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Blog hits 2,000,000 visitors?!

Posted on: March 28, 2011

Two Million Visitors?!

A couple weeks ago whilst I was away in Sydney for UFC 127 (I know how lucky am I!?!) without my realising it this very blog had its TWO MILLIONTH visitor. How crazy is that?!

Just goes to show how many fitness fanatics there are out there! In a time where it seems people are getting less fit and moving less it’s just awesome websites like this are going from strength to strength – in fact when I started this blog a couple years ago it averaged about 50 visitors a week – now it averages 5000-6000 per day!

I do thank you for visiting and I will try to keep this updated as I can …though admittedly these days with 45 hours per week at my “day job” and teaching 10-12 classes per week on top of I seem to be running out of hours in the day!

However, lots to write about. I’ve still not technically written a review of BODYCOMBAT 47 – but I will be doing that shortly as I’d love to hear your thoughts. Plus – I’ll just have to write about BODYPUMP 77 – how amazing is that release! And, the filming of BODYCOMBAT 49 is just a few weeks away so will be sure to tell you all about that too.

Anyway, the point of this post is really just to thank you for coming and bothering to read my aimless ramblings. When I began writing this I actually just did it as an outlet for all my random BODYCOMBAT and fitness related thoughts – I never actually figured anyone would be interested, let alone read it – but what it’s turned into is a little mini community of likeminded people all sharing their passion and that is just AWESOME. So big thank you to you, it’s such a thrill to make contact with so many motivated and passionate people, whether it be here, at the filmings, or on facebook. In short – YOU GUYS ROCK!


14 Responses to "Blog hits 2,000,000 visitors?!"

Thank you so much Glen for all your updates 🙂 I do like them cause we share the same LMills programs !!!! BC & BP
I love BC47,we have launched it on last friday ad I told you Track 5 is not my favourite one :-(( But I’m sure I’m not the only one? Andrès Vesga is awesome and Ben too Nice team 🙂
I’m waiting for BP77 I love a lot of songs :-))))
Hugs Patou

Thanks Patou!

No you’re definitely not the only one not impressed with track 5 trust me!

Thanks for your support! 🙂


Congratulations 🙂

2 million of visitor is absolutly awesome 😀

Keep your really good job 🙂

Hi, Glen!

A week ago we had Les Mills Spring Battle 2011 here in Tallinn, Estonia for all the LM fans in Baltic States. There were almost 600 passionate “fitness freaks” doing BP, BA, BJ, BS, BB and of course BC! I experienced BA for the first time and I think it’s awsome. Unfourtunately it’s not in our clubs yet but hopefully it’ll be soon.

Just completely adore the back track of BP77 and the killer side crunches for abs 😀

Congratulations for the big 2! That’s HUGE. Wish you and your blog all the best. It’s the basic place for me to stay updated with the newest LM information.

I LOVE the back track in 77 – I mixed it out for the first time last night as we’d done it for 3 straight weeks – but I’d still be happy to keep doing it! Thanks for your kind words 😀

wowza! That’s alot of hits! Congrats! I’m waiting on your BC47 review, our new releasein Winnipeg is next week and I’ve listened to the music (thanks to this wonderful blog haha) which already I overall like.
The last release Spitfire turned into my absolute favourite, and knowing Scooter is back on this release I’m excited for Fire!

I quite liked track 5 actually, but I think I’m mostly alone on that, haha.

Track 1b and 4 are my favourites. I think BC47 was certainly an improvement on BC46 both on the workout and the quality of the music, I didn’t like BC46 at all.

Congrats..where is the champagne, Glen!! Musically BC47 was better in the first few tracks (track 3 was so so…repetitively LONG!), track 5 was a dud compared to BC46 which was way better…track 6 for BC47 musically better but in terms of intensity and technical difficulty, spitfire was definitely better…I prefer BC46’s MT track…but BC47 MT also came out good…whether you surrender or release me…i am good too…track 9 and track 10 for BC47 were better but BC46 were also very good!

Thanks Reggie!!! 🙂

Congrats buddy! Well deserved – your writing is quality, so no wonder the masses come to read it 😀

Attack 72 – how much am I loving teaching this release. It gets better and better each time I teach it. I’ll be sad to mix.

Pump 77 – this is an absolute keeper! Again, I want to keep it going forever! I can’t believe how many participants who are telling me that it’s the best release ever. Very sad I’ve only got another 3wks of it before I mix.

Combat 47 – Yep, highs and lows (I’ve had participants in every gym I teach Combat in ask me to mix track 5 out asap). Finally an abs track that really pushes people to the limit! Haven’t had that for a long time (I live in PPCA-free land so only have 44/45/46 and 47 to teach now). I have to say, what the ‘flick’ is with the so-so cooldowns now? Give me drama and something to bite into FGS! What happened to the amazing cooldowns of 25, 33, 34 and 37? Attack/Combat/Pump cooldowns are merging into one now. The only way I know it’s a Combat cooldown is that there is a KATA in there somewhere! Bring back the ‘fitness magic’ cooldown is my “war-cry”! You know, those that end in silence, where your participants are still standing there at the last bow, they take at least 10 seconds to come back to reality, and they are really moved by it all.

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