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2012-1 Les Mills posters

Posted on: January 12, 2012

Ohh the posters are out – you know what that means? Tracklists can’t be far away! Exciting! I’m especially excited about these posters as I teach 3 programs (BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP and BODYATTACK) – I was on the Combat poster last quarter and I made the Attack and Pump this round! (and I think those are my legs on the CX one too haha). Enjoy!

13 Responses to "2012-1 Les Mills posters"

LOVE them – yay for us being famous. Must start wearing sunglasses indoors.

Also LOVE how they’re only using your body parts AGAIN in CX ;0)


You’re UBER famous Rach you’re on like eleventy billion of the posters! Could’ve at least used my abs for CX teehee ๐Ÿ˜‰

At the next shoot just take your shirt off and say ‘I’m ready. Are YOU?’

Deal! Sounds like something I’d say when I take my pants off though! (kidding!!)


Gaaaaaah who the hell is the weird guy in the front of the Combat poster and in the middle of the Sh’Bam poster?? Erk.

You guys are all looking AWESOME.

Please Glen, do not take your pants off. Whether you are ready or not. You will loose.

One word: AWSOME!!

Mister Glen, when will we see you as a presenter in either an Combat, Attack or Pump release??

I guess it’ll be soon, like the step poster says, you’re one step ahead on that direction..

Awesome you’re on the posters Glen! You can circle the big ‘ME’ on those ones.

Next round tell ’em you want to be front and centre ๐Ÿ˜‰

It’s this Track list confirmed??

01. You make me feelโ€ฆ โ€“ Cobra starship feat sabi
02. Higher ground โ€“ Jagged Eagle
03. Loud โ€“ Stan Walker
04. Ravers fantasy (Manox remix) โ€“ Manian
05. Domino โ€“ Miss Daise
06. I own you โ€“ Shinedown
07. San Francisco (Remix 11) โ€“ Fine tune
08. Blood is pumping โ€“ Blade X
09. Best thing I never had โ€“ Beyoncรฉ
10. Breaking inside โ€“ Shinedown feat. Lzzy Hale of halestorm
Bonus(6). Dynamite (Remix IX) โ€“ Studio 88 feat Juno Mars

Hi Ivan – it’s not quite right I don’t think. I’ve posted an amended version.

Awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

Hey Glen, how are u? I would love to see you in action. I think it’s going to happen soon. I mean I woul like to see you beside D&R, or doing Body Attack with Lisa. What do u think? I’ve seen you in some les mills vids, like Body Attack 74.

Cheers Josh but there’s a lot LOT more deserving people than I… I do appreciate the kind words though!

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