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BODYCOMBAT 51 tracklist

Posted on: February 6, 2012

Hi guys the BC51 tracklist has officially hit the net so here ya go!

Prepare to have some fun with track 5 it’s a little bit crazy! T6 is great too – and  love track 3 so much! As always when LM covers have been used I’ve tried to link to the original (actual remix of Kung Fu Fighting used in BC51 is MUCH faster than one linked).

For more info on this release see my BODYCOMBAT 51 filming post. Enjoy!

BODYCOMBAT 51 track list

1a: Give Me Everything (Sunny Dee Remix) – Jason Born
1b: Loud (Technoposse Remix Edit) – Big Diddy
2: Bark At The Moon – Fortified Pro
3: Here Tonight – Reality Charm And Solitude
4: Another Way To Die – Disturbed
5: Kung Foo Fighting – Kickers Kingdom
6: Where Them Girls At (Mix I) – Olson Bjerre
7: Born To Kill – Airbourne
8: Land Of Dance (Sy And Unknown Remix) – Retro And Flawless
9: Champion – Chipmunk feat. Chris Brown
10: Awake And Alive (Rock Radio Mix) – Skillet

26 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 51 tracklist"

Thank you so much Glen as EVER Hope you’r feeling better? Love ❤
Patou ❤

Welcome Patou! Yeah my head is slowly returning to normal! (Well – my version of normal teehee)

Glen you’re a legend!!! Keep an eye out for those lamp posts next time 😉 THANKYOU!

Cheers Pete! And I will trust me!

Glen, I can’t imagine how my LM-life would have been without you and your blog. You rock.

Waiting for BA!

All the best for Norway!

Cheers Kristian! Appreciated! 🙂

WHAT and FOR***

Hi Glen. I really enjoy your posts. I’m an avid combat participant in Australia. I’m doing my combat training in April and it will be on this release! I’m nervous but mostly excited. Hoping I don’t get track 5 as I much prefer the harder (not so fluffy) track 5s. I quite like rock songs so hopefully I should be ok with this mix. I’m still totally nervous but can’t wait to join the tribe!

MJ 🙂

Hi MJ – it’s a pretty fun mix – not as epic as 50 or 49 but still fast and fun. Enjoy the release and thanks for your comment!

Fab – I always love getting a sneak preview of the next release music! Thanks. 🙂

Haaai Glen!! Thnx again for the tracklist BC 51!!! Do you have the tracklist from BodyJam 60 too??? I love yours blogs btw 🙂

So excited for track 3 I listen it’s pretty much one of the only songs from clubland hardcore 7 that made it onto most played songs lol

Yep its freaken awesome. Chorey is it little odd, it has decoys in it which seemed strange but musically brilliant

Finally! Finally! 10 years of doing combat and we finally get Kung Fu Fighting!

Thanks for the tracklist preview – knowing you’re not a fan or the hard rock – but I am, looking forward to hearing another Ozzy Track 2 – he’s really getting a good workout of late – “Let Me Hear You Scream” & “Let It Die”, oh and Disturbed and Airbourne…. Workshop in just under 4 weeks.

Looks like a good tracklist. Can’t wait to see the moves! I just did AIM1 on the weekend, so I’m totally excited about BC at the moment! Thanks for posting Glen. 🙂

Thanks for posting the playlist Glen. My Monday morning Combatters are going to HATE the music for track 4 and 7, but my Friday night Combatters will LOVE it. So funny how two classes can be so different! Pretty sure we’ve had Kung Fu Fighting in a previous release, nice to see it back 🙂

Arggh! For real? I’ve just recently used Here Tonight from that same mix for a #3 for my freestyle cardio kickboxing class!! (I do BodyCombat at all gyms except one which doesn’t license Les Mills so there I have to do my own thing…) This is going to make remembering chorey a nightmare so I have to ditch that freestyle track! LOL no way, oh well at least clearly D&R have good taste, using the same music I do hahaha

i know this release was done well before the sad news of Hernan however he is still with us on this release with Kung Fu Fighting, i love it! i cannot wait to see the release in just under 4 weeks at the SQ! any plans to come over to the UK for another SQ this year glen? maybe you should come and replace T while she has the baby! 🙂

Glen, ty for the mix. I always look up the music. Even get it in the car to prepare. Wouldnt mind trying one of youre classes. Bit of a distance, but still you inspire me with these blogs.
keep it up!!


I am a HUGE fan of Disturbed, so to see them in BODYCOMBAT again (last time was the cooldown from 50 which was kind of odd…) makes me happy! Whats funny is I was on the way to a party where some other of my BODYCOMBAT instructor teammates would also be there….then you posted this list. Wanna take a guess what was the topic of discussion all night?! Even “off duty” we can’t escape it!!

Thanks for getting these to us each quarter, you are truly “da man”.

PS-I walked into a parked car today in your honor. I swear….iPhones and Twitter will be my demise!!!

Hey Glen, thanks for the tracklist!

Suggestion: would it add to the value of the tracklists to also name the presenter for each track?


cada vezzz mejor los track y con todooo el FUAAAAA DEL MUNDOOOO!!!!!! en cada claseee que adrenalina se siente con estoooo!!!! los felicitoss y gracias por compartirlo

Hi. I have just came across ur site. I don’t know if you can answer this but iv it’s received my DVD for release 51 and there seems to be some effect put in. Some of the movement seem to be going very fast then then normal timing comes back in. I find it very hard to watch as its not a natural movement. More like an effect in the DVD 😦

sorry but the new release sucks! and everyone at my gym (including the instructors) agree with me..please chose more fierce combat songs, like ‘Skepta-hold on’

you guys fucking rock! @ AMERICAN FAMILY FITNESS CHESTER BODY COMBAT TUESDAY 1030am, thursday 630pm sat 230pm!

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