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BODYCOMBAT 46 sizzler

Posted on: November 18, 2010

Introducing the ultimate warriors’ workout… the intensity of BODYCOMBATTM 46 will leave you feeling like you have a brave heart in the heat of the battle.

After getting seriously warm during the thunderous beats and great guitar solos of Black Betty, Track 2 launches into straightforward, good old-fashioned Combat. Following a little Hip Hop, Russian style, and the Contagious Boxing track, there’s some insanely challenging leg conditioning – in true Karate Kid fashion. Here, Evasive Side Kicks, Lunges and Esquivas shape and tone the muscles of the glutes and smash your quads like a sledgehammer through glass.

The Braveheart 2006 Muay Thai Track is guaranteed to be a favourite. A dramatic intro will make the hairs on your arms stand up. Then, before you know if, your adrenaline will be at an all-time high as you bang out powerful Elbow and Knee Combos. And it doesn’t stop there…

The mother-of-all Track 8’s features not five, not six, not seven, but a full eight minutes of non-stop punches. And while the track may be titled I Surrender, this is something that you certainly won’t do. The aim is to utterly waste yourself, to reach your limit and then go a step beyond.

As things come to a close we give you exactly what you asked for – a whole three and a half minutes dedicated to pure abdominal work, set to the Dance-Pop hit Take It Off.

14 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 46 sizzler"

I love BC46,, & yes, its a fun new release, πŸ˜‰
Seems like a lot of work on our lower body,wrapped wv the abs work,,ouchh!

Glen, I really love your blog! =)
keep it up yah,

Lot of lower body work, except in the warmup which is 2/3 upper body!

Thanks for your kind words πŸ™‚

sounds amazing, we launch in two days, can’t wait!!

thanks for all this, glen – I wouldn’t know half the stuff I do about les mills if it weren’t for this blog! πŸ™‚

Goose bumps! I REALLY wanna see this. To bad I’m in the crappy half of the world who gets the release 2 and a half months later than Aussies… I’m just enjoying BC 45 for the second week. Braveheart? 8 minutes of track 8? All abs work in track 9? Yes, YEEES!!! ME LIKES!!!!!!

Braveheart is a great track, much faster than it sounds!

We launch at 9am Sat!
I’ve done T7 and our instructor did T3 on Tuesday – T3 was disappointing music wise from memory, T7 was pretty good

will wait to see how the whole release goes so form an opinion…

I will be doing the instructor training on this one πŸ™‚

Wicked! πŸ™‚

Well we did the whole release this morning and I don’t really know if I really liked it or not…
TBH the music was pretty mediocre.. I miss the ‘hardcore’ music in Combat like – Burn it to the ground BC40 or Send me an Angel / Black Pearl BC43…
T6 & 7 were pretty cool and the ab track music was good
I will do it a few more times to get an over all opinion….. but first impressions didn’t ‘WOW’ me

Did BP76 straight after (something my legs might regret tomorrow!) and actually thought the music was better…

Hi Glen,
Do you already see the BodyJam 55 Sizzler ? Do you plan to post it on your blog ?

Thanks G, awesome post as usual!! Loved the workshop – was awesome! Releasing in two weeks. Should be fun as!! πŸ™‚

We had our combat launch today, the release itself is a lot better than I thought. Or maybe because release 45 was slightly disappointing, therefore, I did not expect much for this new release. Track 4, the music itself is annoying and repetitive – I need to get used to that track. Track 6, killer leg conditioning track – side kicks, pulsing lunges and esquivas. Oh my leg was screaming afterwards, especially after doing attack the previous night and pump that lunch time. Track 7, Muay Thai…an improvement from release 45, but nothing special or wow (nothing beats Excalibur or Hardcore Angel). Track 8, my shoulder was screaming by the end of the track – as lovely as Your Shinning. Overall…the release itself isn’t that bad, it’s simple and yeah. Maybe I need to do it at least another 2-3 times to have a better view and opinion of it. I can say I like this release a lot better than 45, because after doing 45 for the first time I dislike it immediately especially Track 6 and 7.

Reinaldo, same here. This part of the world (Brunei) will launch the new body combat release only in Jan, how sad!!! I’m excited about the new release as i get to shadow during the launching but will have to be patient and wait a bit.

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