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BODYCOMBAT 48 sizzler

Posted on: April 29, 2011

Brace yourself for an explosive 55 minutes of martial arts action. BODYCOMBAT™ 48 packs some serious punch!

Things kick off with a fun yet effective Warmup set to the catchy pop beats of In My Head and Airplanes before the huge guitar builds and crazy drum sections of Smooth Criminal get you all fired up – and pulling out some seriously slick Tai Kwan Do moves.

We Dance On sets the scene for intense boxing training with the introduction of a new step and weave and a big focus on footwork. When the energy and electricity of Track 3 comes to a close then it’s time for the thigh-punishing Caporeira of Track 4. Here the combination of Esquivas, Lunges, Double Knees, Side Kicks and Front Kicks make getting through the five minutes of Come In Hard a real challenge!

Round 5 is where you need to grit your teeth and dig deep as a series of powerful Punches, Hooks and Jabs bring your shoulders back to the party. Remember, this is pure boxing, so act like a true fighter and push yourself until the bell sounds!

During the catchy beats of Drummer Boy you’ll lose yourself in the rhythm as you get your balance going and work those butt cheeks. Then, after upping the intensity with a series of Muay Thai combos that will lift your heart rate and totally blow you away, it’s time for power-packed Jabs, Uppercuts and Hooks as you unleash all you’ve got to the sounds of Everywhere.

As The Time starts playing the energy comes down a notch, but the challenging abdominal work means you’ll still be feeling the burn – after all, if you’re fighting strong in your core it will make a difference where it matters most!

8 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 48 sizzler"

I gonna attend BC training coming end of May and this release will in the module. Omg, this sizzle sound so difficult. Pray hard and work hard.

BC48 is HARD – but you’ll love it! 😀

Good luck for your training!

Thank you. 🙂

George, this will be my module too! What if I have to present track 4?

Yes, track 4 sound like the most difficult. Personally I like Caporeira, but to think present the track feel pressure. From now I gonna request my instructors to do more Caporeira track. Finger cross.

This release is the best ever!

Hello eveyone!
I’m just writing to explain that it’s not Caporeira but Capoeira… I know that portuguese is a hard language but you must get it right 😉 Keep up with fight!!! Kisses from Portugal, Marta

at least 2 of these combat tracks have been used before

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