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2012-3 Les Mills filming times (GFX)

Posted on: March 1, 2012

THIS is the big one! The Global Fitness Xtravaganza! All the filmings and workshops over one massive 2 day period!

Timetable summary is below – otherwise check out the full (and I mean FULL!) schedule here. As always these times are subject to change by LMI/LMNZ. See ya there guys!

Friday 11th May 2012

  • 7:00am BODYPUMP 83
  • 8:30am BODYSTEP 89
  • 10:15am BODYJAM 62
  • 11:45am CXWORX 8
  • 1:45pm RPM 56

Saturday 12th May 2012

  • 7:00am BODYCOMBAT 53
  • 8:30am BODYVIVE 24
  • 10:00am BODYATTACK 78
  • 12:00pm SH’BAM 9
  • 1:00pm BODYBALANCE 58

28 Responses to "2012-3 Les Mills filming times (GFX)"

Are these ones open to visiting instructors to attend or are they linked to the event? My Jam instructor really wants to attend a filming (and for Sh’bam as well) and having them on consecutive days like this would make it a lot easier for her to nip across the Tasman.

These are open to any instructors Graham – check out the link for more info 🙂

Thought they were but prefer to hear it from someone who knows for sure. Thanks for the quick response. Will pass it on.

No worries 🙂 it’ll be awesome!

Who is presenting bodycombat? I’m only asking as I know Dan Cohen is in the UK/Europe for 6 months

Hi Andrea – he’s coming back for it so still Dan and Rach; not sure who’s with them at this stage. Hopefully Ben Tang as I heard he’s coming back 🙂



do you think is there ANY way that an obsessed mega dedicated non-instructor who will be in NZ at the time make the trip and get in?

Kelly-Sarah I don’t see why not! Contact LMNZ on and ask 🙂

hi that link didn’t work for me – just blank for me

Richard it does take about 30 seconds to load – if you still can’t get it going let me know and I’ll give you another link.

So I found your page while I was searching for information about 2012 filmings. I’m a Les Mills fanatic and I just need to make my dream come true and make a trip to New Zealand… I just need to know how that filming thing works? I tried to send an e.mail to that but it came back to me. I would love to know can I just show up? Can I take a part in all the filming classes I want? How much it costs to take the class? It’s a long and very expensive trip from Finland to NZ but I would be happy to make the trip to actually experience the filming!!! I just need to know who I have to contact or what I need to do? Can you help me?

I nzglen!
So if I understood all the post…to be on filming in may I just need to send an email to book my présence…If we are instructor did we have to pay a pass for the day as well?How much is it?the pass is for all the Day so all the filming? I heard about the 5 of may for the filming?i need to but my ticket tomorrow tank’s a lot! Karine

Hi Karine – you can buy your ticket to the event here: – password is gfwarpspeed

Note GFX is a little more expensive than usual filmings – usually you just need to buy a day pass. You can also buy daypasses to the gym from the same site – and also tickets to the party. The full timetable is there too. Hope this helps!

Thank’s for answeringso quickly! This is in Anckland? The big les mills club?

Thank’s hope to see you in may!

Hey Glen, i want to ask, when will the tracklist for BODYPUMP 82 be showned?

Can I please have the playlist for rpm 54 ?? Or is it 55 ?? Chrissy :-))))

If you want to participate, how do I go about it?Les Mills filming times .

Hello Glen, I am a french huge fan of Body Pump. I practise BP almost every day. I will come to NZ in october 2012 and it would be a great honor for me to be there at the filming of BP 85. As you answered Satu, I will email Gemme Knight. Thanks ! See you in october. Jerome.

will Jackie be presenting Bodybalance?

Hi Glen,
Do you know who suppose to present BP 83? Could you please share your experiences with us adter it will be filmed?

Thank you very much form Israel (-:

who are the presenters for bodystep 89? i heard one of them was laura wilson,that would be awesome,since she was my bodystep trainer!

anyone know the tracklist of sh’bam 9? if possible please.

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