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2011-4 Les Mills sizzlers

Posted on: October 12, 2011


Join us to celebrate a half-century of BODYCOMBAT with Release 50 – only this isn’t a party… it’s an insane workout that will see you punch and kick calories out the door! As usual, this release delivers hardcore results that leave you wanting More – so gear up and get going!

After warming up your upper and lower body, you’ll move into your first Combat track which features a dynamic Sword KATA sequence that will work your core with every single strike you make.

Watch out for Track 4 and a new side kick inspired by Tae Kwon Do. It’s designed to generate the most power possible from a side kick and to cover more ground; so unleash yourself and go the distance!

Inspired by Capoeira, Track 6 will work your legs to the max, testing your muscular endurance. Your legs are going to love you for all the conditioning work they get in this track. If you go hard, the results will come your way.

Track 7 sees the return of the most memorable BODYCOMBAT song of all time, Eye Of The Tiger. It’s been remastered for Release 50 and is combined with Top 40 songs to make an awesome musical line-up that will motivate you to push through the pain.

Prepare yourself for an 8-minute shoulder-endurance nightmare in Track 8; it’s a full-on punch fest which will see you reach your cardio limit, and then redefine it.

The theme of this release is ‘Reignite the Fire’ and you sure will have burned an insane amount of calories by the time it’s over, with moves that are carefully crafted to shred body fat and deliver hardcore results.


This round we mark 20 years of BODYPUMP with Release 80 – what a milestone! So to celebrate, we brought the programme back to where it all began: Aotearoa, with an all-New Zealand presenting team and a whole lot of innovation to celebrate the past two decades and welcome in the next!

This release is a great mix of high-intensity aerobic training to get you fit and burn calories; isolated strength training to tone and shape your muscles; and circuit training to push your body to the limit. Time to load up your bar and get working!

You’ll enjoy short bursts of high-intensity training in Tracks 2, 4 and 7 which will lift your heart rate, increase your fitness and burn calories. You’ll be on The Edge Of Glory in no time.

To complement the high-intensity work, there’s pure strength training tracks spread throughout the release to ensure you get a balanced workout. In Tracks 3, 6 and 9 we isolate a particular muscle group – chest (Track 3), biceps (Track 6) and core (Track 9) – to build pressure in the muscle, work it to fatigue and create change.

We’ve got a BODYPUMP first in Track 7: the Propulsion Lunge. It’s a hugely effective power training move where you leap into the air. You may not love these at the time, but you’ll love the results they help you achieve!

Tracks 5 and 8 are circuit-style tracks where you let rip for short bursts of intensity before enjoying a quick recovery. This is where change happens when you push yourself to the limit. Track 8 also sees the debut the Rotator Overhead Press; it’s a total shoulder-conditioning move that will really get your Hands Up! and your shoulders toned.

BODYPUMP 80 is a great release – trust us on this one; you don’t make it through 20 years without learning a thing or two!


Welcome to BODYBALANCE 55; we’re delighted you could join us for this release.

Smooth is the name of the game in Track 1, as you focus on warming through the upper body with graceful, encompassing movements.

Track 2 sees you complete Sun Salutations to a funky, beat-driven song which helps wake up and energize your whole body.

There’s a dramatic turn ahead in Track 4, where the drama of the song I’m No Angel is matched by the choreography of the poses.

Let your body fill with Love, Love, Love in Track 5 as you enjoy the sheer beauty of the song you are exercising to. Allow your body and mind to be overwhelmed with the feeling of happiness that this special song generates.

Tracks 6 and 7 offer a complete core workout which really pack a punch. The combinations of moves in these two tracks are so effective, they have the power to change your functional strength in a positive way.

Track 8 is your final opportunity for one last challenging pose, the Standing Balance Twist. There are modification options available to modify this move if you wish to gradually build into this demanding pose.

Surrender to the beautiful song Scarlet, written by Kiwi singer-songwriter Brooke Fraser, in Track 9a, allowing it to take you to a place of absolute stillness.

Before you know it, it’s time for the class to dissolve away into the relaxation and meditation phase, guguiding you to a place of calm before re-entering the world again, filled with Pure Light.


Get Ready 2 Go with BODYSTEP 86, starting with a solid Warm-up that will get your body prepared for the roller coaster it will be on during this release. It’s an intensely athletic release that will give great results but, in true BODYSTEP™ style, we’ve kept the moves and the music fun, so you keep on smiling from start to finish.

