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BODYCOMBAT 46 review

Posted on: December 16, 2010

I know I’ve been so slack with my posting. It’s this crazy time of year when everyone’s running around madly finishing up for the year – myself included! I’ve been teaching 12-14 classes per week, and that’s on top of the 45 hours I spent per week at my day job, plus Xmas functions, BBQs, it’s madness! I do apologise and rest assured I’ll kick the blog back into full swing come the new year – I’ve got a lot of posts to write just need to make the time to do it!

Since almost everywhere in the world has launched BC46 I’m writing this more as a discussion piece as opposed to a review of what you can expect (since you’ve all seen it pretty much!) and will make it short and sweet. Much like the last few releases this one has been getting a really mixed review – I’ve read on various forums people’s reactions and they vary from “dreadful” to “amazing!”. My thoughts are that it’s an “okay” release. To be honest, there’s only one track I really dislike – but, by the same token there’s actually not a track I really *love* either. For the most part in recent releases there’s always been one track that just stands out (BC45: Because the Night, BC44: Your Shining, BC43: Black Pearl etc) but in this release there’s not a track that blows me away… there’s no real “peak” per se. The release is also a wee bit unbalanced in that (with the exception of the warm up) the first half of the class the tracks are fairly short, and in the second half the tracks are long! Not too much of an issue but worth bearing in mind when you start mixing if you’re an instructor. Brief review of each track follows:

1: Teenage Dirthouse (Topmodelz Radio Edit) – Patrick McFly / Black Betty – Masia

Well I hate to start a review on a low point, but I mentioned there’s one track in the release I really dislike and this is it. This warmup is a mess. It’s too long, it’s unbalanced (over 6 minutes upper body and 3 minutes lower?) and the timing is all over the show. This is probably the worst warmup in the last 20 releases, even worse than Numa numa (which was silly but at least bearable). The lower body warmup music (Black Betty) is just horrid! It’s three minutes of screaming as far as I’m concerned. The upper body warmup is better, but still too long. It could’ve done without the third section of music (I do realise this would’ve meant only one set of shuffle/jab/cross/jabs on the left but we’d have survived) – and the way the track speeds up is just awkward. I had members begging (not just asking but literally BEGGING) me not to do this track in only the second week after the release. Pardon my language but this track went down like a cup of cold sick. Thankfully the release only gets better…

2: Shut Up & Kiss Me – Spacegliderz

Yep good track 2. Not amazingly uplifting but light and fun and a pleasure to teach. I often change the lyrics and sing “shuddup and kick ’em!” just to make it a little more combatty. The hook/upper/hook sequence is a tad awkward, to me it feels like it should be a jab/cross/jab but as we had that combo in the track 2 in the previous release I can see why they didn’t use it. As with most of this release I don’t love it but do like this track.

3: Truly, Madly, Deeply (S&B Remix) – Cascada

Again, it’s okay – this track just doesn’t go off. I guess “Because the Night” set the bar pretty high. Not really sure why D&R pulled this one out of the archives, it’s been in a few other LM programmes and is pretty old. It’s also fairly short and comparatively easy. I’ve not used this track since mixing and it’s unlikely I’ll pull it out too often.

4: Kalinka (Russian Hit Mix) – Captain Jack / Kalinka – Za No Za

Wow, this one’s a little odd! Gets a few smiles due to its uniqueness! This track has grown on me – when I first heard it I was “WTF!!” but now I don’t mind it. Not that hard, and not that long! You can really have some fun with it – reasonably solid track 4. Will probably use again in the future.

