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2012-3 Les Mills posters

Posted on: July 13, 2012

Once again apologies for the lack of updates been uber-busy! Got LOADS to write about too with filmings coming up really soon, plus the latest on the new Les Mills GRIT series (which I tried 2 weeks ago and OMFG!) and my completion of the CXWORX module last weekend… phew! In the meantime here’s the latest posters to wet your appetite. I love them let me know your thoughts. Enjoy!

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Interesting. My guess is a lot of US presenters on those posters. Wonder which market they’re trying to cater to now??

Congrats on the CX module, my friend!

Thank you! It was the best module yet!

Thanks for keeping us up to date as always Glen – any word on who the filming teams are?

Actually no I’ve not heard too much! I know Dave Kyle is coming from UK for pump but that’s it! Will see if I can learn more…

I heard Åsa Eriksson will be there for Sh’Bam 9.

Oops…. Sh’bam 10.

Posters are getting worse 😦 Whoever commissioned these need shot. I can understand some kind of “relation” between layout and possible design but they’re hard to look at and well, boring.
We’re all pushed to do the AIM modules, everything is orientated about the core principles of the programme, eh wtf happened with the posters?
Are the designers or marketing department all on some kind of LSD? Disappointed……..

So reading between the lines you’re not a fan Si?? 😉

Glen you are my hero…I so admire your commitment to your craft, and to Les Mills…I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the time you take to attend EVERYTHING, take everything in, and give us all an invaluable glimpse of the inner workings of Les Mills. Your opinions, based on extensive experience, and your unique position, give us all unprecedented insight which we all appreciate so much!! Personally, I love that your sensibilities specifically with regard to Combat/music are much aligned with my own… (i.e. Nick Skitz can do NO WRONG…especially when it comes to BC Track 7s!!). So I always await your reviews of releases and general LM goings on with great anticipation…knowing that if YOU like something I most likely will as well…and vice-versa. (btw what do you think of Sh’Bam??? Curious b/c I just started teaching Zumba…but a pretty hardcore version….am digressing). ANYWAY…NOT LOVING the new posters…they seem “watered down”….there is no “grit” to them at all which bugs me. I know that they are trying to appeal to a broader audience which is GREAT…but yuk! Do we need to lose the essence of the program?? The Combat poster is very….um…”pretty”…but we all know that is not what Combat is about!!! What the frick happened???!!

Awww thank you Beth you made me well up a bit there!

I think you’ll LOVE BC53 then! It is so close to a perfect release for me it’s crazy. Tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 are just AMAZING and tracks 4 and 9 are pretty darn awesome too!

I’ve done a couple of Sh’bam classes now and I have to admit I really love it. However I’ve only done SB 8, I think the others releases were quite “girly” and I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed them as much. But, let me just say I am the worst dancer in the world and look like some kind of crazy person when I do it!

Must be hard for the marketing team to find ‘fresh’ ideas every quarter. I like how clean these posters are – and the physiques are just phenomenal but understand what people are saying.

Appreciate your kind words thank you again!

My first reaction is that they all alike, all look very feminine and could be perfume commercials. A turn off especially for Combat. But it’s only a poster after all!

That would be one heck of a perfume!! 😉

Thanks for your reply Glen! As an aged Combat (and now Zumba – yikes) instructor in Nowheresville, PA…it means a great deal you would take the time to respond!! You are absolutely right…the folks on the posters are gorgeous! Just wish they captured the essence of the programs a little better you know??? Glad to hear you like Sh’bam…am dying to do it, but not available near me….my version of Zumba is not girlie I promise you!!! Isn’t it fun to just dance though…and still sweat your socks off? I love not having to be so focused on “form and targets” for just a minute and just let go for a bit…and I am all about the music….definitely a nice balance for me with Combat. I cannot WAIT for BC 53!!! I have already “called” the Muay Thai track for our launch based on your reviews!! Still not sure how any of you made it through the filming of 52…still can’t watch the end without losing it. 😦 Thank you again for all that you do!! Looking forward to many more insightful reviews!! 🙂

Tell you what to get through the launch of 52 I had to listen to that track over and over and over and over before launch so I became a little numb to it. That was the only way – and I still almost broke down on launch day!

YES definitely reserve the muay thai! It’s short though (only 4 minutes) so grab track 8 too if you can!

Thanks again for your kind words! x

was really looking forward to teaching combat 52, but recently broke my foot. Gutted! It was really challenging when I was practising it. And I’d just recently seen Metallica play seek & destroy at download festival. Nevemind I can always go back to it when I’m back in action. Yeah combat poster doesn’t really inspire the whole unleash your inner warrior, which is what separates combat from the rest. Hope it’s not going soft.

i think the posters are pretty cool:)

Yep, I like that they are quite different to the last lot. I think people get desensitized to seeing them on the wall at the gym, and at least these ones catch your eye.
The BodyAttack one looks a bit like a splodge of people, but I like the variety. 🙂

Don’t get the hate for the posters I think they’re quite catching.
Love the RPM one, especially the quote – sums RPM up well.

Interesting, BC burn rate is 737, the highest of all the programs. I like it 😀

And if you do it like your life depended on it, you’ll double that burn rate. No other program has the explosiveness of combat. every sinew should be working. every person should be drenched. Get it rocking!!

I tell everybody you’ll burn as many or more calories in an hour of BC if you do it right compared to any other workout you can do, and I do pretty much everything in my fitness life. Calorie burn numbers are different for everybody because so many things factor into it (a simple example: I doubt many if any women would get burn numbers that high, but if they’re eating right they shouldn’t be consuming as many calories as men anyway), but my numbers are usually between 800-850 for BC.

Hi Glen, I am wondering where an average of 737 cals from body combat is measured from as I have been interested in this and tracking my own cals burned with heart rate monitor for several months and it is always around the 400cal mark. I do it 3 times a week and high energy every time, I actually often burn the same or slightly more with just 45mins rpm! I realise the bigger you are the more you burn but think 737 is too high for ‘average’ cals burned as I am pretty average. Thanks and love reading your blog too.

Sarah it’s massively dependent on bodyweight. I wrote a post on this a long time ago (before LM starting putting cal rates on their posters) – have a look:

Sarah, the post Glen references is pretty accurate. Weight is a huge factor, as is VO2 Max, which is also naturally higher for men than women (age is also a part of everything). That average could be accurate as an average, but probably not for many individuals because men and women burn calories at very different rates (many men will burn more than that and almost all women will burn less). 400 calories per class is probably pretty accurate for you, and don’t think of that as a bad thing–that’s plenty when you consider that a woman eating right eats a lot less than a man eating right.

tracklist please!!

I just love that my Sh’bam trainer Josh is in the pictures! He is fantastic and that made me smile. 🙂

Les Mills has built an incredible reputation over the years. I love how they partnered with Beachbody to make an at home version of Pump, and are working on a version of Body Combat! There is a quick video about it at

FInally, some fresh design !! love them all

i LOVE these posters!!

we have a LM Pump poster which looks like the guy “Nick” from CSI LV
at our gym, cant find this poster anywhere in google images, guy is in black shorts and singlet curling biceps and looking upwards in pic.

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