Just when you think Step Athletic Track 4 has reached its Determinate end, we’ve thrown in a surprise Half Burpee! The return of this high-intensity move will spike your heart rate and get everyone ready for the massive Shuffle combos of Track 5. It’s full-on Party Rock Anthem time in this Mixed Strength track as we let your legs breathe and send your heart rate into space. This is a deceptively fun track that will trick you into forgetting how much you’re actually moving!

The surprises keep coming in Track 6 with the introduction of the Propulsive Lunge that sees you and your heart rate Rise Up just when you think you’re slowing down. This move will really push you in the last 30 seconds and your heart rate will peak, but recovery follows – so go hard and get results!

Party Step Track 8 will make you feel as though you Run The World with the debut of the Running Girl move; it’s similar to the Running Man but it’s more Skater-like, a touch classy and equally as cool.

We’ve brought back the weight option in Track 10, with moves to work the legs and again get your heart pumping. Use a 5 (11 lbs) or 10kg (22 lbs) plate for this track; they’re not Poison – they help you reach a training spike!

Because you loved the new Athletic track debuted in Release 85, we’ve included the option again; you can use it in place of Tracks 8 and 9 to give the class another dose of high-intensity interval training. The concept’s the same with this Athletic track: 45 seconds of intense work, then 30 seconds of rest. Rinse and repeat six times. Good luck!


It’s time to Give Me Everything with BODYATTACK 75! This release is driven by music that’s high-energy, fun and inspiring – just like BODYATTACK!

Track 2 sees the debut of a new move, the Running Man. This is a first for BODYATTACK and it will leave you with a big smile on your face while your body finishes warming up, getting you ready for the high-intensity moves that are about to hit!

You’ll be Freakin’ Perfect in Track 3 as you let your heart rate peak with a BODYATTACK favourite, the Superman! Couple this move with some Jumping Jacks and your body won’t know where to send the blood – to your arms or your legs!

It’s time for intense Lunges now, and your opportunity to change the shape of your legs. There are options if you need to take things down a notch – we want everyone to do whatever it takes to make it to the end of the class, that’s all! Fitness is something you earn.

The Walking Burpee makes a return this release, this time joined by Bottom Half Push-ups to make one killer combo to condition your whole body as you complete this strength training sequence. We can promise that you will Sweat through this whole track, just like the song says!

If you love baseball, you’ll love Track 7. This track is sports agility training at its most intense and whether you’re a baseball novice or not, you’ll be running to bases, picking up balls and throwing them like you’re a professional in no time.

There will be no Fading Like A Flower in Track 8 as you experience a final boost of high-intensity interval training that will help you increase your fitness dramatically. Sprint as fast as you can at the end of the track – the energy of the group will help motivate you, as will the fact that you’re on the stretch to home base and the awesome conditioning tracks that await you. You’ll be on The Edge Of Glory before you know it!

RPM 53

Think of RPM 53 like this: 45 minutes of riding time where we have 10 minutes to get warm in Tracks 1 and 2; 5 minutes at the end to cool down; this leaves us with about 30 minutes to work hard and push ourselves to the limit.

Make the most of your 30 minutes of work by keeping the riding and workout intensity high through focusing not only on the work phases but also on the recoveries. Effective recovery is key if you want to build fitness and increase your endurance.

Track 4 is Mixed Terrain with a difference. In this track we are riding the flats at the same paces as the climbs until we hit the sprints. You ride in the saddle at 80rpm to flush your legs, before adding enough resistance to counterbalance your body weight so you can stand and climb, maintaining the same pace throughout. Then reduce to Working Resistance, ride hard and sprint. Don’t worry, all the work will pay off: you’ll feel like Kings And Queens by the end of it!

Treat each interval in Track 5 like it’s your last! During each of the five intervals, flick the switch, and power ahead knowing there’s a recovery phase right around the corner. If you use your recoveries, you’ll work much harder than you think you can in the attack phases, and get the results to match.

There’s a real contrast in this release between emotive and fun tracks. The mix of the two enhances the ride, creating a real journey. Don’t think about it too much, just ride it and feel it.


Wanna Battle In The Bronx? Put on your baddest gears for this Hip Hop-inspired release that features a classic gangsta feel AND the latest chart-toppers. Old school is the new new school, right?

Drop It Low into Track 2 with some silky-smooth Salsa. Focus first on the hips, then get your chest poppin’. Then get ready for straight Hip Hop with Get It flowing effortlessly into Countdown, the hottest sasstastic diva banga of the year. But don’t let it fool you; it’s about to get mental. The club anthem Happiness will have you sweatin’, then how loud can you yell “WHO RUN THIS MUTHA!”?

