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BODYCOMBAT 47 filming

Posted on: November 9, 2010

Okay just so you know before I jump in I can’t reveal anything about the music or choreography for this release. I need to make that clear as Les Mills are getting really strict about this – there has been a no cellphones, no cameras and no bags rule at filming classes for some time but honestly I thought this time round we were gonna have to walk through a metal detector on the way in (oops may’ve just given them an idea there haha). They are really clear about this, and rightly so after all they want to protect their intellectual property. So, although I never reveal anything specific in my filming class posts normally (apart from when I first started this blog and didn’t know any better) I just wanted to make that really clear from the start.

So, BODYCOMBAT 47. What can I tell you. Well, it was presented by D&R, Ben Tang from Singapore and Andres Vesga from Colombia (now based in Hong Kong). This was the first filming class of the massive GFX event (I’ll write a separate post on that soon) and unusually it was filmed just after 8am. PJ was saying this was the first time a combat filming has been in the morning since BC18 – over 7 years ago! Doors opened for the class at about 7am – and queues had started to form before 6! Unless I missed it (and I’m pretty sure I didn’t) there was no real “theme” per se for this release (past themes have included boxing, muay thai etc) but the theme really only determines the clothing more than an overall feel for the release in my opinion. I know Dan has been asking on his blog for theme ideas so perhaps they’ll bring them back in future releases. Anyway, as always they looked great in LMI gear – I was especially excited to see Ben in action as I’ve heard nothing but amazing feedback about him and he definitely didn’t disappoint! 🙂

The first thing I noticed when I did this release is there’s quite a few tracks that have been “reused”. One has already been used in a previous BODYCOMBAT release, two others have been used in recently in other programmes (one was used recently in at least two other programmes that I know of, maybe more, and if you teach attack like me you may be really sick of two of the tracks from this release straight off the bat as they were both in VERY recent attack releases). However, from the rumours circulating about the difficulties in obtaining music licences this may become even more common place (and don’t even get me started on music licensing in Australia!)

The other thing I noticed straight away was that they’ve chosen some tracks that are getting TONNES of airplay right now on radio and music television. Both the upper and lower body warmup, conditioning and cooldown are being smashed in terms of airplay frequency right now. The plus side of this is that they are songs people will recognise and sing along to – the downside is that quite possibly by the time BC47 starts rolling out around the world (Feb – April next year) these songs may be old news. Not sure if it was the same for you guys but when we released Hot and Cold or My Life Would Suck Without You while yes were pop hits at the time of the filming, they’d well and truly run their course in the charts 4-6 months later when we released them. But again, unless the PDs have a crystal ball there’s very little they can do about that!

So what did I think of the release? Well, to be honest I’m getting a little hesitant to firmly comment on whether or not I like/dislike a release based on one class as some releases take time to grow on you. But, this does make an interesting case study as if someone comes to try a class for the first time you want them to love it straight off the bat – you may not get a second chance! I definitely liked more of it than I disliked let me say that.

Track by track what can I tell you. Obviously based on what I wrote about the warmup is quite poppy, and has current chart hits. I liked it. Track two fell really flat for me – it was very rocky and was not my cup of tea at all. 😦

Ben presented track 3 and it just WENT OFF! It has this catchy little do-do-do-do-dodo tune that is still days later stuck in my head (wow – really helpful description there Glen “do-do-do-do-dodo”?? Brilliant 😉 – sorry it’s the best I can do!). Honestly the whole place went nuts. Track 4 was the track that has been reused before in combat. Really good – possibly the highlight of the release – Andres did a great job.

Track 5, well, an old format of track 5 has come back (I hope I can say that without getting in trouble). Ben presented this, and while the crowd (and I) had a ball I’m not sure how well the music is going to translate in a non-filming class situation. What I mean is Ben did such a great job with this track, he really just made it so much fun – but he may’ve oversold it given he’s so talented – in that in the real world it probably won’t be that great. Not sure I’m explaining myself very well there.

Track 6 is definitely a recovery track. Nothing nasty – traditional track 6. A little too much kata in it for my liking. Muay thai didn’t do it for me unfortunately. Short (thankfully!) but wasn’t all that much fun – probably the other low point which sucks as muay thai is my favourite part of the class. Sorry.

Track 8 was great – seemed long, not as epic as say Overload or You’re Shining (and it’s been in other LM programmes already so hard to make it super special) but solid track 8.

