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July 2011 Les Mills filming dates

Posted on: May 8, 2011

These are the big ones! The TWENTY YEAR anniversary of BODYPUMP and the big half century for BODYCOMBAT! Get into these ones early as they’ll go off!! As always these dates are subject to change by Les Mills International. See ya there!

Wednesday 27 July 2011

  • SH’BAM 6
  • CX30 5

Monday 1 August 2011

  • RPM 53
  • BODYJAM 59

15 Responses to "July 2011 Les Mills filming dates"

If you’re thinking of coming this year these would be the ones to come to. It will be chilly BUT the filmings after this (in October/November) are during the Rugby World Cup and flights and hotels will be a lot more expensive (A LOT).

I got dirt cheap flights for the November filmings! But I betta get in and book my hotel before it goes crazy!

Yeah get onto that Paul! Have you been getting the LM deal at The Oaks?

All sorted, back at the Oaks 😀 Booked through Agoda, same discounted rate as booking direct with Oaks! Also, the deal on my flight was ridiculous! Same travel dates flying ECONOMY with Singapore Airlines was $2000 return, but I’m flying BUSINESS with JetStar for $1000… CRAZY!!! You so know why I’m coming in November… BODY JAM 60 😀

Do you know what time filming starts? My flight lands in Auckland at 8:10 AM on the 27th

What time does filming start? My flight lands in Auckland at 8:10 AM

Suze they don’t usually release the times until closer to the date – however for RPM you’ll need to secure your place in advance. Email to book asap, she should be able to give you the time too 🙂

Glen, have the set dates for the Oct/Nov filmings yet?
If I can count, I think that is when they’ll do Sh’Bam 7 with some Aussies presenting. 🙂

31 Oct and 3 November 🙂 – Sh’bam is on the 31st

What chance do i have of getting into the filming if it is the big 20 year anniversary? i have been pumping for 12 years so would love to get there from Oz, do I take a punt I can get in?

Hi Im

You can definitely get in – but I would HIGHLY recommend you turn up super early. At the last “big” filming (which was the GFX in November) – the filming started at 8am – we turned up at 6am just to make sure we got a spot. And we did – but I believe over a hundred people didn’t get in. But basically yes book your tickets and I can give you the details of who you have to contact to get the passes to get into the gym (they are NZ$10 per day) and then you can come to every filming!

thanks Glenn
I am coming..booked and paid for flights and accom. Am staying at the Oaks nearby and have Carla’s email to let her know. is there anyone else i should contact? can’t wait!!! we do land at 12am on the Tues night so will be backing up early for balance!

Nope that’s everything! Carla is in Rome at the moment so she may not get back to you for a few weeks – don’t stress if that’s the case.

Only other thing is if you wanna do rpm you need to book well in advance.

Look forward to meeting you – when you see me give me a hola!

terrific, thanks Glenn! see you all inJuly, I can’t wait to see who they get for the 20th Anniversary…any ideas?

All I know at this stage is Mid and Will Pritchard are presenting again, but my guess is it will be a pretty big team 🙂

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