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January 2011 Les Mills filming dates

Posted on: December 22, 2010

Hey guys, just a quick post re the filming dates for the next batch of releases. As far as I can tell the dates themselves are confirmed – the programmes on each day may shift a little but this is what I have so far. I’ll update this post with the specific filming times when I have them. Do let me know if you’re coming and I’ll see you there!! 🙂

Thursday January 27 2011

  • SH’BAM 4
  • CORE 3

Tuesday February 1 2011

  • RPM 51
  • BODYJAM 57

20 Responses to "January 2011 Les Mills filming dates"


What would I do without your blog? The best way to stay in touch with Les Mills from Norway!

Can’t wait for BA72 – I noticed earlier this fall you found that release really good?

Merry Christmas from Norway =)

PS: Guessing that is time for a new tracklist soon – mid-january or so? =)

Haha thanks Kristian!

Yep I LOVED BA72 – enjoyed it so much more than 71 – more challenging too!

Tracklists probably won’t be till the new year – LMI are really cracking down on this now 😦

Have a great Xmas!

I wish I could come as usual But : maybe ,ONE day will arrive???
I will be with you anyway 😉 LOVE PATOU ❤

Maybe next GFX Patou?! Mid 2012!

Hey Glen!

I wonder where the filming take place, i never been to any, i just wish i could come down to join!*could be my xmas wish this year* LOL!

Regards from all LMI and Glen lovers in Indonesia!

Fiona 😉

I am pee my pants excited about being back there in January 🙂 SOOO excited for Sh’Bam and Core filmings!!! See you guys soon 🙂

What’s Core??? Haven’t heard about it before.

Laura, It’s the new LM programme – 30 minute workout for, well, your core 🙂

Releases 1 and 2 were filmed a couple weeks ago – not been launched anywhere yet (though it has been running at Les Mills Auckland gym)

Thanks Glen!

And merry Christmas!

Hi Glen

I’d love to make a filming sometime in the next few months… All dependant on funds and time!
Who is the program director for Core?

Probably I will be there for September or October 2011
but I don’t know if it will match the filmings dates or not.

Happy new year, Glen!

As always thanks to Glen. If you attended the BP77 filming, is there any chance you could write a review?

Glen, Thanks for all the personal insight into upcoming releases. Like everyone else, just getting ready for BP76 (and others), but I find I’m always more interested in what is next…

Do you know the July filming dates? I know it’s BC 50 & BP 80 & there is a group of us coming from the US. Need to make travel arrangements & hotel plans…any suggestions for a hotel???

Hi Suze. I don’t have the dates yet but it’s a pretty safe bet it’ll be the either side of the last weekend in July (so July 28 and August 1) – to be sure email Carla and she’ll let you know: Most internationals (including the presenters) stay at “The Oaks” on Hobson St – they offer a special deal for Les Mills peeps. However I think they’ve just been renamed so ask Carla about that too. Any problems let me know!

Nope it’s still the Oaks – more info here:

Hi Glen,

Just got back from the latest Jan filmings and loved them! I heard the next filmings are in may and their calling it GFX?? I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about the GFX? I can’t find any information on it. How does it differ from normal filmings? And is it still at the Auckland City Les Mills gym?

Thanks 🙂

Tara GFX is an event LMNZ and LMI hold every 18 months. Stands for Group Fitness Xtravaganza. Basically it’s all the filmings, plus workshops al combined into one weekend (so you’ll see the filming of BC53 plus the workshop for BC52, BP83/BP82 etc) and then a MASSIVE party on the Saturday night. There’s also seminars and courses for club owners and GFMs, and probably training modules too (actual schedule has not been released yet). Last GFX party was themed “Spookers” (Halloween type costumes), one before that was Brazilian Carnival, and one before that was Masquerade – all of them have been EPIC. If you were gonna come to NZ this would be the one! Only thing is the events are REALLY busy – hard to get a spot in pump (last time we queued for 2 hours before – we got in but hundreds missed out)

This one is themed “Hyperspace” – no idea what it entails yet! We’ll find out soon enough. Hope this helps!

Wow thanks so much! That sounds amazing! I’ll keep checking your blog for updates when you know what the timetable is like.

Hope to see you there!

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