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2012-1 filming date update

Posted on: October 4, 2011

Hi guys – just a wee heads up that the programs have shifted a bit in the upcoming filmings (and CXWORX is on its own day again). These are the latest dates and should be correct but may shift at the discretion of LMI. I’m happy as all my favourite programs are on the same day yay! See ya there!

Monday 31st October 2011


Thursday 3rd November 2011

  • SH’BAM 7
  • RPM 54
  • BODYJAM 60

Friday 4th November 2011

  • CXWORX 6

17 Responses to "2012-1 filming date update"

Will update with the times as soon as I have them – usually 2 weeks before πŸ™‚

damn… that means I wont be able to be at any preview combat classes!!! I may be able to squeeze in 1 but thats all 😦

I’m sure you’ll find a way! πŸ˜€

hrmmm im looking at the timetable and there is a class at 4:15… Who knows if i can fit it in on the saturday?

When will you be heading to Auckland?

Thank goodness im getting my fitness back (kind of ) I did attack last night and didnt pass out… That agility track is tough, although I did have a slight advantage by knowing what the “snowboard” move was hahaha

I’m shadowing nathan for one track on thursday… wish me luck ( I dont know ANY of 49 yet…. goddam glandular fever) he made me promise that I will keep up (help?!)… track 4 is easy chorry aint it?

I’ll only be coming up the day of (but might pop up on the Saturday afternoon just for the day perhaps?) will probably be heading back home straight after (hopefully they don’t run till 11:30pm like last time!)

Track 4 in BC49 isn’t too bad – in fact you’ll learn the release really quickly. It’s track 6 in BC50 I’m worried about!!!

Hey see ya in a couple weeks and thanks for the files!

Ohh noo!! The days of BS and Sh’BAM has changed! I was going to leave Auckland on 2nd of november ’cause that filmings were on the 31st 😦
I think I’m going to change my flight tickets to Spain… Oh God, This is going to be my ruin!
Thanks for updating the changes Glen!

Yeah David sorry they’ve done that twice now – don’t know why 😦 Hopefully you can change your flights – this was the update I got today so it is the latest dates – hopefully they don’t change again!

I hope not! πŸ˜›
thousand thanks!!

Hi Glen!

Do you know the dates of the january filmings yet? πŸ™‚

Woo!!! Getting excited. We arrive Sunday from Australia and straight into it Monday morning! Can’t wait πŸ™‚

Jojjo – sorry I missed this comment. At this stage it looks like Thursday 26th January 2012 and Tuesday 31st January 2012

Hi-Please advise the late Jan early Feb 2012 filming dates—
will be there at the RPM — YAY!
Mary B RPM InNstructor (Scarey Mary!)

Mary 26 and 31 of Jan are dates at this stage

Gday Glen have you been told of times for filmings yet? now that weare a couple of weeks out πŸ™‚ see you soon Buddy

Not yet Tony. All I know is that combat is at 10pm?!

awww man, this is so disappointing – none of my usual will be on the 3rd of nov!!! anyway glen, how do i get the times for the filming please? i might try out sh’bam even tho we dont have it here

do you know the tracklist of Sh’bam 6 or 7?
Thx! πŸ™‚

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