5: Contagious – Boys Like Girls

I’m actually going to write a whole post about track 5s as I think maybe they’re a little lost as to what to do with them. They kinda seem all over the show. I was talking to a friend about this release at the GFX before I’d actually seen it and his comment was along the lines of “another shitty track 5”, which brings up a point – if you look back at the last few “Proud Mary, Ignorance, Without a Fight, Ballroom Blitz…” – they’re not great (and that’s probably being quite generous). To be fair I way prefer this track over those by a long shot as the music is a little more uplifting – but I do think something needs to be done to change the format. Perhaps they should be more of a power training track like 3 and 8 musically wise – but involving a little more lower body (shuffling etc). I don’t know – all I do know is that the recent track 5s have been a lowpoint in the release for me – and unfortunately having seen BODYCOMBAT 47 it’s more of the same. Do you agree/disagree? Let me know below.

6: Spitfire – GhostHunter

OUCH. Killer track. Evasive side kicks, esquivas and lunges. My legs are throbbing just thinking about this track! I’m not a big fan of the music but the pain is so God damn intense that I completely forget about it! T’is good 🙂

7: Braveheart 2006 – Frantic & Gammer

This track has had mixed reviews. I actually don’t mind it – it’s a little repetitive and the timing’s a bit tricky but I overall I quite like it – but some of my super hardcore regulars really don’t! Speaking to them they thought it was too fast and too long (perhaps that’s due to it being so repetitious as Excalibur is longer and they love that one). This track will have you breathing out of your butt though – so many many knees!

8: I Surrender (Hixxy Hardcore Remix) – Cadence

Yeah good as well. Again, much like track 6, and 7, this track is quite repetitious. Hooks, hooks and more hooks. It’s not quite as long as Your Shining technically (7:53 vs 8:05), BUT, the ‘run around the room’ piece of music at the end of this track feels shorter so I think they’re about the same length. Again, this track doesn’t quite peak like some of our other T8s. Haven’t taught it since mixing it out after week 3 but it’ll be back for sure (which is the mark of a good track if you ask me).

9: Take It Off – Ke$ha

All abs and no alligator!! Yee haa! Not the hardest ab track in the world but all good.

10: Wait Till You See My Smile – Alicia Keys

Nice finish to the workout. Gentle song and chorey matches well, brings the heartrate back down beautifully.

So, let me know your thoughts! I know no doubt some of you will love this release (I’ve seen your comments on facebook haha!) but all I can do is call it how I see it. Apart from the warmup; which I admit *really* dislike – I usually learn the basics of a combat track in about an hour – the lower body track took me half a day to learn alone just because I found it so hard to even listen to the music! – but, apart from that it is an okay release. It just didn’t “go off” and didn’t have a massive peak like most releases do (and BC47 definitely has! Track 4 ROCKED so look forward to that!)

As always love to hear your thoughts.

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Thanks God someone said that. Hate the warmup too. Like tracks 3 and 7. Absolutely love track 8. The others are just ok to me. Thanks for your reviews. They are always very accurate.

Shamy I know right?! It’s just awful. The Black Betty cover makes my skin crawl!

totally hear you ref track 5’s, I think they are a waste of time overall, I cannnot think of any I like/think should be there, and can generally never wait until time to mix it so that someone swaps it out and we end up with a track 8 instead at that point (can never have enough track 8s!).

Surprised you didnt include See The Light Paradise as the standout for BC45. One instructor here teaches that one track without speaking, only using actions and the intensity hits the roof, spine tingling. Amazing feeling.

BC46 not launched here yet, but if it is on a par with the last few releases, will again be indifferent to combat and opt for more attack, esp since everything I read so far says BA71 is back up to BA66 levels.

btw, is that snow tumbling down the screen, makes you blink after a few glasses of white

wulliemc yep I agree re the track 5s totally. They need to sort it out – the retro rock genre isn’t working (tutti frutti, johnny B goode etc) and they seem just all over the show. I think they need a slightly bigger cardio component than say a t8, maybe with a bit more shuffling or scissors – but musically they should stick to something driving and uplifting instead of cheesy (which is what they are now!)

See the light was good – but I loved Because the Night!