Conditioning: I might get in trouble for saying this but I know you all wanna know. NO KOMODO DRAGON – Yay! 🙂 It’s a tough conditioning track trust me!

Cooldown is always mostly determined by musical choice but I thought it was great.

The release didn’t have any new moves really, the muay thai kinda had one – but calling it “new” would be a bit of a stretch.

Overall I walked away from this release excited. While track 2, 5 and 7 weren’t my cup of tea tracks 3, 4 and 8 were great – and the warmup, conditioning and cool down are great tracks. Track 6 was okay too. So more tracks I liked/loved than disliked! Speaking to others they liked the release, feedback has been better than what I heard about BC46 (which I admit I still haven’t done! – expecting the DVD tomorrow).

So there you have it – my review without any music or chorey specifics! Hopefully it wets your appetite a little, let me know your thoughts, and also if you were there I’d love your feedback… we’ll see it next year!

27 Responses to "BODYCOMBAT 47 filming"

God you know it’s early when you can’t even spell “combat” correctly! Original title of this post was “BODYCOBAT 47 filming” – genius Glen!

I always anticipate the reviews and the comments about future releases. We’ve just had the BC45 launch last month, and it’s going to be a long time until this is released here (Dubai).

Can’t wait to know the track list 🙂

Welcome Amal – it’s getting tougher to write “reviews” without actually saying anything but hopefully it made a little sense!

It does. Thanks a lot 🙂
That was my first post but I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now. Great work btw 🙂

Hi Glen.

I ‘ve been following you for a year or two. Let me first correct you, it is Colombia and not Columbia hahahaha.
We have just released BC45 here in Colombia. I can’t wait to see Andres in action.
Waiting to know more about BC46.
Great review!!!

OMG sorry Juan – it was early when I wrote this (6am) and I didn’t even spell “BODYCOMBAT” correctly in the title. Have fixed – thanks for the heads up – enjoy BC45!

sounds interesting…. 3 of our combat instructors were up for GFX, so I might bribe them with chocolate and alcohol to see if I can get any info out of them… LOL! (kidding)
We are releasing BC46 on 20 November and from the track list you supplied it didn’t ‘WOW’ me, but then again it never does until I have done the release a few times and seen how the chorry fits in with the music.

I agree with you about the ‘up to date’ songs used – sure they might be in the top 40 on the radio and music TV now, but in 6 months time – who knows?? but you can’t blame Dan & Rach for that (or maybe you can?) – I guess we will have to wait until early next year to find out 🙂

let me know what you think of 46 Nick – like most releases it’s had “mixed” reviews.

If your instructors tell you anything about 47 too I’d be keen to know – have had a couple people already tell me I was too “nice”!!

Split room for track 5? With regards to the re-used music tracks how many of them already exist as a PPCA-free version? On the other hand if they have to record a PPCA-free version for this release then it could possibly be used as a replacement for the old track in other programmes – thus expanding the available back catalogue slightly.

Graham without giving the game away – you’re close – but not quite correct 😉

still, quite excited to hear all that! THX! I will see BC46 this Saturday, as there’s master class for instructors in my gym this time:D

Oh let us know what you think!

Hi Glen, nice to finally see you and get to say hi. You’re really on the ball with your update!

My thoughts on BC47 was, upon doing the first rehearsal, absolutely brilliant. I loved it. But obviously some tracks did get some getting used to before you feel it.

T1 – Like what you mentioned, two tracks which has been getting tonnes of airplay but it just sets the tone for the class ahead isnt it?

T2 – Didn’t like it at first listen and this is really a track that needs getting used to. It didn’t help that my first rehearsal class Dan was sorta out of beat and the mic was lousy. But when I went back, googled the lyrics and listened to the song a few times, I managed to get into the mood of the track. But a more cheery track like ‘Lovedrunk’ would have made it better isn’t it?

T3 – Loved the music instantly, the combo is awesome. And the add-ons and layering came exactly at the right time. I’m so proud of Ben for pulling this off amazingly.

T4 – Didn’t really like the idea of recycled track, but the combos and moves somehow did make me feel better about this track. The new move in this track does need getting used to in terms of footwork and timing. Took me two classes before I got used to it.

T5 – I think I know what you mean. The track had such amazing energy because it was a filming class. Are you saying that in a normal class, the track might not have been a blast? Probably. We’ll see about that. Not one of my favourites, but Ben did do a good job.

