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BODYPUMP 76 sizzler

Posted on: November 18, 2010

Sorry for the delay in these – rolling out now (as well as my GFX post – bit delayed sorry – with new releases here next week things are crazy!) Note there’s one doing the rounds at the moment (don’t ask me who circulated it) and it’s wrong. Correct one follows. More to come.

BODYPUMP 76 sizzler

The pop divas of BODYPUMP® may seem a little flirty, but don’t be fooled – this release packs a punch with a solid workout that targets small muscle groups, while bombarding the bigger ones with short sharp shocks of intensity.

A feature is the use of big weights and compound exercises at the front end of tracks to lift intensity.

The warm-up helps you Climb into your work by preparing you for what’s to come, setting up the 1/3 rhythm that comes back to haunt in the very next track – Squats.

Another of those big muscle groups – the chest – gets the treatment in Track 3, really stressing the Singles and Bottom Half Presses. Then we get the fire started with Pyromania, attacking the back with a double shot of power and strength – two Clean & Presses/two Deadrows.

Track 5 is the highlight of the release, Your First Kiss was never like this, but the song’s playfulness can’t disguise the punch you feel as an opening series of Dips softens up the triceps for a circuit of Pushups and Kickbacks, then closing Overhead Presses.

It’s all on, now! The smaller muscles are getting bullied and it’s the biceps’ turn to suffer, courtesy of a new and nasty combo – Mid-Range Pulse, followed by Single Curls.


Then, you unleash the perfect Storm on your legs, surprising them with heavy–loaded Squats so they’re burning by the time the lunges hit home. Go to new depths on the lunges with the bench option.

BODYPUMP® 75 highlighted the “pec dec” shoulder track and you learn another new move this time – a Reverse Fly that tests the rear deltoids, trapezius, the rhombus and smaller shoulder muscles.

Finally, you will need every ounce of strength left for a Hover with Pointer that rocks you to the core.

Next morning, this workout will hurt so good!

7 Responses to "BODYPUMP 76 sizzler"

Wow! Thanks for the heads up!

Very excited now!

Welcome! No idea why these aren’t out already since releases have started but there ya go!

The bodyattack one that’s on the net seems wrong too? Odd…

Thanks to Glen for the correct sizzler! Sounds like BP76 must be a real killer. Your blog is the absolute best :D.

I will miss “Need More Hardcore” for sure, I think it was The Song of the Decade…

Hi, the sizzler quoted is from the Les Mills Asia Pacific Rev Magazine. I have not left out anything from that sizzler. The one above is from the back cover of the releases. I quoted what was in Rev and that is where the information came from.

Excellent pump release – 2 thumbs up!!! I love every bits of it, from the warm up until the cool down – excellent choice of music. My favourite tracks are:
Triceps – a combination of everything – dips, kick backs, pushup and overhead press.
Biceps – mid range and then 2 single curl, killer track but love the intensity.
Shoulder – although it doesn’t beat Ravers in the UK (my favourite track), but the intensity is still there.
Abs – as challenging as the last few abs tracks, normal crunch, reverse crunch and then hover doing 3-pointers.

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