I think that’s a good thing! (says B1 to B2 😉 )


Fixed it for ya 😛

Mmmmm…. malformed milk 😛

Shaaanks! 😀

So THIS is why you weren’t at work yesterday, hahah!

I bet I know why were you were grinning like a mofo during the bonus track 😉

As an aside, I can’t believe that it’s been a year since that propulsion lunge first hit?! I know one gym that has banned it, and the propulsion squats from being taught, and I wonder how they’ll respond to the changes in BP84.

Meh, all of the other clubs are excited with how BP is progressing, and I’m excited too to see that the changes keep coming. I recall around BP72-73 where everyone was moaning about the lack of change in the program and now innovations are coming from all over the show. I like it a lot.

Love your work, love your blog and LOVE YOU, Glen!! 😀

Yes well I know which club you mean and let’s just say if they were really that worried about the safety of their members they wouldn’t have non-certified instructors intentionally butchering the choreography! But the less said about that gym the better…

Love you too!!!!

That’s hysterical…I love that conversation in your head! Cracking me up….it WILL be great when it happens…yes WHEN. And yes Glen, I know trainers must pay their dues to get to the point of DVD presenting, but you are one of them doing just that. There ARE so many amazing instructors out there….but you have a definite advantage just by having your blog….we may not really “know” you personally, but we know a lot by what you share here, and it connects us to you in a way that other fantastic instructors don’t have….regardless, until then we will just continue to enjoy what you have to share via the net…or if we are lucky enough, even in person one day. 🙂

I also really enjoyed how deeply honest Dave was in his blog…about himself, the highs and lows, all of it. There was no glossing over or prettying anything up for show…I love and respect that about people. They are real….warts and all, and I prefer that to some of the masks most people hide behind. None of us is perfect (whatever THAT is), so to hear someone of such high caliber talking about any sort of difficulty or roadblock, makes the rest of us feel like it’s ok when we experience the same. We all have something, but we all need to just stay true to ourselves, be authentic and keep pushing on to do our best to overcome those difficulties.

I am really anxious now to see what he brings to 84….I have a feeling it will truly be amazing.

Thanks again Glen for this and all that you share with us here and on FB!

Aww thanks again Niki! Those words mean a lot! 😀

Thanks for the great review !!! Cant wait for BP84 … And BTW, when will you reveal the track list for BC53? Been waiting for months ><

Cheers Eric. I’m not actually allowed to reveal tracklists until workshops start here (2 weeks). Pump was an exception as another blog posted it. But I have to be good. Not too long now!

Hope the ‘Voodoo Child’ record has not been broken in BP84.

Glen, as always a wealth of information. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts re BP as I’m not into BC at all 😦 but am madly passionate about pump 🙂 I’m attending my first filming in October and will make sure I say hello.
On another note, what a shame instructors have to “pay their dues” to be selected to present on a DVD. For those of us that have come to love Les Mills and group fitness at a later stage of their lives, it sounds like an impossible dream now, whereas before I believed if you wanted it badly enough, trained hard enough, and became the best at what you do, that eclipsed all else.

Keep up the great work mate!

Thanks for your comment Kylie.

Oh please don’t misunderstand anyone can make a DVD for sure! All I meant was that it takes time to reach that level and get that recognition. I absolutely believe if you attended an AIM tomorrow and got Elite status your agency would immediately sit up and take notice… so definitely keep working towards the dream!

I just know for me personally I have some work to do!

See you in October!!! 🙂

Thanks again for your insights into filming, Glen. 🙂 You mentioned the bonus track…. I take that to mean that we get a bonus track included on the DVD? Personally, I’d love that. I know we have had a few in the last year, but they’re always just in the notes, and I always feel like I would get it so much better if I could watch it once. (Or if they could do them at workshops if they aren’t on the DVD) Clearly a visual learner here…

Yep it’ll be on the dvd! Thanks for your kind words!

Yay, very happy to hear it. And slightly curious now about what made it extra special for you. 🙂 I’m picturing good things.

I can’t wait for the new ‘pump! I am still loving the 83 release though. This has been the only release that I don’t get tired of doing, especially the lunge track.

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