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April 2011 Les Mills filming dates

Posted on: March 19, 2011

Hi guys, below are the dates for the next round of filmings. And, if you’re an international and you want to be here for the big ones: the 20 year anniversary of BODYPUMP; BODYPUMP 80, plus the big half century for BODYCOMBAT; BODYCOMBAT 50 – then start planning for 27 July 2011 for BP80 and 1 August 2011 for BC50. They’ll be huge! Note all these dates are subject to change by Les Mills International. But first things first – April/May dates below – see ya there!

Wednesday 27 April 2011

  • SH’BAM 5
  • CX30 4

Monday 2 May 2011

  • RPM 52
  • BODYJAM 58


22 Responses to "April 2011 Les Mills filming dates"

BodyCombat 49, will be our Head Trainer! Cannot wait for this release.
Kia Kahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

cool sonia! Are you allowed to tell me who?

Glen, thank you for your fabulous sites! Really amazing! Congrats! Wish I could be there (I mean the filmings), but from Finland… it is not so easy!!!!! Maybe some day…

BODYPUMP 79 :))))))) I have no doubt that this will be great workout and of course I can not wait to be revealed here in Serbia!

Wish you all the best Glen!

Thanks Milica! I’ve not even seen 78 yet but heard it’s great!

I want to go!! How does one get into the filmings? Would not be fun to fly from the states and miss the filming. 😦

Jose its open to the public there’s no way you couldn’t get in. Day passes are just nz$10 and get you into every filming of the day. I can give you the email address of the person to contact if you’re keen!

Glen, that sounds great! Yes, I would like the email. Definitely want to go.

Jose email Carla: – let me know if you have any problems 🙂

See ya there!

Thank you Glen!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Hope to see you there! 🙂

My BODYATTACK trainer Lizzy Troutman is going to be on BODYSTEP 85!!!

Yes of course! We are so honored and It’s our Greek Dream Team:
BodyCombat 49: Giorgos Efthimiou – Head Trainer BC.
BodyPump 79: Aristos Christodoulou – Head Trainer BP.

Kia Kahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Awesome can’t wait to see them in action!!

Glen, BP78 is frickin awesome! I actually cannot wait to teach it! Loving BP77 at the moment as well!

Sonia, I hear there’s another Greek guy for BodyVive 20 as well… can you confirm either way? 🙂

Hey Glen!

OMG I’m coming over for the July/Aug filming! Body Combat 50!!! To say I’m excited would be an understatement haha And FINALLY get to do Sh’bam…dont think it’s ever coming to the UK!

Yay Rachel you’ll LOVE it!!!

I’m going to be in Auckland from the UK on the 27th and I’m actually there so I can go to the LMI gym and classes, do you think I’d be able to get into the filmings, that would be a wonderful bonus!!!

Kia Ora Patrick and all 🙂

Yeap. Just informed also: Adonis Angelides will be the 3rd guy of our Greek dream team.

Kia Kahaaaaaaaaaaa

I’m a Bodypump instructor from China in NZ on holiday – just found out about the filmings and would be really excited to be involved. If someone could direct me to more information about it, I’d be very grateful.

Ping all you have to do if you’re in Auckland is turn up on the day – you’ll have to pay to get into Les Mills but that will get you access to all the filmings of that day. The only filming you must prebook for is RPM. If you’d like a contact from Les Mills NZ to arrange a pass in advance I can give that to you – but basically you can just turn up on the day and buy a “casual pass” which gives you access to the lot!

Hi Glen,

That’s cool! I’m keen to come along – Is that the new Les Mills by Britomart?

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