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2012-2 Les Mills posters (updated)

Posted on: May 17, 2012

You know what when I was at GFX I saw the latest posters hanging in Les Mills and thought to myself ‘there’s something different about these?’ but didn’t make the connection immediately (I guess as the slogans are the same)… but yes the posters that hit the net a few weeks ago have been updated! Newly released ones below using older images – what do you think?

19 Responses to "2012-2 Les Mills posters (updated)"

These posters don’t have release numbers! Not sure about using old images. Would have been better to use the first images and the new backgrounds…

Yeah I noticed that too! Maybe so gyms can keep them on walls longer?

I actually really really like these. I think the latest creative was really lacking – I look at my old VHS copies of RPM 11 and RPM 9 and the posters looked very similar!

I’m a bit bummed for the friends that were in the posters (Mandi, Lisa, here’s looking at you), but I think gyms will be proud to put these up on their walls.

Agreed! Was nice to see Mandi on a poster though I hope they use her shoot **hint hint Jake if you’re reading this! 😉 **

I liked the old ones, but I haven’t really liked any of them since Q2 2010… I don’t mind the stats and stuff on the bottom, but the images aren’t that creative. I still LOVED seeing you in it tho, Glen, don’t get me wrong… 🙂

Lucky save Chad! Hehe 😉

I liked the retro looking ones that they changed. No really complaints about these new ones, but I liked the difference of the others.
If I was quickly walking past these new ones I am not sure I would notice they’d changed.

Ahn,that’s sad..the previous RPM poster had a girl that looks a lot like my instructor 😛

The actual girl on that poster is Mandi – she’s so lovely!

Centred is supposed to be Centered?

In countries using British English (like New Zealand), ‘centred’ is correct.

You raise an interesting point though… I wonder if the Bodyflow posters have American English spelling?

I noticed that the SH’BAM poster we have in your gym says “leave as a SH’BAM star” instead of the one you have posted here. I guess there is the “sexy” one and the “clean” one haha 😀

kind of curious how they get the burn rates – 737 for BC sounds quite impressive!
I saw some competitors claiming up to 1000 per hour, but that just sounds like marketing to me :/

Yeah depends a TONNE on bodyweight. For example I weigh around 85kg (190lbs) and burn up to 1050 in a class – usually around the 900 mark. However someone a lot smaller (say 60kg) probably burns around 500 cals. So I think LMI averaged all that out and it came to a very precise 737. Probably should show an average range rather than that exact figure to be fair.

Funny, we have the “other” style posters in our club (Netherlands)

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