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Merry Christmas team!

Posted on: December 24, 2010

Santa doing BODYCOMBAT!

Santa doing BODYCOMBAT!

I can’t believe how quickly 2010 has flown by! Thank you so much for your support, comments and facebook friendships over the past year… been awesome to even meet many of you in real life at the various filmings – as well as on our travels around the world. Highlights for me have definitely included teaching in Dubai with the inspirational King Kong, meeting so many of the Les Mills community throughout the UK, and of course partying it up with hundreds and hundreds of you at the GFX!

It’s been a huge 2010 for me personally and thank you to all of you that read and comment on this very blog, I sincerely appreciate it, it’s so wonderful being part of such a motivated, fit, supportive and super friendly community!

You guys truly rock… I look forward to sharing the group fitness love with you next year; have a Merry Christmas, a brilliant New Year, and cheers to a MASSIVE 2011!

12 Responses to "Merry Christmas team!"

merry christmas, and bring on 2011

Love your post Glen 🙂 I wish you all the best for 2011 and maybe I want to think it will be the Year to meet you in Europe this time or in NZ if I decide to come!!! But I’ll stay with the Fight as ever !! Kisses to you and Stace…Patou waiting for BC46 & BP76 very soon Thanks for all you do on your site to let people ‘linked’ together even if we are so far!!!! Hugs from frozen and snowy Paris!!! Happy Xmas 😉

Thanks Patou you too! And thank YOU for your passion! X

Merry Christmas, Glen!

Thanks Corinne you too!

Merry Christmas Glen and Stacy looking forward to meet you both in about one month for the Q1 11 filmings.

Awesome Serge see you then!

Merry Christmas Glen. Hope you and Stacy have a good one 😀

Merry Christmas, Glen. Have a great time with your loved ones. 🙂

Hi Glen,
Thanks for keeping us all up to date with filmings, track lists…etc… I relly enjoy reading your blog and being able to put my 2c worth in when viewing my opinion on a certain release…
It’s now Wednesday 29 Dec and it’s been a week since I last went to the gym… and probably won’t get there until after new years – when I’ll have some ham, Xmas cake, Pudding, cheesecake… to work off!
Hope you had a good Xmas and have a good New Year.

I do quite like this release…I think I prefer it to 45 as I didn’t like either 5 or 6 from 45, there are no tracks in 46 that i dislike as such but I agree with you about the warm up. It took me so long to get the hang of the lower body WU I have to just ignore the music, and think the chore and timing through in my head instead, whereas I normally use the music.

‘I’ve got big fans of track 7 over here, seems to be the fave followed by 6, then 8.

A very hook heavy release!


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