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BODYPUMP 81 tracklist

Posted on: January 17, 2012

I’m getting tonnes of messages from people saying the new BODYPUMP 81 tracklist is out but I’ve not posted it as the one circulating the net (from my memory) seems wrong. So, I’ve amended the one doing the rounds and the list below is correct. As usual songs linked are an indication only – where cover used have linked to original as best I can. Enjoy!

BODYPUMP 81 tracklist

1. You Make Me Feel… – Cobra Starship feat Sabi
2. Higher Ground – Jagged Eagle
3. Loud – Stan Walker
4. Ravers Fantasy (Manox remix) – Manian
5. Domino – Miss Daise
6. I Own You – Shinedown
7. San Francisco (Remix 11) – Fine Tune
8. Blood Is Pumping – Blade X
9. Mr Saxobeat – Alexandra Stan
10. Best Thing I Never Had – Beyoncé

Alternative tracks:
6. Dynamite (Remix IX) – Studio 88 feat Juno Mars
10 Breaking Inside – Shinedown feat. Lzzy Hale of Halestorm

38 Responses to "BODYPUMP 81 tracklist"

Great Glen, thanks a lot. Most of those songs are unfamiliar so I’m curious to start listening!

Cheers – hope it’s right!

Ohhh I haven’t seen BP81, so I’m excited by the playlist! Blood Is Pumping – sounds like another epic shoulder track, eeeee! Looking forward to seeing the release 😀

It IS an epic shoulder track!!!

Hi Glen Thank you so much :-))))) love to you & Stace from Paris I saw both of you in the 80 video Awesome Hugs PATOU ❤ ❤

Original leak came from, thanks for sorting things out 😀

No worries Olle – the one above is correct so good to have it sorted!


COBRA STARSHIP! ive wanted this as a warmup since i was obsessing about it (still am)


(clearly im not that excited :P)

just wanna say that track 9 is not that title 🙂
You can check it out looking for “Mr. Saxobeat” and the artist “Alexandra Stan”

Thanks Oscar – yep I updated that a couple hours ago. Same track but yes different title.

What a great playlist! Thanks for posting!

Hi Glen! Just wondering what’s up with the alternative tracks this time? 🙂

Looks good Glen, thanks mate!

Absolutely love this release. The back- and shouldertrack are my favourites.

Dislike! Too much rock and no Lady Gaga! Oh well at least there’s Mr. Saxobeat to satisfy my campy taste in music. 😀

Pete I’m
on your side, Gaga “style” is better for my workout. I sometimes find the Rock sound aggravating while I’m focused and pumping but that’s just me. But this playlist appears to be a good attempt to please everyone – good job Glen!

Hey Glen, glad to see you posting again. As you know, I’ve been a die hard BC fan and been doing it for quite some time now.. On the contrary, I had just recently started doing BP since last week only. I did my first class, right after a BC class. The instructor was a good friend of mine and since it was a nite class (8.30 pm), there weren’t too many participants and she was able to put extra attention to me (since I was the only first timer) to make sure that I got the techniques right. However, I felt so sore afterwards and the next couple of days (longer compared to after I do my usual weight lifting). What I wanted to ask you is, which one is better: doing a BP class after BC or vice versa? Due to my schedule I can only go to gym 3 days a week and I want to fit every classes that I participate in those 3 days. Looking forward for your advices, Master Glen 😀


Does Australia get the alternative tracks? I noticed on your blog with the last realease (or maybe the release before that one) that there were alternative tracks but no instructor I’ve had has ever chosen to play them….
are we excluded now because of the stupid PPCA.