There’s snow??? I remember activating that last Xmas but I can’t see it… maybe it’s my browser

I am really happy to know other people would like to have track 5 resemble tracks 3 and 7 musically. I also agree that there should be more of a cardio component to track 5. Why not some a plyo lunge/high knee/ jab combo? Track 5 should be an Attack inspired track with the Combat essence, IMO.

As far as BC 46, won’t see it until February, but I am looking forward to tracks 3,4,7,8, and 9.

Mohamed let’s start a petition! 🙂

Spot on Glen…and the timing is ridiculous in some tracks and if your instructors are struggling it definately puts new participants off because it seems like it’s all over the place and they struggle to find the beat…and it’s even worse when you have some terrible covers as we do in Australia…am not enjoying Combat nearly as much as I used to…never thought I would say that because it has been my passion for about 5 years.The other problem over here is that instructors can’t even mix most of the fantastic tracks from previous releases…it’s really killing it off I think.I am actually doing Bodystep 3 times a week purely because it’s a change of music.Also,I think some of the releases have too many what I call “fluffy” tracks.Thanks for your comments,at least I know it’s not just me that feels this way…

Totally agree dude.

I spend most of my class planning trying to figure out a track to teach for track 5…quite a while back we used to just shove track 3/8’s in instead, but that’s old school 🙂

Warm up a bit weird with the timing changes too. I kinda like the song, but it goes seem to go on a bit. I think shorter is better in this case…

Track 5s are my biggest struggle to Chris. I have maybe 4 that I find aren’t hideous that I use far too often – and every now and then I throw in one of the “not so good ones” just for a change and the reaction I get is well, not good.

Lee I’ve heard some of the PPCA free covers so I know what you mean! Thankfully it looks like that battle may not be over yet! 😀

It’s been a while since we don’t have a really good track 5. Ignorance (BC 44) is not that bad, but only because the previous were not that good too.

I’m from Brazil, by the way.

Yeah well being okay because the rest are rubbish I guess is one thing – but would be so much nicer if they weren’t terrible! 😉

OMG – finally saw the snow on this page! Freaky…

Hi Glen, really enjoy reading your reviews…

Quite like T1, but think the music for both upper and lower body should be the same length
realy like T2 – good chorry and mucis
Disappointing T3 – after BC45 T3 this was always going to be a hard act to follow, but music is just awful…
really like T4 chorry – same about the horrible music!
I quite like this T5, as the last 3-4 T5’s also, but I do agree they are not as challenging cardio wise as some of the older T5’s (lets see how far we’ve come, for example)
Love this T6 for intensity, drama and music – a killer leg track!
T7 is good, not in my top 3 fav MT tracks, but a good one all the same. – anyone else pick out the ‘Stomp Stomp Clap” riff from We Will Rock you?
T8 – a total let down for me both music and chorry wise… totally un-inspiring. This track and T3 have been used in other LM programs and they work better in Pump / Attack
T9 – great ab track with NO Press-ups!
T10 – ok cooldown

Overall this is a pretty good release with some good tracks and some not so good tracks….
Our instructors started mixing pretty quickly though.

Interesting Nick.

Funnily enough I mixed out after 2 weeks and haven’t brought any back yet… Will do though. Stuck with pump for over 3 weeks

I meant ‘music’ in my comment about T2

I actually went to BLAH, and gave the lower bodywarmup a 1 out of 10 for both music and choero. it was harsh, but i really wanted them to know how horrible it is. everytime i teach it, i will tell everyone.. here comes my favorite lower body warmup. haha. Upperbody warmup was too long as you said.. and the timing was really wierd.. i remember during the training.. all the instructors kind of looked at each other with a wierd grin on their face after the warmup was over.. lol.

Agree with you on track 5 that it is the hardest track for me to choose when i start mixing tracks. I have disliked every song from 41-46… and not to mention all the split room and circle tracks.. We have small studios with pillars in them where I am from… and at times we really pack them in.. the thought of another split room or circle track coming in the near future.. arrrgh..

