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BODYATTACK 73 sizzler

Posted on: May 9, 2011

This action-packed release will set your hearts racing and drive you to a new level of athletic fitness.

Only Girl In The World helps you relax and have fun during the Warmup, and that light-hearted mood carries into the first real working track as you bust out the Dirtee Disco moves for Mixed Impact.

As the momentum builds, don’t forget to take options if you need them.

Aerobics training encourages you to Raise Your Glass as you raise your heart rate, but you’ll have to really Shake It as Plyometric Lunges send you to your highest peak yet during sport training in Track 4.

Then, hit the deck and give us some Pushups, mixed up with a Crab Crawl and Plank & Pointer that will severely test your upper body strength. Again, don’t forget those options … just don’t bail out!

Enjoy the chance to run with your team – round and round, corner to corner … wherever the music takes you.

Track 7 trains you to win on the court, testing your agility through a variety of diagonal, lateral and backward running drills, the Lunge & Catch, and foot speed through the Ladder Run. Stay sharp, stay focused.

You “dance on” through interval training, but Are You Ready For This … High Knee Running and Jumping Jacks develop the power, then Squats and Lunges condition your lower body while taking you Higher.

Take it to the floor to work on your core and before you know it, you’re lying in a pool of sweat … a sure sign you’ve completed another intense workout that provides you with everything you need to achieve on the sports field.

11 Responses to "BODYATTACK 73 sizzler"

Sounds great ! Especially Only Girl and Raise Your Glass, love those tracks.
Hope the plyometric track will be as fierce as the actual Move It !
Thanks again for all your post can’t wait for the new releases

The power track is CRAZY hard!

I’m totally ready for this !
Even though I’m not quite ready to let go of “Do You Love Ya’ Hardcore”, that’s an amazing track !!

New one’s good to Sabrina! Wow what are the chances of two comments from 2 different Sabrinas?!

So can’t wait for raise your glass 🙂
is this a hard release, anyone know?

Actually the 2 posts are from the same Sabrina, me ! Lol

Glen have you ever done T9 Take it To The Limit from 66??? Do you think the new one is harder?

What do you think about that 730 kcal:s, is that a correct amount..?

@Emmi: 730 kcal seems obviously on the low end… After a typical BA72 class I’m easily sporting 4 digits on my heart rate monitor…

Glen, do you know how long this release is?


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