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BODYCOMBAT 47 tracklist

Posted on: January 28, 2011

Here ya go guys! Workshops/Quarteries for this release have officially started around the world so the list has hit the net. Just so you know I always wait for the tracklists to go online before I post them – once they are out they are quickly copied everywhere, but I just have to be sure I never post them first as otherwise the PDs want to hunt me down and remove parts of my anatomy!

This release is really good from what I recall from the filming. Yes, a few reused tracks (both from BC and other programmes) – but in saying that though, it’s an oldie and a goodie; Fire just goes off! (so does track 3!) As always where a Les Mills cover has been used I’ve tried as best I can to link to the original (the version of t8 was obviously quicker than the one linked – fixed thanks guys for the link – think more like the BODYATTACK version in BA67 – I think the link to track 3 is pretty much bang on however). Love to hear your thoughts! Enjoy!

BODYCOMBAT 47 tracklist:

1a: Dynamite (Kritikal Mass Radio Edit) – Jason Born
1b: Love The Way You Lie (KM Hands Up Remix) – Other Ego
2: Let Me Hear You Scream – Kartsy Wolfbain
3: Make You Mine – Lisa Lowe & BamBam
4: Fire – Scooter
5: The Warriors Code – Dropkick Murphys
6: Feels Like A Prayer (Clubstar Remix) – Meck feat. Dino
7: You’re Going Down – Badlands Inc
8: Release Me – Linzi Paul
9: Beautiful Monster (Full Vocal La La Sessica Mix) – Mick Lion
10: Just The Way You Are – Bruno Mars

39 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 47 tracklist"

seriously?! those tracks suck.

same mixes?

i really not liking combat at the moment – if releases don’t seriously improve i’m hanging up my trainers for good.

its lost something for me since bc41

i should stop getting the new stuff and go back to the 30s had some real feel good and motivational stuff then

Scooter is back!!! YAY!! How long has it been since we had a Scooter track in Combat? I’m glad they’re back, I love them!

Overall I think the music is very good (Don’t like T5 much, rest is okay). Lets hope the chorey is good too. I’m looking forward to this one, since I’m not yet sure I like 46…

Thanks for that!!

Richard – it is a bit frustrating tracks are bing reused. Last night in Attack I taught both Like a Prayer and Release Me as I figured once 47 comes out I won’t be using those for a few weeks!

The warm is poppy but I recall it being so much better than 46

Don’t worry at the rate we’re going we’ll seeing reused tracks from the 30s pretty soon (kidding!)

Yeah Giulia track 5 was pretty weak – as was 2 and 7 as I recall.

Ben just smashes it in the filming though – it went off!

I personally don’t mind the reuse sometimes. If I fall in love with a song in one format its fun to get to teach it in a different class so I can hear it more. Classic example is Dangerous in Pump 74 and Attack 69.

I love the Attack 72 list Glen! Oh wait… ๐Ÿ˜›

But out of curiosity. Where do you see them on the internet before you post??? Whenever I google it, your blog is always the first link!

Chad, Dangerous just rocks! Taught both versions of that in pump and attack yesterday myself! Love ’em both.

The blogs are never in english maybe that’s why you don’t see them. I have google news alerts set up for the track names since I know them from the filming classes ๐Ÿ™‚

Though I don’t usually like them reusing old stuff – Fire by Scooter is an excellent track.

It was last in combat in Release 7 – so the vast majority of people will not have done it (it was a power track then and speeded up and heavily edited into three rounds of corry) – though I occasionally bring it back in all Scooter mixes.

Fire was the peak of the class in my opinion, I’ve never done the BC7 version myself either

Is track 7 the one where my fits meets your face?
I totally loved feels like a prayer in BA! So I am good to go! I heard 47 is even more awesome than 46!

Nice tracklist. Thanks Glen!
Ah, an older track of Pump 73 and Attack 67(Release Me)but a different version..

A majority of the hardcore tracks used for track 3 and 8’s are from those releases ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, it’s the Squad-E Remix of Release Me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks guys – fixed ๐Ÿ˜€

Haven’t listened to any of the tracks yet, so can’t comment on the music side of things.
I am not a fan of LM using the same song (sometimes the exact same mix) in mutiple programs, but I thought Because the Night is excellent – so much better than the original in BC39? Same with Kickstart my Heart (Instructor played it last night ) But in saying that 2 of our BC instructors have said this release is ‘Wicked’ …. mind you they’d hardly say it sucks before we’ve even released it!
We release BC47 on Feb 25 – I might not be able to make it as I’ll be ‘out of town’ on Feb 24 ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Track number 6 is simply amazing

Hi Glen
Thanks for the tracklist! Isn’t the track 8 artist ‘Agnes’, not ‘Linzi Paul’?
I wasn’t at the filming, but participated in BC47 trial classes several times, I thought it was a very good release as a whole and loved the music!