I personally enjoyed tutti frutti, johnny go go, cant stop the beat etc.. and i believe most of my members do also.. i guess its personal preference.. at least members have fun in them.. this new one was just ok.. but man.. ballroom blitz,ignorance and without a fight…were just…downers in the release. I had members coming up to me to tell me to mix them out asap.

as for 46. I liked 45 better than this release, but this one had its good moments..track 2 was just ok…dint do much for me. i liked power 1. it was quite good. 4 is interesting, and i like it now you can have some fun. 5 just ok, 6 is a killer, music was interesting, but.. i thought it repeated a little too much.. they could have added some kick & lunges, like in bc38, 7 and 8 were great! i will be using them again! 9 and 10 were nice overall.

I think 1 out of 10 is fair!!!! That track is barely even music in my opinion – the vocalist is just screaming it’s truly horrid.

I’ve not commented on BLAH I tend to just voice my opinion here but will go give my 2 cents 🙂

Thanks for your comment

Yep track 1 is just not right…no one can get the timing they all look retarded doing it, but track 6 now that’s my favourite in this release – I love the anticipation of the discomfort I’ll get through my quads followed by the opportunity to launch a decent sharp sidekick, retract and place back on the floor all so it starts over again! Love it.

Track 7 – hmmm, I’ve always reserved just that little bit of energy left over from track 4 for this one track in every class but nah, this one doesn’t lift me into that zone. Is it the timing? Or is it just too easy? Maybe both for me. I want 7 to be more like 23, 29, 31, 38, 40, 42….ya get the picture.

I can’t wait to get back to NZ this weekend and try it there. Australia doesn’t really do combat justice in my opinion.

Hi Glen!

I totally agree on what you said about track 5. Every word!
I must say that I like the upper body warmup, but I had to work a lot on track 1b. I don’t like that one.
Besides track 1b and 5 I really love this release. I am a bit worried that I will get tired of track 7 after a while though.

I really love to reed your reviews. Keep it up!

Oh Glen now you’re we know you’ve been busy with parties, christmas preps and etc…ha ha…you’re over the world..:) thanks for remembering to be back with us!

Hey somehow (apart from the “cheeky” timing), I really like track’s cool, yeah it’s it…track 1b was a bit noisy but the chorrey fits in nicely..just nice! Overall, i think the warmup track was good and I like this better than BC41 warm up…

I begin to like track 2 because of the music….other than chorus lyrics…the part where the music just rhymes away and you’re preparing for the final combo..they’re really fun and uplifting…:)

Track 3 was off musically for me and chorrey was just ok. First time for a long time that track 3 was not that good. Same to track 4…since BC34, track 3 and 4 were damn good..but for this release, did not hit the mark.

Oh, started to like track 5…much better musically..chorrey was just nice! Did not like track 6 initially, but now it’s my favorite..ha ha….just love the intensity of it…track 7 and track 8 were good tracks, at least muay thai brings back a bit of intensity compared to BC45 muay thai..although’s a good one! Track 9 was really great and track 10 initially started slow but now getting better by the feel of it..

Overall I would give BC46 a 6/10….thanks for sharing and keeping us in the FORCE! 🙂 merry christmas to you and Stacy!

It’s good to know I am not alone in my dislike of Track 5’s as well….
Glen, which ones do you always pick?

track 5…. every time I try to choose one I always end up with either Wasabi (BC29) or Elevator (BC34)…

About 46 release, hated the warm up too. “No easy way out” was so much better. Both music and chorey. Don’t like the way the track 1a speeds. Love tracks 6 and 8. Fantastic track 8! Track 7 is not all bad. About track 5, totally agree with all of you. I’d like a track 5 like “Faster, Harder, Scooter” (BC 16).

