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Three million!

Posted on: December 23, 2011

3,000,000 visitors! Thank you!

Hey guys – again quick apology for the lack of updates lately – it has seriously been a crazy couple weeks! Things are winding down for the summer holidays here in NZ so hopefully I can start writing regularly again (fingers crossed!)

Something quite staggering happened over the last few weeks however; this very blog had its THREE MILLIONTH visitor. I’m humbled so many of you have come along to read my (sometimes barely coherent!) ramblings. Thank you so much.

As such, and given it’s the end of yet another year I thought it quite an opportune time to look back at some of the posts that (judging by traffic and comments) were the most popular. Of course, the Les Mills tracklist posts and filming posts are always well read, and I do try as hard as I can to keep them as up to the second as possible. However, the posts that got the most reaction were the opinion pieces, where I (sometimes controversially) would voice my $0.02 on a variety of Les Mills or fitness related issues.  I’ll link to a few of these at the end of this post so do take a look – but MUCH more interesting than the post itself are the comments that follow them. Some of these have over 100 comments and they make for fascinating reading if you’ve got a few spare minutes. Take a look at the links at the end.

And, believe it or not we’re only just over a month away from the next batch of filmings including BODYCOMBAT 52 and BODYPUMP 82. I’ll be attending and as always will try to give you the low-down (as much as I am allowed).

Finally, I’d like to wish you and your families and very Merry Christmas and truly amazing 2012. Thank you for your support, both here online, through connecting via facebook or through the many real friendships I have made meeting you in person at the various filmings and events. I appreciate you taking the time to pop by and I won’t let you down and will keep this blog as cutting edge with the latest info as I can.

Cheers to YOU and an EPIC 2012!

9 Responses to "Three million!"

Congrats Glen! What a milestone.. It goes to show that BC has gone worldwide and affecting many people’s lives. To think that this is not actually an official LM blog/site and still drawing that many visitors, you’ve done a really great job here.
Hopefully with more visitors and readers, it motivates you to keep up doing the good work here. I sincerely appreciate it.

I had done my 4th BC50 class last night since it was launched early last week and I have to say it has started to grow on me. I can enjoy doing it more now and the intensity is there. I’m doing an iron man challenge this Saturday which is a 60 minutes bodypump (most probably BP80) and straight away to 90 minutes bodycombat (BC50 + some extra mix tracks)

Cheers Alvin!

I was exactly the same with BC50 – really grew on me too!

Thanks for your kind words!

Glenn – you are an inspiration for so many people. Love the blog keep it going through 2012 and let’s hit 5 million next! Love and peace to you and stace.


Cheers Jason!! Have an amazing 2012!

When Body Pump 81?

Hi Glen!
We are two Lesmills instructors from Sweden coming to New zeeland the 24 january! We are sooo excited and really looking forward to see you all =) We saw you last time at SUPERSATURDAY in Stockholm and it was great!!! We hope that we can join the filming for BODYPUMP & BODYCOMBAT! Keep up the good work!
//Josefin & Tina

Josefin and Tina I will see you there! Just posted the times of the filmings for you too 🙂

Hi, Can you please let us know about the music of BP 81?

Soon Ilan – can’t release the tracklists yet. I promise the shoulder track will get your blood pumpin though for sure! 😉

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