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Les Mills Want YOU!

Posted on: February 24, 2012

Les Mills Want You!

You could be the new face of Les Mills!

Have you achieved awesome results from BODYCOMBAT (or any of the Les Mills’ programs?) This is just a quick heads up that LMI are looking for success stories for their new campaign – YOU could be the new face of Les Mills!

Pretty cool! Personally I dropped from over 100kg down to 80kg doing Combat – unfortunately (now in hindsight) when I was at my heaviest I didn’t allow anyone to take my photo!

All you have to do is post before and after pics along with your story to the Les Mills facebook page and they’ll do the rest! But hurry you’ve only got till Feb 26 – that’s this Sunday!

I can tell you from personal experience being part of an LMI marketing campaign is absolutely amazing – don’t look back and regret you didn’t try head to their facebook page and go for it!


3 Responses to "Les Mills Want YOU!"

Wow photos posted within minutes! GO YOU GUYS! 🙂

😦 I wish I had’ve seen this last week – I’ve dropped from my max which was 120kgs to a fit and healthy 85kgs. (6ft 3″ tall)
Proud of my efforts and continue to push my body to the limit in every class I do; no turning back now.

Well done Ryan! They haven’t finalised their decision yet you could try posting them and have a go anyway? Great job!

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