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BODYCOMBAT 47 & BODYPUMP 77 local release

Posted on: March 13, 2011

Our releases were a bit later than usual this quarter as we had a special guest coming into to town to lend a hand – the one and only Matt Thraxton. A picture speaks a thousand words so I’ll let them do the talking – there’s more on facebook if you’re interested so if you haven’t already feel free to add me there! Since we’ve released now I’ll write a review of BC47 in the coming days, and believe it or not the filming of BODYCOMBAT 49 is close too! Pics to follow – was an epic day!

The back track is epic! (epically hard too!!)

The back track is epic! (epically hard too!!)

16 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 47 & BODYPUMP 77 local release"

Oh my god I look like I’ve got alien eyes in that first pic!

Hi Glen,
Great pics as always…. we’ve missed out on all the new releases as both gyms are closed because of the earthquake…. My wife & I are looking to relocate probably to Tauranga / Mt Manganui / Papamoa… we just need to fix up our house a bit and get it rented out.
I’m really missing the gym!

Are you really thinking of moving here Nick?! Awesome.

Yeah it must be tough (on top of everything else) not being able to train.

Be sure to give me a bell mate!

Yeah – it’s something we are considering long term…. I’d personally like to pack my stuff up now and move, because I’ve lost one of my jobs in the CBD – but my wife & I need to talk about it a bit more and come up with a plan… I’ll keep you posted.. does fitco need any admin / accounts people? – if so we’ll move up there sooner!

I could always ask!

Keep me posted matey, and happy b’day to Maria for yesterday too!

GREAT and Awesome Warriors! Love the energy, poise and t-shirts you and Matty wore…looks inspiring!

Launching tomorrow onwards…can’t wait…and ready to rock and sing….”I wanna celebrate and live my life….”

Keep it coming…and stay with the fight and passion!

thanks Reggie! Enjoy your launch!

So awesome Glen!!! Matt is a fantastic presenter… wish he would return to Pump filming! I just did the Attack AIM with Lisa… unbelievable little ball of energy she is! I heard she ended up not filming Attack 73 or Step that quarter due to illness! Don’t know how I’ll survive a DVD without her! 😛

Chad Matt will be back on a DVD later this year. I was surprised to see Lisa sit the last round out, but don’t worry the attack team did an awesome job!

Glen…track 2 and track 4 are my favorites now…i like tracks with great energy, power and the chorry fit nicely with the music….:)..track 1 is cool….one day hope to see you in filming too….:)

track 2?! Interesting! I have to say that track 2 and 7 have really really grown on me – especially track 7 – can really hook into the lyrics 😀

Yeah, absolutely agree! Track 7 slowly creeping up :)..I like Muay thai that is really fast and energetic and you can see who’s been “lazying off in the class” :)..the music was initially not really appealing but somehow it worked now…among all the “rock” MT tracks, this could be one of the best, other than we rock (BC31)!…track 3 is too long and can be real boring..track 5 is out…track 8 was really really nice..i like the different beats and rhythm…musically it was really really good… let the world see the magic soon!

yeah I struggle a bit for cues in track 3 – it is pretty long!

Hey Glen.

Congrants on your local launch, i was waitting for the new release in Spain, we are in BC46 right now. I hope that our trainers go to recycle classes and learn the new coreography.

Be safe 🙂

Thanks Tide – enjoy 47 when it comes out – it’s pretty good!!! 😀

Looks charming the guy at the left side on stage.

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