T6 – Luckily I am not teaching BA, otherwise I might have been sick of this track. But somehow I think this track works. I had fun (recovery) rather than the sort of workout we’ve been getting in the more recent T6s.

T7 – I absolutely love this MT track, but it needs getting used to. It’s not the ‘love at first listen’ sort of track like T3, and you really need to get used to the music before liking it. Short and sweet MT, 4 and a half minutes got me panting.

T8 – This track went off, didn’t it? Great track selection even though it was used in other prog before.

T9 and T10 – Awesome singalong songs to just wrap up a very good release for me.

That’s my 2 cents. =)

Hey Zhengje! Was awesome to meet you (albeit briefly!)

Great to hear the likes of t2 and 7 grow on you. I had hoped that would be the case. There have been times when I’ve not liked a track and it has grown on me (recent track 4s spring to mind) then there have been others that I’ve disliked from the start and never gotten fonder of (like Energy from BC44).

Thanks for your comments – and again great to finally meet you (especially after missing your class in SNG by just a couple days!)

Hi Glen!
I find such a pity I missed the chance to meet you at GFX Event! 😦 But I enjoyed every second and the BC filming went by in a flash!! My most favourite tracks are t3, 6 and 8. Overall release #47 is great! Coming Saturday I’ll have BC#46 release Masterclass. I have heard that BC#46 is an awesome one!! Hope to have a chance soon to meet you! Cheers, Emily.

I know Emily it was sooo busy!

Maybe at the next one?! Enjoy 46!

hmmm do do do do doooo huh?

Sounds like Duck Sauce’s ‘Barbra Streisand”

I’m not sure anything related to Barbra Streisand belongs in a combat class! Haha 🙂

Gotta say I’m quite surprised to hear someone other than Dan teaching track 4…. that’s always been his baby.

I know, was a good one too!!!

Thanks Glen for sharing with us, it’s excinting and i can’t wait to see/heard/practice this edition 🙂

Thanks for the info about 47 :). Gotta agree with you about “Energy” (BC44). I can’t believe how much I dislike this track – makes me want to grind my teeth. Saddening that it’s only one of 3 track 2s that I can play in Oz.

As far as liking releases, I think if you can say you like ‘most’ of the release, it may well end up a classic. I felt like with BC25, 37 and 39. Haven’t been overly enamoured with the majority of the latest stuff, but I think that’s due to the horror of the PPCA issue more than anything else.

As for the old format of track 5, sounds interesting. I quite like the connection you can get with a circle or split room. But I do find my participants often get confused with Right and Left in a circle as they are so used to mirror-image.

Seems someone saw sense, and Aus can now play the old music again – thank goodness!! I think LM in Aus would have lost a huge following if we’d been denied the old stuff.

Presently still on roll-out of BC46. I like most of that but can’t do Track 6 due to a heel injury – not that it worries me as I don’t really like that track anyway.

Looking forward to BC47 – you did well describing it without describing it!! My taste buds are tantalised 🙂


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and impressions. It´s such a pity that you seem so cautios and worried when it comes to revealing too much about songs and movements. I can tell you don´t wanna geti in trouble and it´s totally fair cuz , as you said, they´ve become stricter everywhere!
I just wanna point out that tracks 5 are always bad! none of the instructors I know really enjoy doin´them (me included) . I wish they could be helped with new music so that they could stop recycling old BC tracks. There´s plenty of music that would really fit in the program and would make our classes a lot more exciting!

hugs and thanks again for sharing!

BC instructor

Just taught BC47 for the first time and here’s my thought:

Love it! It’s uplifiting and fun feed overall
Not too excited about due to a few things:
1. the mood sort of turn a bit depressing, 180 degree change from T1(a)
2. The female singer was pitchy.. it’s true!

Good track but I find the plyo push combo a bit fast

Didn’t really enjoy it as much as Ben Tang did, I’m sure. But it does its job as a power track

Definitely the highlight of the class with the music & the new move. This song is one of my favourite from the really old release and I’m fine with them using it again. Workout is great too!

I like the energy of the music! I think I will enjoy it more after a few more classes. My participants seem a bit reserved tonight. Will milk them for more next week:)

Was so-so for me. Not really a fan of the song.

Music sounds not as high energy as Excalibur or Speed, but the workout is CRAZY! Energy-zapping track!

I find it a bit slow to my liking. Didn’t really work for me.

Hate the superman.. for the right reason:)

Nice song to end the workout!

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