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2012-2 Les Mills posters

Posted on: April 11, 2012

They’re out! Bit different this round for sure! Means tracklists can’t be far either! Enjoy 🙂 (PS: Go Mandi!)  UPDATE: There’s new versions of these out! Click here.

32 Responses to "2012-2 Les Mills posters"

Oh notice they’ve taken the calorie count off Vive, CX and Balance… probably smart 🙂

how come?

Oh how come it’s probably smart? As people don’t do those classes for calorie burn. They calorie count was low and detracted from the actual purpose of the class (CX for example was under 300 calories but you do it to strengthen your core not burn cals)

No release number?

I noticed that too Paul!

Where’s BC?

That’s weird – I see it now. *cue twilight zone music*

Combat burns more calories than Attack?! GTFO.

Right?!?! Was thinking the same thing! Wow…

I call shenanigans.

awesome posters… im going to test that theory out at filex and see which one I burn more in!

I forgot to add, looks like rach is the only program PD in the posters this round too

Gandalf’s there! 🙂

ah yeah, I’m going blind!!!!

Not a PD per se, but it looks to me that they used Mid Thomas in both BP and CX.

Not entirely sure about some of them as the colours and fonts they have used make them harder to read(balance, jam). Looks like they’re going down the individual branding(poster wise) for each programme rather than having consistency across them all…. dangerous…..

Finally they’ve put Rach back in the combat poster – love it!!

I don’t like the new posters and haven’t ever since the quarter that had Attack 69, Pump 74 and Combat 44. Those were much more creative. These are boring and recycled from one quarter to the next. Just my opinion. Workouts themselves are only getting better!

Agreed. I actually was planning on blogging about this myself!

yeah that comparison you sent me Rains was quite staggering!

I agree. In the past they were creative and I could associate the posters to a particular release, now they are so plain and boring. Lately I would even call them ugly. However, I do like the short summary in the bottom. Hopefully, the final version of the posters will be better.

I like the fact that they are integrating the new SmartBars and plates into the posters.

Kia ora all

There is no release number, because those are the wrong posters.
LMI informed us, that those MUST not be printed or issued, because they noticed errors (release number and some others), and they will send new ones, the next days.

On the other hand, my opinion for those posters is the WORST!
Revival of the 80’s, in the most ugly and awful way!!!
Nothing to attract the old or any new members.
Those posters will “lost” in the gyms.
The one and only is a little bit interesting is BodyJam.

100% agree with Chad: Workouts themselves are only getting better.

Kia Kaha

That’s interesting Sonia! They are on official LM sites so be interesting to see if they do change. I’ll post the new ones as soon as I see them 🙂

Thanks Glennis 🙂 Awesome stuff!!!!

Those posters look a little different than before. Hopefully programs also give us something new! (:

Kia Ora Glen

UPDATE: Today we received the files for the new posters!
You’ll be SO surprised with what you will see!
I cannot tell more details.

Kia kahaaaaaa

Nice posters, but I don’t like the fact that the man in the Bodypump poster has his chin jutting out like that … as a pump instructor it is my pet hate, as I know the amount of damage you can do by sticking your head out like that during the deadlifts/rows. I will never do that, even when I’m teaching, I just look up with my eyes. That takes away from the poster in my opinion.

On a positive note, the posters look great and I love the presence of men in all of the programs 🙂

Oh, I know 🙂 that’s how I ended up here in the first place, I just received your email about the new posters, and in the email was a link to this page.

I wasn’t sure if these posters are being used anymore, or if they have been completely updated/phased out.

Though I’m guessing that the pump technique wasn’t why they were redone 🙂 , I was just commenting on the fact that I wish they could get the right technique in the posters, because we have to constantly reinforce things like this to our classes, and it takes away from the credibility of what we are saying if the model is doing it the way we say they SHOULDN’T.

Thank you for the updates Glen 🙂


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