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One month till BODYCOMBAT 50!

Posted on: June 27, 2011

Just letting you know I’m still here! Been a crazy few weeks (more on that below) but thought I better write a quick post to everyone know I haven’t completely dropped off the face of the planet 😉

And quite a good date to write it as it’s exactly one month today until the BODYCOMBAT 50 filming! (plus the other 4 filmings of the day of course). Word on the street is BC50 sees an absolute dream team line up including Andres Vesga (BC47), plus the lovely Shaunna May (BC46) and Judy King (BC43). Doesn’t get much better than that! I’ve officially sorted cover for the day so I can make it and I am uber-excited!

Most of you around the world would’ve released BC48 by now and if you, or your class if you’re an instructor have received it in the same way my classes have they would of loved it. It really is a special release – and especially hard! BC49 is brilliant too so look forward to that. While I’m on the subject of 48 I wore a full Tae Kwon Do dobok (uniform) for this release given that it has such a solid TKD base. OMG – not the smartest thing I’ve ever done by track 6 I was seriously ready to pull the whole thing off, something I’m not so sure my class would’ve appreciated! (or maybe they would of haha ;))

I’ve also posted a few pics from the BODYPUMP 78 instructor workshop at Les Mills Auckland. That was also a special day for me as I was privileged enough to be invited to shadow some of the class. Being on stage in front of 200-250 instructors certainly was a thrill (I mean Glen Ostergaard was actually participating in the class how trippy is that?!). Special thanks to LMNZ for the invitation – you guys are the best.

Anyway – few pics below. Of course if you’ve added me on facebook you’ve probably seen these (if you haven’t please do would love to keep in touch) – I’ll post more about the filmings when I hear, and if you’re coming look forward to seeing you then. It’ll be epic!

12 Responses to "One month till BODYCOMBAT 50!"

you’re a great role model and inspiration, Glenn! Cheers to you, mate!

Aww cheers Alex! See you next month!!!!! 😀

Good to hear from you again Glen! I trained on BC48 and if I survived that, I’m sure I’ll survive anything.

Wasn’t Shaunna May on BC46?

Take it off anytime Glen. Haha jk 🙂

Wow Glen, your are great. I think one day, very soon, you will be with Dan and Rachel on stage teaching the newest BC release. Honestly you have all the potential 😀

BTW, did you stop writing your Body Combat reviews definitely? Or has been only lack of time?

@Eve ooops you’re right! Thanks for that! (I missed that filming as I was in the UK so got a little confused). Have updated you rock! 🙂

@Chad Haha thanks mate – I’ve seen others release wearing just muay thai shorts and I’ve thought about it but may scare a few peeps off!

@rayiceman aww thanks mate – I think D&R may see things a little differently there! 😉

The reviews have just been down to my time basically – they take me a couple hours to write and I’ve been really busy in my day job – such that by the time I get around to writing I think “probably too late anyway” – plus I didn’t think anyone would miss them! I’ll write one for 49 for sure as it’s brilliant!

Feel free to scare me when I come down for whatever Q 2012 filmings Attack 80 is in!

You’ll have to do combat though! (Can’t really get away with that in attack!)

Oh of course! I’m coming to all the filmings if I can swing it! I’d love to come take one of your local classes too! And Raina’s RPM of course… it’ll definitely be a fun trip to plan. I’ll have to get with you and get all the info!

GREAT and excellent Glen!

Yeah, love the pics with the taekwondo suit on…I am sure after track 2 and even track 4, you must soaking WET :)….yeah I missed seeing you reviews…you’re so busy until you missed BC47 reviews ( you promised that ha ha ha) it’s BC48 before BC49 slips in…or rocks in?! 🙂

Yeah, heard about the line up for BC50..kinda excited that Andres is back…I’d love to see UK team back…(the fighter lady from BC40)…

Yup, hope to cross paths with you some day..! Cheers!

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