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BODYPUMP 80 tracklist

Posted on: October 18, 2011

Well, unbelievably this list has hit the net already! So here it is! I haven’t got this release from any official sources – the tracks are correct but I was certain the version of Smells Like Teen Spirit was the original Nirvana track at the filming? Maybe it was an incredible cover??? Regardless this release is TRULY EPIC like no other (lunges and shoulders GO OFF!).

As always I’ve linked to the tracks as best I can – where covers are used I’ve linked to the original. For more info see my filming post – and enjoy!

BODYPUMP 80 tracklist

Warmup: Resuscitate Me – September
Squats: The Edge Of Glory (Glory Mix) – Red Beans & Rice
Chest: Smells Like Teen Spirit – Ninth Immortal
Back: The Tide – Twilight
Triceps: Till The World Ends – Britney Spears
Biceps: Eye Of The Tiger – Altiyan Childs
Lunges: Fading Like A Flower (Club Radio Mix) – Dan Winter
Shoulders: Hands Up! (Sample Ripperz Remix) – Jens O
Abs: Rolling In The Deep – Colourbox
Cooldown: Fade Into Me – David Cook

45 Responses to "BODYPUMP 80 tracklist"

Didn’t we have a Smells Like Teen Spirit remix a few releases ago? And Eye of the Tiger was a biceps track back in the 40’s from memory.. Edge of Glory should be good though! Looking forward to it for sure. Thanks for posting mate!

Wow, seems pretty awesome 😀 and after reading your posts about it, I can’t wait till BP80 is released!!

Yeah Ryan we did have Smells Like Teen Spirit in BP73 but it was a cover which is why I thought they’d been a bit different in 80 and used the original. I was sure the original of Rolling in the deep was used at the filming too so maybe this is the PPCA free list?

Tracks are correct though (covers or not)

Adrián it’s a goodie for sure!!

glen do you already know the tracklist for BC50?

Not the official tracklist – but I know all the tracks from doing the filming. It should be out soon I’d say…

thanks again for posting track list! the release becomes so special everytime i get to be part of the filming! see u again in april:) love ur work, glen!

NZGLEN… the Colorbox ‘Rolling In the Deep’ (also used in Balance 54) is really awesomely made (such that it could easily be confused with the original). Unusually, it wasn’t a sex-change cover for the AU PPCA fun-police…

I actually prefer the cover… that may explain your confusion re: the original 😛

Can’t wait to see the BA and BS tracklists on here soon 😀
Love your work!

Dan my partner teaches balance and she didn’t even know it was a cover! It is a good one 🙂

OMG, I almost fell off my chair when i saw the post-title on my iGoogle! Awesomeeee….! 😛

Great music!! Looking forward to the other tracklists. But I assume that you will post them a.s.a.p 🙂

Ref post 3…tracks 1 and 5 on this list look like they are originals…so this probably isn’t the PPCA free version. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the tracklists!!

Thank you Glen and best regards from Madrid (Spain).

thankyou sir 🙂

I hope the release is better than the music 😦

hi glen cant believe no blog about the Beachbody deal! what do you think about it? did you do the filming for it? how is it different to BP?

Richard writing it today. Watch this space…

Much much better set of tracks than 78 or 79. Well done!

As if this is out already!! Sounds like a good release though! BRING IT ON!

Wow just reading the list again brings back so many memories, I think in as many years (9) I have been a Pumper this is the best release, alot have been special , maybe because this is the 20th year release, but the energy in that room that night was FANTASMAGORICAL 🙂

Tony it so was! It was the most amazing night!

have not been to body pump for a while but looks like time for a return visit. tracks kick ass.

Glen! No alternative song in this release?

Do you know when this release comes out?

Any word on the other tracklists, like, say, Jam and Combat? 🙂

Not yet Maria sorry.

hahahhah…another “edge” for squat track? *massage thighs XD

e-type is back yes yes feels like the old time and eye of the tiger i remember that we had have for a few years ago go go

Oh,Glen can’t you post RPM 53 tracklist? I’m so curious,but I only know the track 4. By the way, your site helped me to do my first Combat class 🙂

Hi Luciana

I’m expecting them any day now. Hey that’s great I’m glad I could help!

Thanks for your comment 🙂

very disappointed that they have yet again used songs that have been in recent releases and to top it using three of the combat tracks in the same new release for pump,naughty naughty dont we pay enough to get different music for al releases mixed or not

They mix the versions up enough and the members love the songs. I’m sure these things are considered. oh, btw, im absolutely looking forward to getting and learning this next installment of AMAZING.

Hey Glen, for BP80 the fantastic shoulders track has a remix of an 80’s tune I used to love! (first time you hear it right at the start of the track) – do you, or anybody else out there know the name of it – it’s killing me!!

Loving the release too – can’t wait to start teaching it!

You know what Sarah I know the track you mean and I can’t think of it either! I have a friend who is a music genius who might know… Andreas if you’re reading any clue?

Thanks Glen – my friend Juanito, another music genius has just told me “Show Me Love” by Robyn Stone – woohoo!

I am VERY happy that Britney is back on the list! Adele is wonderful too. It would be nice to keep the music current. “The Tide” doesn’t hold the same intensity as some of the new music that is out. Armin Van Buuren, Dev, Nervo, Little Boots, Robyn, Diamond Rings, and Natalia Kills are all BIG now and have GREAT power with their music…maybe BP 81/82 🙂 ? I DO appreciate all of the work that you put in…just wanted to toss out my comment. Thank you.

Here is the Spotify playlist!

Con ganas de probar el nuevo bp 80

Hi! Glen I wonder if you know if the Lunges track (Fading like a flower) has been already used before ….in BC or BP or whatever….. Hugs
Patou ❤

Good question Patou. Not to my knowledge but of course I’ve not seen most of the old BP releases. Hopefully someone knows 🙂

Yep Fading like a flower has been used in rpm 31 – mountain climb- quite a hard track it was too. just as well i love ‘edge of glory’ its in sooo many this round. shoulder track sample is from Robyn S ‘show me love’ still have it on cd and must say shoulders is a marathon, up & down, up & down!!

Glen, Just did BP 80 for the first time and it’s awesome. Loved every track. I can’t think of a recent release where I liked everything. Your camera time was great…you need to be asked to be on a BP release! Les seems to be a better fit this time, but the standout star imho was Matty. He is such an awesome presenter. I loved his squat track! A winner.

Better?!… impossible… Thanks for post it!…

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