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BODYCOMBAT 48 filming

Posted on: February 13, 2011

There is only one word to describe BODYCOMBAT 48: Relentless

This release starts and does not stop – not even for a moment. From track 2 right through to track 9 the release just pounds every part of your body – head to toe.  The Programme Directors took the word “recovery” and completely deleted it from the BODYCOMBAT vocabulary!

Now, if you’ve read any of my filming posts before you’ll know I can’t mention anything specific about the choreography or the music – all I can really talk about is my experience and opinion of the release. But, what I will say is this: BODYCOMBAT 48 is a very VERY kick heavy release. I mentioned in my BODYCOMBAT 42 post that outside the warmup BC42 had no side kicks. In fact the entire release had 8 side kicks total! Well, think of this release as the anti-42. It has side kicks, side kicks and more side kicks. Which is brilliant for me as having done years and years of Tae Kwon Do they’re my favourite kick!

In my BC47 filming post I wrote that that release didn’t seem to have an actual “theme” – I can’t be certain if BC48 had one, I don’t remember D&R mentioning anything specific – but, if it did have a theme that would be it: kicks!

So, what did I think of the release. Well, lately I’ve been hesitant to specifically say whether I liked or disliked a release just based on one class. As we all know some releases grow on you over time (and some don’t haha!). But, this was different. I LOVED BODYCOMBAT 48, I really did. It’s challenging, man is it challenging! My hips flexors and glutes were blown to bits by the end of this class, I had done BODYATTACK 73 right beforehand to be fair (another awesome release!), but that aside, 48 is probably the most challenging release I’ve ever done. I can’t think of any other release that pushes you as hard. We left Auckland to head back home immediately after the class as I had to teach a 6am class the next morning, and the first thing I said to my members was “I’ve just done BC48 – and we’ve got about 3 months to get our fitness up or it’s gonna kill us!”.

There’s one more thing I’ll say (and hopefully I don’t get in trouble for this). In my review of BODYCOMBAT 46 I had a ‘bit of a moan’ (okay, understatement!) about the music we’ve had in recent track 5s. I mentioned that track 5 is usually the low point of the class for me, that I believed musically the format should change and said “perhaps they should be more of a power training track like 3 and 8 musically wise”. And, to be fair a lot of you commented and agreed with me. A LOT. Well, if you were one of these people – be VERY happy!! I don’t know if we had any collective influence on that decision here, or on BLAH, or whether it’s just a coincidence but when track 5 started I was beaming from ear to ear. It’s possibly the highlight of the release for me for that reason, I don’t even care that the track has been used in another combat release before it’s so cool! (actually while I think of it 2 of the tracks in BC48 have been in previous BODYCOMBAT releases before – but again they are so different from their predecessors it doesn’t really matter…)

What else can I tell you without breaking the rules. The muay thai is rocky – again, not my person preference for track 7 (I prefer the Nick Skitz genre for muay thai myself), but I know many of you like that style so all good. Track 3 isn’t quite as peaky as many other releases – but who cares as track 5 is! (man, so happy to be saying that!). Track 8 just WENT OFF, and as I mentioned track 4 and 6 as so full of kicks that they’re bursting at the seams! (track 6 makes We Will Survive from BC37 look like a walk in the park kick wise!)

Overall, I am more excited about this release than I have been about any release in such a long time. It is just a superb workout. Yes, some of the tracks have been in other combat releases, yes, some of the other tracks are in other Les Mills programmes, but it doesn’t matter as BODYCOMBAT 48 just rocks.

So, in closing I’ll say this. Guys, be excited. Be very excited! If you’re a participant be prepared to work hard, and if you’re an instructor start to get your members fighting fit cause they’ll need to be. And, Dan and Rach: Congratufreakenlations.

29 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 48 filming"

Hmm, I like reading your posts on the filmings of BC and whilst I don’t always agree with you, when I go back and have read after the release finally gets to Oz – (me I like BC46, and so do the members, even the music)… I read them with eager anticipation and reflect on what was said at the time and how I feel about it as a release and how it is received by the members. So when you’re raving about a release I take more note than usual. Here’s to it. Oh, we get the BC47 workshop on March 13, so a bit of a wait for BC48 then. Cheers.

Thanks Philby 🙂

BC47 is great too – our workshop is next weekend and I’m looking forward to it.

Let me know what you think when you see it!

I feared BC46 after your comments and the fact that your members didn’t like it.
I and most of the others in the class loved it though….looking forward to BC48 now too 🙂

The strange thing is that offshore BC46 seems to have been received well. Here in NZ I’ve heard a lot of people moaning about it. But that’s brilliant – different strokes for different folks!

Would be funny if after releasing BC48 everyone came back and said it sucked! (hey at least you’d know to complete flip my opinion then!) 😀

Hrmm this explains why our instructor came back from NZ and absolutely killed us last night with high cardio tracks with lots of side kicks… not to mention the fact that we ended the class with a two minute plank!!

Also no wonder why he was talking about how we all needed to increase our cardio fitness and how he had met some of the fitest people in NZ…

It’s all making sense now!

Yep thatll be why!!

I did the same! Need to toughen us all up! 🙂

Thank you Glenn,w’ll be ready for ‘the KICKS release :-)))))) Hugs Patou

You’re welcome Patou.

Can not wait!
Although we start the training of BC47 in Brazil.
nzglen you rock dude!!