I agree with you all. Track 5 has got to go! I’ve actually led a gang (not intentionally) out of the classroom to do a five minute treadmill run while we wait out track 5. (Sorry amazing gym instructor. I love you to death, but if you play Proud Mary one more time, there will be bloodshed)

LOL! @Kim – yes Proud Mary is one of my ‘least favourite’ Track 5’s, but I don’t mind this one…

Cool…looks like track 5 has not been a great track of which I agree since BC38 and BC37 track 5…BC42, BC43 and BC44 track 5s are ok, not bad, not very good either..but make it fun…

For BC46, only 2 tracks don’t work for me, track 3 and track 4…the rest are pretty good, not a standout although the music for track 7 was really good..i like the repetitive chorrey’s intense..that’s what I like about Muay Thai track…

For BC45, 3 tracks don’t click for me..track 2, 5 and 7…

Overall both releases are on par in terms of standard…i don’t see much difference although some people may claim BC45 is better because there is a standout track in BC45….

Anyway..we have to pray for better releases in future…just stay with the fight…as always…:)

As a Combat “addict”, I feel that the last 3 or 4 releases have eased me of my addiction. Some great tracks that I just love but gosh so much that makes me go ho hum ….. i know it must be incredibly hard to come up with new ideas etc, but maybe they are trying to be too “clever”? Track 5s have been an abomination … i often think during track 5s….oh shall i have a nice big drink now or go to the loo?, they actually irritate me and I lose my momentum. I have been out with an injury for a week or two and usually I’m like OH MY GOD I’M MISSING MY COMBAT CLASSES whine, whine, whine, this times its oh well whatever …..eeeek, I hope the love affair isn’t over …. Merry Xmas everyone, and thanks Glen for the forum to talk, whine and discuss!

Thanks for all your feedback guys. Just in the process of writing another post on a similar subject. Where I come from feedback is always a good thing (especially if constructive) but it seems some other don’t feel that way!

My thoughts almost exactly on this release. HATE the w/u. Timing is needlessly weird in the upper body and the music is TERRIBLE in the lower body. T2 is fine, not a standout, but it does the job. T3 works you hard, but lacking in the fun factor and doesn’t ‘go off’, like you said. T5 – it’s just messy to me and I agree that T5s need to find a new “identity”. T6 – FAVORITE TRACK on this release!!! LOVE IT! T7 – a little bit fast but it works. T8 – again solid, but doesn’t do it for me like some of the other recent 8s. Like 9 and 10.

It’s a decent release. Other than the warm up, I don’t hate it but other than T6, I don’t love it, either.

Thanks ebottomley – I agree with everything 100%!

T1a: Hated. Hated hated hated. Hate when accelerating with the uppercuts, they just don’t feel right. Too much shuffles and repeating the same thing.

T1b: Since I hate track 1 so badly (in case I didn’t mention that earlier 😀 ) this one doesn’t seem that bad. The rhythm used to confuse me at first in the part of the sidekicks. In the shuffle+2 knee, I would have prefer a knee+kick or something.

T2: A good track 2, actually for me all track 2 are the same thing, so I basically like them all (like, not love). Like the music. Hahaha for the “shuddup and kick ‘em!”

T3: I actually like the combo, but since the previous T3 have been so damn good, this one doesn’t feel so challenging. I agree, it feels short.

T4: I have to recognize it. I Hated this track. Hilarious face when I first heard the music. But now I really enjoy this track, very much. I really like how the music builds up and when it’s time for the combo you can explode.

T5: I like the music, and while I know it’s not a great T5, I have fun. I have always wanted to split the group in the part where one must run, and do the middle part of the track facing each other.

T6: I like this track, the combo is not new, I don’t remember wich one but I have done a very similar one in a previous BCmix. My python pose doesn’t look as great as I thought it would.

T7: Since I didn’t like the MT of BC45, I was hoping for an improvement, and I believe it’s a better track. I really get into the battle with this one, haha love the bow and arrow thing. You can have fun with this track and explode with the 2nd and 4th combos.

T8: I have to say I prefer the previous T8s, it’s not bad but well…just don’t love it. Singing the songs builds me up, so I hate when I want to explode while singing the words “I SURRENDER”. Bah!