Drop your Bass Down Low to lower the heart rate – then it’s the genre-defying “Till Death Do We Party” House block. The most colossal remix of Judas, followed by Metrum, a melting pot of House, Afro, percussion, Electro, progressive – basically you cannot categorize this track into a box. It’s here that we challenge expectations of just what can be achieved in a fitness studio.

And just when you think things couldn’t get any more awesome, BAM! Champagne Showers will throw your class into a breakout energy like never before. The most intense cardio, the most amazing music, the most euphoric BODYJAM yet.

Key to this release is making sure you Set Up, Follow Up, then Shut Up! This is a new coaching style that lets your class feel the music and move with it – minimal interruptions required! Because you’re not talking, you can give the movement everything – 110%. It’s so much more inspirational to watch a great dancer than to talk about great dancing… Give it a go and watch G explain everything in the Ed session.

BODYJAM 59 is defying genres with a Hip Hop flava so you get the best dance workout on the planet – prepare yourself to tear the room up and Battle In The Bronx.


BODYVIVE 21 is a fun, fresh release with loads of variety!

Let Me Take You Away with a great warmup that will get you ready for the intense cardio blocks that are just around the corner. Track 2 uses the VIVE™ ball as a resistance tool for your upper body, helping you tone and tighten as you build stamina and endurance.

The cardio moves in Track 4 will improve your agility before we up the intensity with interval training in Track 5. You’ll want to Ring The Alarm as this track will push you to your cardio limit, but have the confidence to go hard because active recovery follows! Pay special attention to this track as the song was personally approved for use by the artists who wrote it!

All you Boys And Girls will need to get your VIVE™ tubes out for integrated strength in Track 8, and we’ll also put the VIVE™ tube to work to improve functional strength during the hip moves in Track 9.

Next, we put your core to the test. First up is back strength: you’ll use the VIVE™ ball to train your postural muscles, along with everyone’s favorite – Push-ups. Then it’s your abs’ turn: you’ll feel Like Water during this track but push through; it’s almost time to stretch it all out in Track 12 when you can relax, knowing you’ve just completed a low-impact, high-intensity workout that will get you in great shape all over!

18 Responses to "2011-4 Les Mills sizzlers"

No CXworx sizzler?

10x btw, now you’ve got me excited, =)

Not yet Vladimir – will be any day now for CX and Sh’bam 🙂

Pretty excited about BODYCOMBAT 50. So track 4 and 6 are hard leg tracks again? I hope so 🙂
When will the tracklist be released?

Eye of the Tiger. YES

Ray track 6 is the hardest track ever on the legs. makes Stamp and No Good seem like a walk in the park.

Track 4 not so much – has a new kick that will take a bit of practise!

Wow! All sounds intense, AND exciting! 🙂 Track 6 sounds a tad intimidating from your comment above Glen!

Have to say I am excited for Eye of the Tiger, I remember that song from the 80’s!! ..showing my age 😉

Sarah track 6 is a living nightmare!!!!

Seriously it is…

No, seriously… I wish I was kidding!

Oh no…. !! 😦

Bring on the great butt for Summer!? 😉

Exciting! I love the subtle song hints, can’t wait to see the full tracklists and eventually get my kits in the mail!

I like BodyJam , any tracklist?

WOW Sound awesome! can’t wait fro Bristol now.

it would have been nice for LM not to use the same songs in the diff programmes… souonds like edge of glory is in combat and attack!

when can you reveal the full tracklists to us Glen? shame you wont
be over for this SQW in Bristol! was great to meet you in Wigan!


I can assure you Edge of Glory is not in combat! 😛

Tracklists usually around filming time (2-3 weeks away)

Here are posters with better quality: (BA). You can find them by clicking on the left side of the page under Program Kits.

Bodypump 80 tracklist: seems kind of right according to the Sizzler

Well I’m going to assume, based on the description, that Track 4 introduces the skip side kick. Usually done as a ‘step behind’ which effectively turns your body into the kick and gives your body momentum going forward. If that’s what we’re going to be doing, then awesome, because it’s about time we see that move in BC. Though I’ve sometimes sneaked it into the “shuffle shuffle shuffle side kick” that we do in so many warmups.

Good assumption!!! 😉

Is the warm-up track for BC 50 “More” by Usher???

omg glen i’m getting excited just reading the write up on all the new releases keep up the good work. oh and thanks for letting me know about the unleashed event that happen in wigan we had a fab time and hoping to do it again woo hoo 🙂

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