I’m all excited about the level of your excitement. Could this be the release I’ve been praying for? Any chance we can skip 47 and move straight on you 48?

haha Eileen I wouldve liked to skip 46!

Oooh. after reading what u wrote, i want to skip right to 48. lol.
well lets hope 47 is great too.
u are right… 46 was not well received where i am either.. so its not just in NZ.. 45 was much better received than 46 was.

cant wait for the training for 47, coming next week for us.

B 47 is good too… I preferred 48 though.

Enjoy your training!

Glen, reading alot of your reviews this has to take the biscuit. I mean, how can you tease us like this 😛
You so lucky having LMI base on your door step. Why do I get the feel we’ll all be blowing air out of holes we didn’t know existed before this release?
How was the warm up? Long, short, perfect? Or can you not really say? :S

Warmup was great! Upper body is a very well known track, been in pump before, lower body very trancy 🙂

I know about teasing you guys, but remember its like 4 months before I see it again as well!

Glen, rumor has it that Lisa was absent from the filming of her own programme due to illness?!

I think it was more from being safe since she was post op from having Hunter

Hey Glen, thanks for your always brilliant updates, comments and reviews on the upcoming releases!

We have just launched BC 46 here in Sg (well, not just, we are into the final week) and I must say, it does kinda grow on you… even the irritating Tr 4 (haha..)… but glad I will not be hearing anymore Tr 1 from now on (evil grinz) 🙂

Keep it up!!

Here are some links for the BodyJam tracks…

1 – Somebody To Love (Usher)

2 – Gimme Dat (Ciara)

[ NY Jive]
3 – Tu Vuo’ Fa L’ Americano (Fiorello, Matt Damon and Jude Law)

4 – We No Speak Americano (Morris Corti Vs Mattara Remix – Yolanda Be Cool vrs DCUP)

5 – Bon, Bon (Pitbull)

[ NY Jazz]
6 – Baby I’m Yours (Aeroplane Remix – Breakbot)

7 – Teenage Crime (Axwell & Henrik B Remode – Adrian Lux)

8 – Bye Bye Bye (N Sync)

[NY Hottness]
9 – Only Girl (In The World – DJ Pierce feat. Nekisha Strickland)

10 – Miami 2 Ibiza (Jonny ‘Rezza’ Reznik)

11 – Hot Tottie (Usher feat. Jay-Z)

12 – Louder Than Words (Bodytronixx)

[Groove Down]
13 – Loca (Shakira)

Have fun.

Well, firstable I just want to say hello!!!! My name is Salvador, and I´m BC, BP, BS & RPM instructor from Spain. Glen so many thanks for your personal slizzer about each BC filming. Yeah I´m agree with you the 1st time you have done some choreo it´s difficult to say “whether I liked or disliked a release just based on one class”!!!! But I think that in this release, based on your personal opinion, there are 3 things that I love as instructor No recovery, there will be a lot of kicks, whatever!!!! and the new music style of track 5!!!! And it means for me that this release SMELLS LIKE A GREATEST & HARDEST BC!!!!!!! THx in advice for the next filming Slizzer!!!!! and keep going on!!!!

Looking forward to 48. I found 46 rather leg heavy as well. But first: body combat 47 is right around the corner, can’t wait. Found a few YouTube videos of a Nike festival or something like that and the BC47 combos look rather interesting.

Oh boy,had better brace myself for Q2 then! Can’t wait, and will take your advice and take my fitness to a new level in preparation! LOL BC47 workshop is next weekend – cant’ wait for the new release, but now even more excited about 48 🙂 Thanks for the review 🙂

Hello Nz,

I’m a BC + BP instructor, but really passionate with BC.
I count on your words. Can’t wait for 48. I just saw 47 (because here is Greece it’s now presented to us) and overall it’s awful!!! Except from tracks 1,6,8, music is terrible and as you very correctly saying has no theme at all! Imagine I will relaunch it to my gyms in the next 20 days and from today I can’t wait for the 48 Release. I also I smiled with what you wrote for track 5 :-). In 47 what a ridiculous track is this? As I wrote in the LM Forum “The Warrior’s code it’s such an awful song! I wonder did LM get paid to add this track?? Track 5 supposed to be happy, interesting and “play” with your class, make people smile and have some fun in the middle of the workout. This track is really un-descrideable! Irish music is great but this band used it the worst way with the most “scary” voice!”

Thank you for informing us and give us the essence of the filming and of the forthcoming release. Really great work.

Kia kaha.

I do agree with you in everything you say about BodyCombat 48! I LOVE IT!
I went down to New Zealand for the filming, and I’ll be back next year as well!

I’m so freaking excited!!! AHHH! i should be getting it in the mail in the next week!!! Who were the other persenters?

Just D&R on this one!

Alright, I have to admit I am nervous about my upcoming initial training after reading this! I am so happy that I came across your blog beforehand though, because now I know that I have exactly 3 weeks to REALLY step up my fitness level so I can get through it! Is there a specific area that you would recommend that I focus on before training? Without giving anything away, of course! Thanks!

You’ll love your training! No advice really – loads of side kicks so maybe get your side kick tech nice and clean – have a read of my earlier posts on my module – and enjoy!

Hi Glen, we’ve just had BC48 released today at our gym in Dubai. Awesome release, very hard and my heart rate was shooting the roof the whole time.
I eventually pulled my hamstring doing the side kicks of track 6 :p

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