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BODYCOMBAT 50 filming date change

Posted on: June 13, 2011

Just a wee heads up; you’ll note on my filming date posts I’ll always specify “these dates are subject to change by Les Mills International” – well looks like that’s the case as we’ve had a bit of a swap around.

The two filming dates are still the same however the programmes have moved around somewhat and BODYCOMBAT 50 is now being filmed on 27 July 2011. See below for latest changes – also note at this stage it looks like CX-30 5 will be filmed completely separately at a later date – update – CX30 will be filmed on Wednesday August 10. I’ll try to keep you as updated as I can! New dates follow, and again these dates are subject to change:

Wednesday 27 July 2011

  • SH’BAM 6

Monday 1 August 2011

  • RPM 53
  • BODYJAM 59

Wednesday 10 August 2011

  • CX30 5

13 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 50 filming date change"

I’m coming!! I hope the date for cx30 filming is not far from those dates!

I live in Sweden and last night we started BodyJam 57 and BodyCombat 48. It was so fun, but I really need to practice! 😉 Can’t you upload some clip of these two?

I love your website!


Going to scope out travel arrangement for the big 50 me thinks. If I can make it happen will let you know 🙂

Fiona it sounds like CX30 will be a couple weeks after but I’ll let you know.

Therese unfortunately due to copyright i can’t upload any vids – even if they are of my own class (as the music isn’t licensed for use online)

Si would be awesome let me know!

how is CX30 going down there?

Haven’t heard if its coming to UK yet.

Not sure if clubs here in UK would be willing to pay license fee for such a class of “core exercise”. Is it just repackage of “abs tracks” from all the programmes from previous releases?

Richard to be honest I’m not entirely sure how it’s going outside the official Les Mills gyms themselves – it only got released to franchise gyms at the last quarterly a few weeks ago and there’s only been one module in each centre since.

It’s definitely not jut repackaged ab tracks though – you use a Vive band and looks pretty intense. I’ve only ever watched the classes though and not done them – should really give it a go!

That’s to bad… Not even on youtube? 😉

Do you now any Combat-class when ”Für Elise” (it sounds like techno, soo cool!) has been one of the songs? I now I’ve been on a class for maybe 5-7 years ago, and I really liked it – but I can’t find the song on Les Mills site… But I now for sure it was Combat.
I also wondering about a Shakira-song, ”Eyes lika your’s” who I can’t find – I think it might be Combat or Jam.. this was at the same time as the song above.

I really like your blog! 😀

Hi Glen,This is not about body combat related question or comment. however I’m sure you can help me.
In regards to body pump or basically I guess any Les Mills class ,how would one go about it?
In Sep I am going to study for my personal training certificate and once this is completed I would LOVE to teach body pump.We don’t have any Les Mills gyms close by but we do have a circuit room which has body pump ( know they may not need instructors but maybe would like fill in trainers perhaps.)
What is the first thing I need to do?

Hi Lisa – it differs depending on what country you are in – do you know who your local LM agent is? You should be able to find it at

Hi there,
I’m in good old NZ 🙂 . Thanks will check that link out.

Oh that’s easy then!

Well your local agent is LMNZ, but unfortunately the only way to get into a module here is to be sponsored by a gym (which means you’ll train with a gym with a les mills franchise) which sounds like it could be a problem for you if you have no LM gyms nearby?

I could give you a contact at LMNZ to email if that helps?

Sorry what I meant is there are no gyms near by that have Les Mills however the local circuit room near by does have bodypump classes so they must be Les mills sponsored don’t you think? Hmm
Yes please if you could give me an email that would be super.
Thanks for that Glen.

Yep if they’ve got pump they have to have the franchise.

Basically they should be your first stop, explain to them you want to train up and hopefully they are keen to take you on board.

Failing that pop Mid through an email:

She’s amazing and will help you help as much as she can. Good luck!

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