Yas the original was by Agnes – this is a cover version ๐Ÿ™‚ Same artist that did the cover of the same song in BODYPUMP and that was very good so you’d probably be hard pressed to tell them apart

Ah, I like Fire! One of my favourites tracks from a long time back so I’m keen to see how it goes off in 47.

Tracklist looks amazing to me.!! but,.. track 5…. again… is a.. meh..
we already have limited track 5s.. please give us something good for 5.. we have an abundant of good track 3 and 8s.. whats up w/ 5s?

Ben I’m with you 100%!

Hmmmmmm kinda not feeling t7, just by the music, so will have to reserve judgement until I hear the covers and see the chorey. I like poppy warmups (but I’m a girl like that ๐Ÿ˜› ) interesting t2 choice of music! Can’t wait for workshop on 12th March! Soooo long to wait! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Yo! i did this release numerous time in the week before filmings. And let me tell you: it’s one heck ova release:)
Track 5 is actually a good one once you implement it into the fight:)
And track 7 is the one Tasha has in mind:) to good!

This will bring back the good memories, uf can’t wait for our next quarterly!
be good ya’ll and Glen thanks for sharing this track list!

Wow, Glen, thanx a lot!
I have to say I’ve got happy feelings only from reading the names of the tracks! That was like “Yes! Yes! Yessss!!! esp. on the Scooter – line! :-)) -missed them A LOT!! I always use at least one their track when I mix.

And I really love Feels like a Prayer in Attack, so I’m definitely happy to see it also in Combat. Reusing of tracks only irritates me if I hate the song, but if it’s OK then why not? Still beter than using the same song for the first time but in two different programms.

Speaking of “Because of the Night” – I actually like it more in warming up of 39 , which I also use quite often in the Mix. Had to pick another one before the launch of BC45 though :-))) Although T3 there has this amazing combo which I just love. And Jump Jabs which also are my faves. It just happen I like the version of warming up beter than of T3. It’s actually good that we all have different tastes, huh? ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the quarterly on 20th February to experience the BC47 !!! Yay! I’ve got excited only from reading the tracklist, thanks a lot Glen! :c]

i agree on reusing tracks, esp if its from the same progamme. in dan cohen’s website, he said they listen to “thousands of different styles and feels of music.” — seriously? that’s not enough to come up with 10 new tracks? i mean, seriously?

anyway, im still excited with bc47! and cant wait for your review on this release! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

good job, glen!

Hi Glen! Iยดve been studing and training this release for a couple weeks now and a gotta say, i like it a lot!! Only weak track is 5… hope DnR bring aomething more interesting!! anyway… a very good release for me! saludos desde argentina, amigo!

Scooter and Dropkick Murphys back to back, that’s some serious genre mixing, I love it! I’m probably in the minority here but I like the Dropkick Murphys song and they are pretty brave to throw it in there, or stupid depending on your viewpoint ๐Ÿ™‚ I look forward to the release. 46 was launched so late here though so I don’t expect it anytime soon.

had a listen to some of the tracks (I know your tracks are not identical to the LM ersion) and they are not too bad….
Did Zumba today and the cool down? – “Just the way you are’ Bruno Mars…. i don’t mind that song actually ๐Ÿ™‚

i did tracks 2 and 8 today, not too sure if i’m a fan, love the song (T8) but its not as strong as previous track8….
hope the rest of the release is better
tell me it is….

Scooter & Dropkick Murphys FIRE UP THIS WARRIOR – love ’em! !! Now have to wait &see the chorey…but can’t make the Sydney March workshop, grrr…

so i meant track7 ….silly me….track8 ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the tracklist for c.b.47. I think its motivating and a great beat also.x

OK so can anyone tell me where I can find back releases?? I called our LM distributor and they only had 44 and 45 I would love to get 40-42 and most of the 30s…

I know this may sound silly but I got goosebumps when t1 started & I felt DYNAMITE coursing through my veins! The way the 2 songs are mixed into t1 is really interesting too. And as for t6, I was panting but I just couldn’t help karaoking to “Feels like a prayer”. Overall an awesome release. So love the grit!

Great T3 and T4!! T5 was fun!!! (thanks to my instructors)
Conditioning was OUUUUCCCHHHHHH!!!! (y)

Tracks 1b, 4 and 5 are simply fantastic.

totaly likeing the new tracks for combat 47 doing the launch 2nite so should be fun x

Love the music for 47!! T3, Fire!, muay thai track & T8 are amazing!! like a prayer is great, and warm-up is really good. Great job! Love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

I think “The 47” is one of the best BodyCombat rutines!

I am really in love with it!

Fire and Muay Thai are awesome!!!

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