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BODYPUMP 79 tracklist

Posted on: August 2, 2011

Since I always publish the BODYPUMP tracklist in its own post with youtube links thought I’d do it again for completion’s sake. Was surprised to see these lists on as usually we have to wait until after workshops begin – like an early Christmas present! Enjoy!

BODYPUMP 79 tracklist

Warmup: Higher – Logan S. feat. Mandy Brewer
Squats: Closer To The Edge – Mekon Garden
Chest: Party All Night (Sleep All Day) – Sean Kingston
Back: Written In The Stars (Sunny Dee Remix) – Jason Born
Triceps: Born This Way – Southern Light
Biceps: Livin’ On A Prayer – Altiyan Childs
Lunges: Grenade (Damn-R Mix) – Jason Born
Shoulders: J’Adore Hardcore (Extended Mix) – Scooter
Abdominals: We’ll Be Alright – Travie McCoy
Cooldown: The Crow & The Butterfly – Shinedown
Alternative 5 – Triceps: If We Ever Meet Again (Hans-O-Matik Bigroom Radio Cut) – Pandora BX


32 Responses to "BODYPUMP 79 tracklist"

Thank you so much Glen Hugs from Paris Patou

Thanks Glen !!! Congratulations for it !!!

Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, Shinedown and Scooter back in a single release. Great! 😀

Chest track is the only one that looks a bit weak… we’ll have to wait to see it live 😛

Thanks! Loving your Blog!!

Do you know when BP 79 comes out in Scotland ? I’ve only started going to classes a few weeks ago but hooked on bodypump. I’m not overly co-ordinated but loving it and can’t wait for the new tracks to try out.
Don’t think the warm up song looks as good as the current one though but the rest seems good

thank you

What a squat track ❤ can't wait!
Thanks Glen 🙂

Thanks for posting it Glen! Congrats on the photo shoot! U ROCK!:)

Aww thanks lopezjoe! 😀

WOW this is great!! Thanks for sharing Glen! Can’t wait to see BP79!
Best regards 🙂

I like it. Thank you Glen. Greetings from Madrid (Spain).

Love this, thanks for posting. Especially love the tricep and lunge tracks! You ROCK!

Great tracklist, except for T6 😦 Was wondering all the time when to play the BP 78 bonus track – now I know!

For Jonathan, The workshops for pump 79 in Scotland are 4th and 11th sept and music out the 14th so not long to wait.

I’ve created a Spotify tracklist with the tracks that are available on Spotify. Unfortunately not all tracks are available.

The squats track is going to be SO GOOD! I cant wait

What a great track for the shoulders, F*ck*ng Awesome

Greetz from Holland

Hi Glen,

I’ve just passed my BP module training and cant wait to see the new release in action at the super quarterlies here in the UK this weekend!

I’m also a Bodycombat instructor and follow you reviews etc which are really appreciated.

Roll on saturday!


Hey Glen! FIY, I have always downloaded the songs online using your list as reference, hehehehe… Your blog is the first one that comes up when I google “Bodypump track list” every time a new series come up… and I’ve doing it of a bit over 1 year and a half…

So looking forward to this, thanks for the preview!! Cant wait to kiss goodbye to the current lunge track! Don’t like Katie Perry and don’t like all the bottom halves! LOL. Sorry to say goodbye to Paffendorf shoulders though – love it.

Great Track list. Lovin it!!!!!

Can’t wait!!! Gonna be awesome! Although our instructor keeps telling us that the back track is KILLER… eek!

This release sounds so un-inspiring and flat throughout! .. maybe it’ll be a different story once we’re on it … BP75 still my favourite, maybe cos it was my introduction to BodyPump … still can’t beat Carrie Underwood Cowboy Casanova for biceps! the other BP’s good but BP78 is faltering … what’s on BP80?!!

Glen – just watched the BP 79 sizzler on you tube – tell me, whats that crazy side plank thing about!? Are we in for something pretty scary?!

The actual music for the squat I found here:

Bart, The Netherlands.

Thanks Glen for the list and the links–awesome! I love this release, which was just launched in Canada. And despite I dislike the ‘squanges’ I have to say I really liked this track, as I did with “Fireworks”

Chi mi aiuta? Cerco il cd BODYPUMP 79 tracklist – chi mi aiuta a indicarmi dove posso trovarlo? abito in Svizzera. Grazie mille

Does anyone have the choreography of the body pump 01 to 20?

I’m starting in the BP world…and i love it!!
Do you know if the song are covers, remixes ?? coz they’re not the original artist….

I just started BP next to my powertraining after having lost 88 lbs. Thank you very much for this tracklist.

closer to the edge , best track ever…amazing!! love all the tracks not chest that much but amazing!!

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