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April 2011 Les Mills filming times

Posted on: April 14, 2011

Hi guys

Here’s the times for the next batch of Les Mills filmings, including BODYCOMBAT 49 and BODYPUMP 79 – very exciting I’ll update you afterwards and if you’re going I’ll see ya there! (hey check out how late the classes are running – I wouldn’t expect to leave until 11pm on the Wednesday – OMG!)

Wednesday 27 April 2011

  • 3:00pm BODYBALANCE 54
  • 4:30pm BODYPUMP 79
  • 6:00pm BODYSTEP 85
  • 8:30pm SH’BAM 5
  • 9:30pm CX30 4

Monday 2 May 2011

  • 12:30pm RPM 52
  • 3:30pm BODYVIVE 20
  • 5:00pm BODYCOMBAT 49
  • 7:30pm BODYATTACK 74
  • 9:00pm BODYJAM 58

2 Responses to "April 2011 Les Mills filming times"

Hey Glen

I hope that the new released contain less jumps, today in my gym our trainners presented bc 47 and bp 77 and i dont know if is good for a legs train or a punish 😦

BTW the back track in bp 77 is the hell.

Have fun in the new releases 🙂

I’ll try and tell you as much as I can Tide (without getting myself in trouble haha)

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