T9: Not much to say. Well, I was kind’a liking the alligator push ups…

T10: I like it, but again my strange python pose…haha

Well, that’s just a piece of my mind, I really like your reviews.
Merry christhmas Glen.

I’m a BC instructor from the UK, now learning BC 46 for our launch in the new year. I have to agree with some of the comments above…I hate to say it but I’m think I’m starting to lose faith in Body Combat 😦

It used to be my favourite discipline but the last few releases really haven’t done it for me. I don’t know if I dare say it but…do you think Dan & Rach are coming to the end of their shelf life?! Is it time they handed over their mics to someone else?

i agree track 1 is a bit messy, but it’s just a warm-up track, it’s not that important. i really like the archer-stance and the prodigy-track. also the Russian song makes this release unique and the Orianthi song is wonderful; i love hook-uppercut-hook-kick.
No fitness-class gets your heart pumping like bodycombat and i totally disagree with Dannyboy, but i guess it’s impossible to please everyone.

I don’t like this release. Probably track 4 and 6 are the most salvable for me. Nothing new, even music. Power training tracks, especially 3 and 8 used to be my favorites but not the case for this release.

Totally agree about track 5. It is hard to mention a good one, maybe “Elevator” in BC 34. But they are few actually.

As Reggie said, let’s pray for better releases in future and stay with the fight 🙂

Kia Ora Glen 🙂

Where to start. This comment has been sat in drafts for a while trying to get more hours of this release under my belt. I had a think about my my fav tracks from 40 – 44 a while back.

First off I agree that 45, track 8 is just epic. wulliemc and I attend the same club. Lee Smith one of the UK master instructors taught this track to us at our QW with just visual cues. Instructor he’s on about nails this and pushes the fitness magic through the roof. Me on the other hand I do the Dan approach, as trying to shut me up is literally impossible :P.

Back to 46.

1: I hadn’t actually thought about how long this track was. I like the upper body warm up, it’s fun, basic, and lots of opps to connect with participants. Lower body, I am not a fan of. I haven’t enjoyed the last couple of lower body warms ups. It may be that being recently certified learning them has been a nightmare compared to the rest of the tracks.

2: Like the music, lyrics can help set the scene 🙂

3: Agree last release would be hard to beat but the combo has something about it. More I do it, the more I like it.

4: When 1st seeing this I think “WTF” is the common answer. Music defo brings out this choreography. “Vodka”….

5: I enjoyed Proud Mary but this one, hmmmm……Feels like attack a little..

6: OMFG!!! Awesome 🙂 One for my favs.

7: I am loving this track. Being Scottish helps I think 😛 East vs West option gives opp to have some fun with it. Nailed it “breathing out of your butt”.

8: When Rach said it was 8 minutes long i nearly dropped. Love. Last couple of tracks 8 have been high on my list.

9: No alligator pushups = win. Last couple of conditioning tracks have had mixed thoughts. I think due to limited space and how sweaty the studio floor gets people weren’t 100% committed. Can’t go wrong with a good abs and core track though.

10: Agree “Nice finish to the workout. Gentle song and chorey matches well, brings the heartrate back down beautifully.”

I know everyone would agree with me when I say: I think Dan and Rach do a fantastic job and while everyone has there opinions, trying to keep body combat fresh must at times become very challenging. Finding a natural balance for an enjoyable safe class while keeping instructors and participants on their toes can’t be easy. Peace out and happy new year 😀

46 was just released here in Irelnad last night and oh my god- i LOVE it! love the spitfire esquivas track 6 and the kalinka track 4! such hard work but good craic. abs in core & conditioning aren’t the best bit ok. warmup timing is completely random and weird but is bearable and track 5 is pretty poor- just didnt see the point, but apart from that i loved it!! smiled the whole way through and haven’t enjoyed a launch so much in ages!! i have to say though, i think i may have been among a minority in the class- everyone else was a little quiet and maybe shell-shocked. hope it wasnt just the excitement of a long awaited release and is actually as good as i thought last night! still buzzin today- roll on thursday for take two! woo-hoo!!!:)

