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BODYCOMBAT 48 tracklist

Posted on: April 25, 2011

Well amazingly this time has rolled around already! As you may know I always hold off publishing the tracklists until either workshops begin – or when they hit the net on other websites. Well both has officially happened! This quarter each year the tracklists hit the world a little sooner than usual due to the FILEX fitness event in Sydney – LM always seem to combine this with a workshop which means Australians see the releases before anyone else (some gyms in Queensland have released already! Nice!).

For my initial thoughts on BODYCOMBAT 48 see my filming postΒ (yay for an AWESOME track 5!!!) and theΒ BODYCOMBAT 49 filming is just days away so check back for more info on that! Track list follows – love to hear your thoughts and enjoy! πŸ™‚

BODYCOMBAT 48 tracklist

1a: In My Head (Kris McTwain Remix Edit) – Henry Blank
1b: Airplanes (Kris McTwain Remix Edit) – Groove Chasers
2: Smooth Criminal – Badlands Inc
3: We Dance On – Subz Project
4: Come In Hard (Don’t Like Rock ‘N’ Roll) – Hardknox
5: If I Were You – Breeze & Ritmen
6: Drummer Boy (MoDrums Remix) – Alesha Dixon
7: The Last Fight – Bullet For My Valentine
8: Everywhere (Breeze & UFO Remix) – Master Blaster
9: The Time (Dirty Bit) – Red Beans & Rice
10: The Silence (New Single Mix) – Alexandra Burke

38 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 48 tracklist"

Hiya mate, how come your links to BODYCOMBAT 48 filming aren’t working?

thank you so much Glen ! im just overloving tr.5 … it has such power as overload or a “see the light”. its gonna bring sweat in the game, CANT WAIT

I know Francois it’s awesome!!!!!!

Just noticed that – should be fixed now?

Thanks Glen πŸ˜€

Australia won’t see any of the new stuff again until the end of May unfortunately.

Although, anyone who did go to the FILEX event are getting their music kits before workshop…or at least that’s what we’ve been told

Yeah Pascal it’s weird how that’s happened! I’ve had messages on twitter from people whose gyms have already released in Oz!

Hmm…curious. I know one of the LM QLD presenters is from north QLD. Might follow this up…

Officially though, workshops aren’t until the end of May o.O

Track 5 is not rock n’ roll!!!! YEEEEEEEEEAH!!!!

Jose I know! Yippee!!! It’s AWESOME too!

Waouh Smooth Criminal that’s hot !! Love the tracks, just gettin used to BC47 but can’t wait to start 48 ! Thanks Glen !!

Kia Ora Glen πŸ™‚

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Wow! Track by track, are all diamonds.
Finally a smashing track 5.
And Michael Jackson? Respect!
Thanxxx for sharing.

Kia kahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Track 7 is the most interesting one heavy stuff original !

We only just got 47 and now there’s 48??? At least this T5 sounds way better πŸ˜€

Audrey track 5 is A MILLION times better!! πŸ˜€

Loving the new tracklist and can’t wait until June to do this release.
Thanks again Glen!

Can’t wait till BC48 comes rolling in…!!! Just getting used to BC47 right now. Side kicks here we come πŸ™‚

Hi Guys, went to Filex. Totally Mad!
– generates a similar atmosphere to a filming.
Did you guys hear about the marriage proposal at the start of pump?

Our DVD packs get sent out to us at the end of May. If any of the gyms are doing 48 here, it’ll be the presenters practicing for their workshops.
– damn you ppca! for the delay *shakes fist*

After experiencing T5 from 48, I just had to go back & do the older warmup version from 22 (Luckily one of the gyms at which I teach has a ppca licence ;).

Ya know what, I reckon I like the whole release off the cuff!
Nice one!

Interesting Ray! Yep there are definitely gyms in QLD releasing already (see my link above)

I loved 48 too… We see it in a couple weeks again πŸ™‚

Oh Glen thanks really!

Oh can’t wait for Smooth Criminal…have been waiting for this track to come back (we have this track in the old BC)..and if i were you??? in track 5…is this the same track as the BC22 warm up track? that will be cool…:)…

Can’t wait can’t wait..when are you releasing? cheers!

Yep Reggie same track as 22 but faster πŸ™‚

And yes, Smooth Criminal again too πŸ™‚

Wooow… nice tracklist! Want more like “Bullet For My Valentine” in the next releases πŸ™‚ Rock on \m/!

Thanks for the tracklist!

Last night we did Balance 52 Release… Track 6 (Abs)… is the best!!!! And very painful! Did you Do it???
Greetings from Argentina!!!

Wow, gyms in Oz already releasing 48?! Bit of a shame for the rest of us that wont see it until the end of May. Wasn’t “Smooth Criminal” a Chest track in Pump at one stage? I have a dream…living in PPCA-free-land, it would be nice if we could ‘pitch’ the music up or down and reuse it for Pump again. I know it would never happen, but it’s such a lovely dream to have…

Aiiiii, apart from the murder of one of my favourite Balance tracks (Airplanes)…. LOVE IT!!!!

I absolutely love tracks 2, 3, and 4! Especially all the side kicks in 4!

Thanks a gad-zillion, Glen! We just launched BC47, and I enjoy the challenge of it, but the music left me wanting more. This is way, way more and definitely a good omen.

nice tracks. i cant wait to see bc48.

“if i were you” from BC 22 is back? cool! one of my fave warm up tracks of all times. can’t wait!!! thanks glen

Thanks Glen! I’m going to Bodycombat basic training this June and we’ll probably be using BC48 there, lucky me! If it’s as relentless and kick-heavy as you say, the weekend will probably kill me.

Would you say this is an easy release to learn? I found BC47 a bit tricky to follow at times even as a participant.

finally they heard the BLAH’s and changed the way T5 is ! the remix got the feeling of how a power training should be πŸ˜€ maybe this mix should be the start of great combat mixes like the old times \o/ great tracks in this BC 48… i wonder… in mixes above 8 and with the number 8 on it (like 18,28,38 and now 48) the mixes get the best of it πŸ˜€

great combat ^^

totally in love with this release!

Is there anyway to get the songs on a CD? I love 48!!!

Hi Sandra – you could try to buy them one at a time off itunes but no the CDs aren’t available commercially sorrry

ow tem como vc me passar essas musicas p o meu e-mail?? to loka p colocar no meu mp4 p ficar escutando o tempo todo!!! por favor tem como?? eu imploroo?? bjaooo

oie!! dexa eu ti perguntar, vc poderia me passar essas musicas p o meu e-mail/??? pq eu amo demais essas musicas e tava loka p colocar no meu mp4 so p ficar escutando o tempo todoo!!! por favor eu imploro pq eu n consigui nem baixar!!! por favor eu imploro!! bjss

Release 48 – the best of the best. Over my shoulder 8 releases. 48 is best.

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