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One month till BODYCOMBAT 53 baby!

Posted on: April 11, 2012

Hey guys! Apologies for the lack of posts lately, been very busy! (you’ll see why below). Realised this morning that it’s exactly one month till GFX kicks off – and that includes BODYCOMBAT 53! Yee haa! A friend of mine did a trial class with Rach last week and the feedback I got was that the release is nothing short of epic – so can’t wait for that!

I’ve officially booked our tickets for GFX, both massive days of filmings and workshops and most importantly the PAAAARTAY! It’s going to be an epic event! If you’re keen to come check out all the details and book at – you’ll need to use the password: gfwarpspeed

The GFX has a really special place in my heart as it was the GFX event three years ago that I really connected with my current partner. We were both seeing other people at the time of the event and it was over the GFX weekend that we discovered we had a undeniable bond and began to fall for each other. In fact we drove back from Auckland to our hometown together after that weekend, immediately broke up with our respective partners and have been inseparable since!

Which brings me to the reason why I’ve kinda disappeared off the radar the last few weeks as we got married on Saturday!  So just goes to show, Les Mills not only gets you fit and changes your body and life – but also brings true love! If it wasn’t for Les Mills I never would’ve met my wife, in fact we actually met for the first time in a BODYPUMP class! And of course our wedding and first dance had Les Mills choreography in it – how could it not?! We fly out for our honeymoon in two weeks, and fly back into Auckland the morning of GFX – we wouldn’t miss it for the world!

So if you’re going to GFX look out for the new Mr & Mrs Stollery there – and if you’re not then I’ll post all the details I’m allowed right here on this blog. And to the team at Les Mills – thank you for introducing me to my wife and bringing me the happiest day of my life – how amazing is the Les Mills tribe!

17 Responses to "One month till BODYCOMBAT 53 baby!"

YAAAAAAAY for Weddingness and for ‘the new Mr & Mrs Stollery’.


Love is the word!! 😀

Congratulations Glen & Stacy! Sounds like you have had a very romantic weekend! All the very best in your future together!

Thanks Leanne! 🙂

Congrats Glen and Stacy!!!!!!
I’m sad I wont be there with you guys but I will be able to give you gossip from Filex and G’s break out session!!

I have 2 left feet and can barely do sh’bam so Jam/Break out session is going to be hysterical… It took me 4 rehersals of Shbam to not look like a dill on the dvd hahaha

You guys look awesome btw!!

“we met in a Group Fitness class” sounds better than “We met on a online chat room”….. So happy for you guys (even though I’ve never met either of you) Now I’m in Auckland I might even make it to a filming of a BC class…. but I need to re-join a gym first!
Hope your flight back to Auckland is not delayed – hate for you to miss any of GFX… LOL!

Congratulations to you both 🙂 As you know, the family that “Bodypumps” together, stays together (although, my husband believes I pick on him in class way too much – he secretly loves it! Haha…). And Nick, you’re in Auckland now? Hope you’ve settled in well.

Congratulations!! All the best to the two of you 🙂

Fr. random blog fan.


Yay, Mr and Mrs Stollery! Beautiful pics and i am sure it was an amazing wedding dinner or rather party….

Have a lovely GFX party! cheers!

Congratulations on your wedding Glen. Tried to reach you via twitter, but I imagine your twitter must be flooded with all the tweets from your followers. Wish the best for Mr. and Mrs. Stollery, God bless both of you.

I am enjoying BC51 now (ouch on track 4!), albeit it has been around for more than a month here and it’s already been mixed. Can’t wait for BC52. Any tips?


Aww cheers Alvin!

Hmm tips from 52. I remember the muay thai is massively long, and track 6 hurts!!! Will see it again in a couple weeks at GFX and will let you know!

Thanks again!

Congratulations Glen!

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