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BODYPUMP 83 tracklist

Posted on: July 16, 2012

Unbelievably this is out already! Seems we have a rogue trainer posting from his advance training kit :/

I was gonna hold off posting this but it’s making its way around the net already so if you can’t beat ’em join ’em! Enjoy! (and yes we have  Summer of 69 as a squat track again!)

BODYPUMP 83 tracklist

1. Set it Off – Pimp Dawg
2. Summer Of 69 – Yesterday Affair
3. Turn Up The Music – Chris Brown
4. Set Fire To The Rain – Fizzy Deejay
5. Glad You Came – Toy Hypo
6. Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – Kelly Clarkson
7. Turn The Tide – Manian & Aila
8. C’est Bleu – Scooter Feat. Vicky Leandros
9. When We Stand Together – Nickelback
10. Better Than I Know Myself – Adam Lambert

Bonus 3: Paradise – Psychic Stars

36 Responses to "BODYPUMP 83 tracklist"

Summer of 69 for squats again! It’s just 10-12 releases later!

Track list looks great apart from Summer of ’69. Thats ancient. ( I know its all about pleasing everyone but I still feel the music has to also move with the times….Im not a fan of old over played songs coming in on new releases.

Is it the same choreography?

I can’t recall the chorey right now as it was a couple months ago – I recall it’s got less breaks though so chorey must be different

Spotify playlist for Bodypump 83

Looks great 🙂

Scooter and Paffendorf tracks are always great for shoulders 😀 Nickelback for abs though… I hope it is at least a remix or something 😛

Yes!! I was hoping Turn Up The Music would be a chest track!! Can’t wait!

I can’t believe some of my money is going to pay Chris Brown royalty fees. That turns my stomach. Just having an alternative track is not enough. Bad move guys. If you are not aware of the incident, Google an image of Rhianna’s completely beat up face.

Yeah I hear ya Greta. Weasel makes my stomach turn.

Agreed, Greta! I had emailed them AFTER they filmed and said please give us an alternative track, but next stop please stop using chris brown. It is complete offensive and unacceptable. I hope more people email and tell them how they feel. Enough is enough, eh?

I totally agree, it infuriates me that a domestically violent, cowardly thug is allowed to maintain a celebrity lifestyle. How many beaten faces does it take to stop people like him being portryed as cool?

There’s something wrong with the link of the first track

It definitely works for me. May be restricted in your country? Google “Timomatic – Set It Off” (that’s the original artist)

I’m using an Ipad When I click on the link, maybe that’s the problem

ENOUGH with Adele already….gag me. Her songs don’t inspire fphysical fitness. Nickelback – meh, that could go either way. Other than that though looks good.

And I think if Rihanna can get over what he did and continue working with him professionally, the rest of us can respect his professional life as well. Just saying.


Not sure I agree with your logic there Zack but each to their own!

This is a more accurate remix for the lunges track:

Amazing track list!!!! Thank you Glen. We always follow your posts from Spain. Thank u so mach. I can´t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anything about the chorey, people?

OOps!! One BP trainer gonna be in trouble with LMI… anyway, Would be good to get a Bonus Track (or two even) on BodyCombat, been a very long while between drinks there…

Summer of 69 again??? Adele again??? Apart from a bit of deja vu the rest of the release looks freaking sweet!!

Love Manian! Happy for that one 🙂 We need Loco in Attack!!!

I will never understand why they repeat songs…especially in the same exercise track. Really, with all the great music out there, why must we repeat? Even if it’s a song we love, I don’t get it. Now, when they repeat a song across several programs, I think that is different. If it’s a great song in one program, why should that program be the only one to experience it? However, if you are an instructor or a member who teaches or takes many programs, the repetition could get old fast, and as an instructor it could be confusing having so many different chory’s. But otherwise I think once a song has been done in a program, it shouldn’t be repeated…even for a different track (i.e.-Teen Spirit…shoulders once, then chest the next time or Get the party started for Tri’s first and then squats later, etc.) Otherwise, I love Les Mills and what they bring us. They are the experts on putting it all together….this is my only “big heavy sigh” in it all. I AM really happy to see Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” show up….am a little surprised though that it’s a bicep track….pictured it elsewhere more, but that’s ok. I’m still gonna love it like crazy!

I agree – some of the remixes are completely different (Get this party started is a good example) by yeah – don’t get the Summer of 69 reuse :S

Looks better than 82. Agree with those commenting on Adele and 69…need more variety!

Adele is in 84 too!

Hi Glen, do you have any comments about the release itself (choreography etc,)

Hi……..have u any idea when bodypump 84…is released???…i do no that 83 has just been released…but would like to be one of the in my. Region to release it…thx.lisa

Hi Lisa its released at different times everywhere you’d need to check with your local agency. It’s released here in nz early November

This is a harder release than 82. Loads of bottom halfs in squats. The lunges/legs – please pick me up off the floor when finished, The abs track is brilliant. All in all, I feel it’s a much better, fuller, work out.

Your “Set Fire to the Rain” track has an annoying voiceover in it. (I’ve seen this movie before, specifically with the Lady Gaga track in BP81, I think it was.) Instead, readers should use this link:

I’ve had a break from pump, About 5 months, and when I returned I felt chocked! BP 83 is bad! The only real good track is Scooter feat. Vicky Leandros. Can’t wait for 84! This is just sad!

That’s a shame I loved 83! 84 is better 🙂

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