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2011-4 Les Mills posters

Posted on: October 3, 2011

Well these have hit the net already! Apologies for the low res I’ll update them as soon as I can find better quality ones. I might be biased (yes that is yours truly in the BODYCOMBAT poster – and my arm in the Attack haha) but I really like them! Look forward to your thoughts!

18 Responses to "2011-4 Les Mills posters"

Good work being in the BC poster!!!!

And yes, I think these are a really good set of posters (and I’m one of those picky Graphic Designers too!!!!)

Can’t see you clearly in the poster, but congrats anywhere. And I notice CXWORX have use plate, so they not only integrate resistance tube into workout. Or they place a wrong photo?

George the new CXWORX uses plates as well as bands (oops) “tubes”.

don’t get too bigheaded now you are on an ‘official’ LM poster….. well done in getting picked – it was an pbvious choice in my opinion.
Not sure if ‘hear me roar’ is the right slogan, mind you the only slogan I’m chanting at the moment is GO ALL BLACKS!!!
as soon as I get job here in Aucks I’ll be getting my ar$e back into a gym – can’t wait

Thanks Nick! Was a fun experience and met some cool people.

I wouldve thought you’d be straight into LM city – have you done any classes there at all?

Might see ya when we’re up next for filming/workshop 🙂

Congratulations on the poster Glen 🙂

BTW I was wondering if anybody could join the fightschooltraining.coom website? cause i’m not receiving any ”verify you mail address” email…

Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear. Glen you know the rules… 50 push ups every time you mistakenly refer to the Cx TUBES by that old 80’s adage… BANDS!!!

Don’t argue, just do.

Great work on your articles brother and you are looking sharp on the posters!

Weather is getting better, that means I must be due a trip to the mount soon 😉 You teach me how to surf like the beach bum that you are and i’ll teach you how to drink beer like the Englishman that I am LOL

Have an awesome day!!


You can tell I’m not a CXer haha 🙂

Hey maybe we can get you down for the BP80/BC50 release Matt? That’d be AWESOME!

Glen – we are on the North Shore, about 10 mins from LM Takapuna, but membership prices are a bit dearer that they were in Chch….
There are 2 ‘leisure / recreation centres’ on the North Shore that also offer all the LM programs and they are a bit cheaper…. either way we won’t be doing anything until we both get jobs anyway!

Those “slogans” are really stupid.

“I found my game”, I immediately thought of misplacing an Xbox 360 game and then finally finding it. “Hear me roar”? I mean…. Seriously? XD

(and then holding that game up in the hand they raise on the poster) LOOK EVERYBODY, I FOUND IT! 😛

I’m glad I could provide you with the exclusive hehehe

Combatters ROAR!!!

Yeah thanks Bee you rock!!!


NIce! Look forward to seeing them in real life, and seeing the faces properly.
Do they still have calorie counts? Any big changes this round?

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