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2012-1 filming presenters

Posted on: October 20, 2011

These have just been posted to (thanks Belinda for the heads up!). So happy to see Tauvaga (aka “T”) presenting combat he took my BODYCOMBAT AIM he’s awesome! Filming is in less than 2 weeks and kicks off on the 31st… If you’re coming see ya there!

Lisa Osborne (New Zealand)
Ivens Kucharski (Portugal)
KC Van-Roose (UK)

Dr Jackie Mills (New Zealand)
Dr Dave McKenzie (New Zealand)
Corey Baird (New Zealand)

Dan Cohen (New Zealand)
Rachael Newsham (New Zealand)
Tauvaga Siolo (New Zealand)

Gandalf “G” Archer (New Zealand)
Andreia Rodrigues (Portugal)

Glen Ostergaard (New Zealand)
Susan Renata (New Zealand)
Héctor Ponce Cortegana (Netherlands)
Shaun Egan (UK)

Mark Nu’u (New Zealand)
Lisa Osborne (New Zealand)
Christophe Besse (France)
Sarah Robinson (New Zealand)
Edina Schaal (Germany)

Susan Trainor (New Zealand)
Maureen Baker (New Zealand)
Mark Nu’u (New Zealand)

Dan Cohen (New Zealand)
Susan Trainor (New Zealand)
Corey Baird (New Zealand)
Susan Renata (New Zealand)

RPM 54
Glen Ostergaard (New Zealand)
Sarah Ostergaard (New Zealand)
Jerome Denis (France)

Rachael Newsham (New Zealand)
Tracy Minnoch (New Zealand)
Michelle Dean (Asia Pacific)

19 Responses to "2012-1 filming presenters"

I see Rachael has gone back to her maiden name. Makes me kind of sad, but things change I suppose.

Glen, so sorry to hear about your voice! I’ve only ever lost mine as a result of laryngitis when I had the flu, but from what I hear rest is the best remedy.

Looks great 🙂 but why is’nt Rachs surname Cohen? Hmm.

I hope they will be fighting together for us !!!! No comment Stay with The Fight any fight thank you Glen 😉

FYI I’m not sure if these have some errors or not… I had been talking with Amy Styles as she was set to do BodyAttack 76. When her name did not appear on this list on I sent her a quick message asking, and she said she is still filming it. So there may be some omissions/discrepancies.

@Chad – Yeah that’s what I thought too, it is known fact that Amy Styles is presenting BA76 here in Auckland so if she’s not on there, who’s not to say that others may not be on there too.

Aside from that… SO FREAKING EXCITED to see Tauvaga on there for BC51!!! I can’t think of an NZ presenter/trainer who deserves it more than him 😀

Cheers guys.

Eve I taught pump this morning and it’s come back a bit but still very raspy! No idea why so random!

Go T!

hey glen!
do u have a link for the bc50 presenters? i just got a glimpse on the clothing stores site and saw mr. vesga from bc47. hope u can help, i always get errors on :-/ thx! keep the good work up, u rock!

Andreas the presenters can be found in my filming post at

They were D&R, Andres, Shaunna May and Judy King 🙂

Hope this helps!

Yaaay Michelle Dean!

Nice to see the boys from the UK representing 😀

I guarantee you will not be able to take your eyes off of KC’s legs!ripped isn’t the word if the sqw is anything to go by!nice to see the talent from the UK confirmed 🙂

Just one week and a half! and I’m going to be there…! yess!!!! I’m so happy!!! yuhuuuu!!!!


thx man! sorry, i totally missed that in ur previous post =)

The confusion of having two Andreas. Haha.

hi Glen! Do u know the filmings time’s already..? Im looking forward next monday!! yeaahhh!!


Not yet David sorry. I do know combat’s at 10pm! Should find out tomorrow

cool! thanks! 😀

it’s an honor to see tracy minnoch as shbam 7 presenter. to think that i’ ve been trained by her in shbam! yeahhhh!!!!!

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