Hi there. BC 46 was just launched in the gym where i go to in Malaysia. Having been a combat fan a year ago… somehow i think it gets less interesting…

the warmup is quite a mess. chorey doesnt go along with the movement. and for the first time i didnt sweat all that much, thought i enjoy the evasive/esquiva/lunges combo. Pretty challenging! but then again sometimes things get better when it grows on you.. i thought track 6 in BC 45 was bad until a few more classes later.. now it becomes one of my favourite track. Hope my instructor will mix it in again these days.

love reading you! always a pleasure….do you post some of these comments in the bla section? it’d be really interesting…

I agree with you with some of yor ideas…I think I sometimes hate a track and then I find it OK…when I experience the chorey…

Track 1a I felt almos t the same as you..
Track 1b is noisy bur for some reason I got to like it…haa!
T 2 and 3: very good!
T4: I said the same…WTF!!! and now seeing my members smiles I say…ok, I understand why theu picked this song…they tried it with LM members and it was a blast for sure…
T5: Ok…gotta say I do like these girly songs….haha….but Im not so big on most T5’s on the whole..this one in particular I enjoy the give me one mire minute / you’re so contageous lines for fitness magic..
T6: wow!
T 7: wow!
T8: good….not wow…
9 and 10….i dont really mind much in most cases what they are like…but I find them nice!

Great reviews. Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and allowing us to share back… Having taught 4 years now….every new release never fails to grow on me … it just takes time…..when 42 came out with poison, use me, Escalibur, etc…awesome…(most of it anyway)…then 43 started out with …Freedom…and love drunk….. I felt like skipping the release….such a rough transition at times…

.I teach over 4 BC classes a week at times, and can’t wait to mix at the end of the 1st week..but the more I teach…the more I enjoy and appreciate new combinations…coaching challenges…etc..send me an angel, fight for your right…overload…cool… balances out for me , always….BC44 energy, time of our lives and paint it black…metal kombat…awesome..BC45…love T1…members loved it…in fact 45 ended up going forever….did it for the members…easy to learn…it was a great release to bring new members in with….my class numbers have soared with all the challenges I have overcome and not so much thinking about myself anymore, but what appeals to the members….more of a sign that I am “growing” I guess…

I’ll tell u though…I really don’t like T1b in BC46…I don’t think members did either 😦 ..glad you validated that in here…thank you!! It is coming out first opportunity….what were they thinking….leave the twan balam balam for the rodeo…..please, LM….Please…begging, …good try but really in bad taste for COMBAT Warriors!!!! uggg….it’s the music betty….there is so much guitar jamming….. very distracting from a timing perspective….I could see the expressions on my front row, hard core combatters…..they may move to the back soon :((( (joke)
As you said, it does get interesting with T4, T5 is cool, T6 rocks my socks…T7 ..ein…just didn’t peak enough like escalibur, metal kombat…my favs, but fun nonetheless….can’t keep it always the same……change is good….build your library!!!

We’ve just started BC 47 here.

Why are D&R picking such camp songs? Are they trying to drive straight men away or something? Seriously guys, if the handbag music keeps coming then you’re going to drive a lot of men away.

On subject of the tracks:

“Teenage Dirthouse” – after flailing with uppers I realised this was a dumb, dumb track. Technique should take precedence over speed, surely?

“Shut up and kiss me??” – I thought “Proud Mary” was bad, with the “rolling” arm movements akin to cheerleaders rolling pom poms but that one… ! How the hell is this related to fighting??

Look, why don’t D&C just bring back Excalibur, See The Light and all the faves and mix them up? Have a “best of” compilation as the last release every year or something?

I hated it!!!! Worst music ever!!!!

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