Hey! Great to see the tracklist, seems quite good! Especially I’m looking forward to the back track..! 🙂 And indeed, shoulder track sounds epic… Also, I was wondering, do you have any idea when the other tracklists are coming, especially BodyStep?? 😉

Oh and to Alvin, even though you didn’t ask me, I thought I could give my personal opinion on the subject. 😉 I sometimes do BP class with another class (usually BS, or then spinning), and I prefer doing the BP class first. Though a few years ago it was still vice versa.. But I feel I have more energy in the BP class before other classes, and cause BodyStep for example doesn’t require the SAME kind of energy from your muscles, I prefer doing it afterwards, rather than before. And also cause I feel that the aerobic training after BP class helps the muscles to get rid of the lactic acid that has built up in them. But that’s just my personal opinion and preference, some people might prefer doing it the other way round. 😉


Yes, we get the alternative tracks as well – PPCA-free. I usually play them when we start back into the mixing period. If your instructors aren’t playing them ever, make a request for them!

Ok now that Raver’s Fantasy has finally made it into a Les Mills program (Wish it were Attack or Combat) I have something to be excited about. Thankfully this release is gaga free.

Thanks for your info and insight, Reamary. I’ll give it a try. It probably has something to do with the lactic acid just as you mentioned.


Cobra starship should be the chest track

Here is the Spotify playlist! Enjoy!

WTF!!! Nothing from DJ Ötzi (Sweet Caroline), Scooter, Gn’R and the Scorpions!!!

nice songs!

I love Shinedown, thank you so much

The music is what makes you “pumped” for pump, and I have to say that the music of late had made me want to skip the classes and do my own classes instead. I have been doing pump since BP19 and I am sad to say that the last 10-15 releases bar a few good tunes have made me not want to attend anymore AND I love music!

Completely agree with you Eveline! Whenever our instructors mix it up, the older ones always get the energy going and the thumbs up from the class. I am bored to tears with the ‘bad karaoke’ style mixes (eg gaga song from bp 80). It does absolutely nothing for motivation and is simply BORING. I also have a problem with the tendency for bp to repeat the same section of moves 3 times – it is lazy choreograhy if you ask me. It was so much more challenging in the old days. Don’t get me wrong, I truly love BP and it got me fit, but most of the people in our classes are unhappy with the latest releases.

We always go back to the staggered lunges, Robbie Williams biceps, etc etc. Not only are they harder to do, but they are just better music with so much more motivation.

One of our instructors has been doing some Body-Rip lately – ever tried that? It is awesome – faster bp moves, WAY better music. And at the end of it, we are all sweating and out of breath but smiling.

I don’t see many people enjoying bp lately – we seem to be simply enduring it.

Wow great, thanks for the list!
Blood x is gonna blow the room, I´m having the first 81 class tomorrow 🙂

I love the chesttrack!!!I want to dance to it!!!Will this one also be in Bodyjam?!?
Tnx Stan Walker!!

Just did this release and its hard, but great songs imo.

Yay to track 3, and track 8 and 9.

I liked Gaga’s Telephone, edgy; I *hate Edge of Glory – it’s corny and lame .. I was lucky to start BP during 75, I loved almost all its tracks .. can’t wait til 81 on 16 April (Athy, Ireland!) … am just about getting the hang of lunges in 80 but loved Rihanna’s Only Girl In The World for this, the only one where I could actually complete the lunge track!!

Back Track and Shoulder Track = Thumbs Up!

I’ve been doing BodyPump for over a year now. No offense I really don’t like the music although it’s motivating. Everything is so challenging. That has’ nt stopped me though.

I’ve been doing Pump and Combat for nearly a year and while these classes have got me shape the music is getting less and less motivating for Pump, however the latest Combat release is great.. If it wasn’t for our lively and entertaining gym instructors my interest would be fading fast

LOVE IT. Songs move me. It’s clear it’s jamming for some and a dud for others. What’cha gonna do?

Hi, I’ve been doing Body Pump and recently got back into Combat and I love it! I am not too keen on the recent music release of body pump but I absolutely love the new Combat music! I really look forward to going to classes. Also, I think body pump 81 music is rockin’ hot! love blood pumping and mr saxobeat! Keep the music coming!!!!

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